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Arrest of UP Mafia Don and Gurgaon Kidney Racket

By: Ashwini Ahuja
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Writer is bilingual fiction writer and novelist)

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Uttar Pradesh: Arrest of Brijesh Singh is a breakthrough or a shame?

Brijesh Singh, a hardcore criminal and fugitive is arrested after two decades in Bhuvneshvar. Is it really a breakthrough even when he had been spending his life in luxury? Does a criminal take twenty years in his arrest if we sincerely make efforts in nabbing him?

Uttar Pradesh Police is jubilant cheeringly. Why not? It has the every right to show off its breakthrough in arresting hardcore criminal of Brijesh Singh type. But, is it really a breakthrough or a shame in the name of police department which took precious twenty years in arresting the fugitive. If we look back at Brijesh Singh’s crime history, he is counted in the category of LTTE chief or of mafia don Dawood Ibrahim.

Don’t surprise. We are living in a country where dons celebrate and enjoy a life of luxury. The example of Brijesh Singh does not shame us as the politicians we elect and send them in parliament and state legislature for our representation, in reality, promote a culture of criminality to win the elections. Brijesh Singh who has been a constant terror to our society and law of the country for about two decades is the epitome of such trend. So, why there not be a celebration if he is arrested.

But, he ought to be arrested before the time he has been arrested now after unleashing his crimes for two decades. He even had dared to threaten UP Chief Minister Mayawati. In fact, he had become an epitome of murder, pillage, plunder and vendetta.

During the period, police had been increasing the award for him which finally reached at 5 lakh. The criminal cases pending against him are bloodcurdling. Initially, his land of crimes operation had been Uttar Pradesh. But, when he found difficult carrying on his operations in the state, he shifted his base to Bhuvneshvar.

The surprise in the case is that he did not live in a safe haven like LTTE chief or Dawood Ibrahim but police remained failed nabbing him. His crime history reveals that there is hardly any heinous crime he had not committed beginning his career in crime with taking avenge of an injustice done to him twenty years back. Meanwhile, he was a threat to the police force itself too. One feels shame to think that despite his high profile life he led, why police could not have found any clue regarding his whereabouts or it was the political intervention which deterred police action against him?

Now, when he was arrested he was travelling with his gorgeous life style. In fact, it is an apparent case of neglect on the part of UP police and lackadaisical attitude of politicians who love his closeness, which failed to arrest him.

Undoubtedly, the state police had the all resources and men to catch the fugitive if it really desired to bring the justice and perform its duty sincerely. It is cent percent truth that Brijesh Singh too had his political benefactors who intended to protect him with every possible way. With the change of governments in states, always something new happens. The arrest of Brijesh Singh is also a new thing which has happened. It shows that the nexus between criminals and politicians in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are widely prevalent. In these states, criminality flourishes within the corridors of politics. So, what is the meaning of celebration, when the truth itself is naked?

Kidney Racket: Nothing is more heinous than organ robbery

Kidney racket in Gurgaon which had been surfaced last week should be considered the worst ever and most heinous racket in the history of organ robbery. Day by day, new and newer mind-boggling revelations are coming to light. It is supposition of involving the dozens of medicos in the grizzly crime of kidney plantation. Shockingly, it surprises one and all how and why such a heinous crime could go on for so many years right under the nose of police and health administration.

Initially, it was reported that this inhuman operation had been running by a coterie of four doctors- surgeon Jiwan Kumar, physician Upendra Kumar, anaesthetist Saroj Kumar and kingpin of the crime Dr. Amit Kumar for the years back but new revelations shows that it interlinks to other states and several medicos, nurses and staff belonging to health department.

Dr. Amit Kumar who runs two hospitals in Gurgaon under the banner of Liberty Health Care Pvt. Ltd is thought to be the biggest don of this medical mafia. His hospitals, homes are continuingly being raided to get more and more clues. He had made millions in cheating the poor, labours, and hapless folks. His name is a shame not only to the community of medicos and health services department but also to the society.

The coterie of selfish and money minting staff belonging to health department is involved in more than five hundred illegal transplantations with recipients visiting from foreign lands such as USA, UK, Greece, Canada etc. The poor, hapless dailywage workers from Uttar Pradesh and surrounding areas are robbed of their kidneys getting some pittance to compensate for their vital organ.

It is also staggering that the prime accused of the racket Dr. Amit Kumar is believed to be Santosh Raut whom Mumbai police had been chasing since 1993 and once in the year of 2000 he was nabbed by Uttar Pradesh Police in Nizamuddin area of Delhi. The coterie ran its illegal trade from Jaipur, Hyderabad and Guntur. The most galling fact is that, despite busting several times before, the gang shamelessly continued implementing their barbaric designs and managed something like 100 crore. Luxurious cars, several bank pass books which the Haryana police had taken into his custody from Amit Kumar’s residence shows that it was the only money that mattered.

It’s regret that once again, the kingpin gave a slip to the police. As per Haryana Police’s version, he may have fled abroad using his contacts and the demand for red corner notice from CBI is genuine one if the government really want his arrest. One vital question haunts everyone: why government machinery is failed to tackle the rackets of such dimensions again and again?

As the reports of more similar rackets are emanating from here and there, this case ought to be treated as a tip of the iceberg. It needs collective efforts with sincerity, co-operation and hardwork on the part of state governments to nab the culprits as early as possible.

Thanks to the battle over money between a middleman and the donor which unearthed the heinous racket. The scandal requires thorough CBI investigation if the government wishes to get rid of the disgrace of this scandal and save the poor and hapless society. Nothing is more heinous than organ robbery.

Ashwini Ahuja

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380 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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