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Ambassador Munter vs Jihadism

By: Kishan Bhatia
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President Obama has handed over Afpak to Ambassador-designate Cameron Phelps Munter and Richard Holbrooke. Dr. Munter? is new American ambassador to Pakistan. Ambassador Munter is a former Director for Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, a former Director of the Northern European Initiative, Staff Assistant in the Bureau of European Affairs, a doctoral degree holder in modern European history and a former professor of European history at UCLA.

Ambassador Munter relates very well to wars, hostilities, conflicts and revolutions. He served as the US Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia after protecting America"s interests in the Czech Republic.

The ambassador has been as close to the real thing - wars, revolutions, murders, dissolutions and reconstructions - as one can get. In the Battle of Mosul, Iraq, Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed. Mosul was HQ for the 101st Airborne Division, 172nd Stryker Brigade, 25th Infantry Division and the 812th Military Policy Company. He led the first Provisional Reconstruction Team in Mosul.

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke has been in charge of the Afpak War and he has reputation as the "Balkans Bulldozer." Along with the tough-talking Munter he is to carry forward America"s policy over Pakistan. Ambassador Munter is Holbrooke"s protégé having served him in Europe when Holbrooke headed the Europe desk.

America is re-calibrating its post-flood Afpak policy to bring the Afpak war to a speedy conclusion. Any delusion that America will leave this job unfinished any time soon should be discounted. Holbrooke and Munter will follow America"s policy and the military strategy. If you have a bulldozer, you don"t need a snow shovel.

Would the ambassador be repeating history in Islamabad?

Ambassador Munter does not need introduction to Islam, terrorism and Jihadism but some of you may appreciate the background information in references and notes on Pakistani network of active spies and terrorist cells in America and Canada.

Kishan Bhatia

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37 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

References & Notes:

1. Cameron Munter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_Munter and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cameron-Munter/137980366225885

. US envoy Cameron Munter defends drone strikes, http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.shtml?233018

2. Americans understand that Kleptocrats lack skills to motivate their subjects to be innovative and creative work force as leaderships of America, India and China have done. Some of you may appreciate my two articles, "Stealing is a crime. Kleptocrats are thieves and Conflicting Realities and Political Islam at http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/Stealing-crime-Kleptocrats-are-thieves/blog-389.htm and http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/Conflicting-Realities-Political-Islam/blog-388.htm

3. The terrorist mentality is an outcome of morality associated with jihadism and authoritarianism of Muslims in the Afpak region. What is the basis for morality and ethics practiced by Muslims? It is rooted in Islamic scriptures and theology. Sharia is a part of Islam and the basis for the morality and ethics practiced by Sharia following Muslims. Following Islamic scriptures, gender and faith based discrimination is a part of Muslim society and culture and so are jihadism and authoritarianism for power grab.

4. The root causes of morality of jihadist, who are responsible for initiating on-going wars in the Afpak region and terrorist attacks on the soft targets on US, UK, Europe and India are in Islamic scriptures. A simple answer may link jihadism to Sharia observer Muslims.

5. Sharia observing Muslims follow morals that are incompatible with open democratic society norms as the Shariah promotes a closed society and culture based on gender and faith based inequalities. The two proselytizing religions from time to time have used a morality that is incompatible with the open secular democratic society and culture.

6. As in last few centuries to leave behind a culture of feudal authoritarianism Christians dominated nations have adopted a new model of political philosophy that is based on economic prosperity through industrialization by creating good paying jobs for masses. Not so with Muslims dominated nations that follow political Islam and observes Sharia to impose their value system through jihadism on non-Islam followers.

7. My many blogs with references and notes at www.ivarta.com are based on reliable research information. It is in contrast to revisionist history and Islamic education offered at the military schools in Pakistan. The graduates of military colleges may serve in Pakistani army before immigrating to Canada and US ostentatiously for economic opportunities but primarily to serve as Pakistan spies and members of terrorist cells. Many Muslim immigrants take American and Canadian citizenship but at heart they hate America. Good examples are Feisal Shahzad convicted for a failed attempt to bomb Times Square in New York (2010). Other is Mr. Farooque Ahmed in Ashburn, VA, a 34 year old want-to-be terrorist recently arrested by the Justice Department.

8. The depth of knowledge base of those who indulge in revisionist version of events is limited and frustrating. I quote Mr. Musharraf Zaidi, "Angry young nation" at http://www.thenews.com.pk/02-11-2010/opinion/13332.htm

. "What produces a culture of all-knowing ignoramuses - frothing at the mouth (in electronic media), spewing . allegations about international conspiracies., and making..speeches during question hours at serious conferences? This high-volume nonsense is an expression of our collective helplessness. This helplessness can only be addressed through the empowerment that knowledge offers. How can we start? By turning off the TV and opening a book." I may add simple Google searches can provide voluminous empirical data to draw valid conclusions..

9. Previously (2009) David Coleman Headley, 48, and Dr. Tahawwur Hussain Rana, 48 one Pakistan-American and other Pakistani-Canadian terrorist operatives from Chicago, IL were arrested. Headley has admitted to his crimes but Rana has not. Headley and Rana are connected with the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Headleys claim to notoriety arises from his confessed role as a scout for Lashkar-i-Taiba (LeT) in planning the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

10. The American-Pakistani Headley changed his Pakistani name in order to facilitate frequent passages to India, where he photographed the terrorist targets, passing on the pictures not just to the Lashkar but also, apparently, to Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Intriguingly, he was also an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

11. Headley was born as Daood Sayed Gilani to an American mother and a Pakistani diplomat and he changed name in February 2006 at the urging of LeT, Pakistani Punjab terrorist group co-linked to Taliban and al Qaeda. He had chosen a Western-sounding name to draw less attention from the Indian authorities on his travels to the subcontinent.

12. Both Daood and Rana attended a Pakistani military attended by Pakistani army elites children. Rana had his education at Cadet College Hasan Abdal, a military residential college in Pakistan, before becoming a citizen of Canada. Rana and his wife immigrated to Canada in 1997 and obtained Canadian citizenship in June 2001. Rana and his wife are both MBBS doctors. Rana has served as a captain in the Pakistan Army. He lives primarily in Chicago and owns several businesses including an immigration service agency. He also owns a home in Ottawa where his father and brother stay.

13. Rana and Headley were charged and arrested on 18 October 2009 for plotting attacks on the offices of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper which published the controversial cartoons of prophet Mohammad. During the subsequent interrogation, it was found out that Rana had traveled to Mumbai and had stayed in Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, one of the places attacked by terrorists for over four days in November 2008.

14. President Obama during his Mumbai visit (Nov 6-9, 2010) with his 250+ member party will stay at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower to pay homage to 163 people massacred in Mumbai attacks.

Author's Home Page


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