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Taslima"s Banana Republic

By: Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(The writer is a nuclear physicist based in America. )

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Taslima”s Banana Republic

With the escalating killings of majority community in Assam and in Kashmir, supported by neighboring states of a certain religious denomination and some leaders of the same denomination in India increasingly showing their true intent (evidenced by the latest threat to kill writer Taslima Nasreen) India is at an important crossroad today.

Is India going to be a growing power on its way to becoming a developing nation or is it destined to be a banana republic, which showed some promise early on but only to be destroyed by destabilizing forces?

These questions are no longer academic to astute observers. History tells us that the future is determined by critical decisions taken at crucial times. The Indian establishment, especially its security apparatus has been concerned for some time about the deteriorating internal security situation. Indeed, a new form of war has been waged on India and its mostly unsuspecting citizens. It involves indoctrinating a segment of the Indian population to become foot-soldier of a hostile alien civilization, intend on expanding its boundaries, using terror and other modes to destroy from within.

That Indian democracy has not been able to provide governance is no surprise. But what has alarmed many is not only its inability to provide security, but it has increasingly become an important tool of an alien civilization intent on India’s destruction and extermination of alternate ways of life. In the recent past many policy decisions have been taken to accommodate this alien civilization -- be it revoking POTA, identifying and expelling illegal aliens from a hostile neighboring nation etc.

Many have failed to grasp that democracy has been a failure in developing nations during the past sixty years. Indeed, democracy has been failing, from Americas to Africa to Asia, in diverse cultures and geographies -- in Haiti, Malawi, Nigeria, Gambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Anyone having illusions about India winning the war on terror under the current system of democracy should think again. A 2007 Wall Street Journal article on the background of elected representatives in the Indian parliament is revealing: About 25% of the 535 elected members have pending criminal cases! At the local level it is even worse. In Karnataka, 91 out of 104 candidates with criminal records -- most of them violent -- recently stood for the state assembly. These statistics are no longer amusing, especially when life and death issues are involved.

The jihad buildup in Kashmir went on for over twenty years unchecked. Once a certain segment of a diverse population has been indoctrinated, a full-fledged jihad/insurgency by this segment is inevitable. Now the successful Kashmir model of jihad is exported to the rest of India; again the Indian democratic system is unable to check the jihad buildup of a particular community. Through indoctrination, supported by resources from the Middle East and Pakistan, the “aspiration” of many members of this community has been turned against their own nation and their fellow citizens. No wonder, the Pakistanis are clamoring for respecting the “aspiration” of the majority in the Indian Kashmir!

Here is the plain reality. Taking decisive measures against extremist leaders of one community in India is impossible under the current situation of a dysfunctional democracy. This is because these leaders have been allowed to build a large following and their followers will resort to every means of retaliation, should they be arrested. In short, India will go up in flames if the government takes any sustained action against extremist leaders of this community. Result: extremist get what they want, including unfair reservation of their flock (at the expense of the beleaguered majority and others) to extend their escalating and effective siege of the nation. This puts jihadis and their sympathizers in decision-making positions. For instance, jihad in Kashmir is difficult to overcome due to a pseudo-reservation system in government and educational institutions in favor of the majority community there.

When India has been divided in the name of religion (just sixty years ago) and one community got almost 25% of the original land and thus constituting a permanent 25% reservation of land, wealth and opportunity at the expense of others (other religious denominations have been mostly driven out of these lands to India), it is hard to justify any further reservations for this community.

Hence, India has only one direction to go under the current form of democratic system of governance: a banana republic that is certain to be destroyed by a hostile alien civilization and converted into its frontier. The extent and reach of jihadis is absolutely clear. In a 2006 Rediff interview, Pakistan-based Syed Salahuddin claims, “We can hit any soft target in India at any time”. The recent economic growth is certain to be a thing of the past, as jihad in India escalates.

Yet, analysis of these issues from a problem-solving angle provides ideas on how to survive as a civilization and to win the terror war. As a follow-up to my extensive publishing at iVarta.com and others, I have very recently published a book titled "The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad". this book gives a never-before seen view of jihad in India and it can be an empowering tool.

Knowledge is empowerment. According to the learned Sun Tzu, knowing the enemy and knowing oneself is the surest way of winning a war! More than ever, this may just be the time to do that.

Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD

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5 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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