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Congress style of action, no action and selective action

By: Bandyopadhyay Arindam
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"Not taking action is also an action". That is the wise opinion of Mr. P. Chidambaram, a man quite used to inaction or more precisely "selective inaction". Unfortunately he is the Home Minister of our country, on whom the interest of his country should come foremost but he is all too happy to play his role to perfection, as a team-man of the Congress lead UPA and dance to the tune of his high command, sacrificing his national interest.

Selective inaction is perhaps common for many politician and political parties but that art has been mastered by the Congress, like none other.

The anti Sikh riot of 1984 was perhaps the best example of such selective inaction. Writes Kanchan Gupta, "for three days and four nights the killing and pillaging continued without the police, the civil administration and the Union Government, which was then in direct charge of Delhi, lifting a finger in admonishment. The Congress was in power and could have prevented the violence, but the then Prime Minister, his Home Minister, indeed the entire Council of Ministers, twiddled their thumbs."

The farce of the subsequent investigations of the 1984 riots including selective inaction against Tytler and Sajjan Kumar is also not unknown. We have seen such inactive action in cases related to Bofors (letting Quatrochhi go scot free), Bhopal Gas leak (allowing Warren Anderson to escape), Indian Parliament attack by Islamic terrorist (the reluctance in hanging Afzal Guru), in seeking justice for the death of the Hindu Swami Lakshmananda or the 57 karsevaks of the Sabarmati Express near Godhra.

Obviously inaction is the standard action against terrorism in India despite tall claims of zero tolerance. And during and after the Mumbai carnage, the whole world was witness to the glorious inaction of the whole government, other than the shameless and repeated ranting of strong retaliations.

We can expect further implementation of the "no action is also an action" policy in all cases of corruptions across the country, where Congress hands are implicated as in retrieving black money from foreign banks, the Commonwealth games or the most recent Adarsh housing society scam.

The latter seems to be serious enough that the top brass of Congress including Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh are afraid to open their mouth. As expected, we are seeing CBI, other accused as Congress Bureau of Investigation, despite assurance to the contrary by our esteemed Prime Minister, being invited to investigate perhaps for possible damage control. It is worth noting that recently the Supreme Court also slammed CBI for its "slipshod" investigations into the 2G spectrum allocation scam, another example of selective inaction, in which the alleged role of Telecom Minister A Raja has come under the scanner.

However it would be foolish to assume that this government is incapable of taking actions when it feels incriminated or where political mileage is worth losing the inertia. Just recently we saw the fate of Hari Prasad, the researcher who proved the vulnerability of EVMs used in recent Indian elections where Congress won handsomely. Despite being later awarded the prestigious 2010 Pioneer Awards conferred by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in USA, he is going through the humiliation of being arrested in India for whistle-blowing and thereby possibly crossing the path of significant authorities.

There are other areas of exceptions where this government catapults into serious action. Notably this happens if ever any Hindu is accused of being involved in any law and order situation. Immediately headlines are drafted and speeches are made about Hindu terror or more dramatically Saffron terror, as Mr. P. Chidambaram loves to call it. Then the police, the CBI, the ATS and the NIA are all geared into maximum action to procure and if needed, fabricate results.

And lastly, such action reaches its peak salvo whenever it is felt that there is a possibility of cornering the "merchant of death", Mr. Narendra Modi or any of his associates.

In the recent municipality and panchayat elections the people of Gujarat have given a thumping verdict again, against this "inactive and / or selectively active" Congress-lead central government.
It remains to be seen whether the rest of India will take any lesson from them or not, specially since the Congress has now realized that EVM tricks may not work always in their favour.

Bandyopadhyay Arindam

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84 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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