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Debunking Krishna, Demonizing Hinduism

By: U. Mahesh Prabhu
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Author is Editor-In-Chief of upcoming apolitical and illustrated family magazine FOLKS and Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London (UK))

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THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GITA: A CLOSER LOOK AT HINDU SCRIPTURE | Author: VR Narla | Foreword: Innaiah Narisetti | Pages 231 (PB) | ISBN: 978-1-61614-183-7 | Publisher: Prometheus Books | Price: $18.00

In Hinduism itself Krishna, as a person, as a statesman and/or as a God, has been subjected to criticism; not just his detractors but even those who believed in his divinity have criticized him. Scores of his devotees across the ages have sung him in, both, love and rage. However, it was only after the advent of Muslim manslayers that his very existence was oppugned.

Charged with their zeal to reserve a berth for themselves in "Jannat" (read Heaven) with "Houries" (read virgins), referred in Koran, Muslim barbarians presented to Hindu "Kafirs" only two options: Koran or Sword. Over 70 million Hindus slaughtered mercilessly by these Muslim invaders in cold blood is today unknown in India to many. But why? To answer this question one has to delve deep in history and read about the advent of Portuguese and British in India with a sheer determination to plunder.

While Portuguese inquisition of Goa, that which is considered as one of the most blood-soaked chapters in history of Roman Catholics, was charged with religious fervor; British annexation was exclusively for commercial purposes. When British found a phenomenal resistance to their expansionist schemes they discovered the need for "re-writing" history of the land so as to appear as "legitimate rulers". It"s definitely not easy to look "legitimate" when your allegiance is to a throne miles away from the land you desire to rule. For this they invented a tale of "Aryans", who "invaded" this land from outside to "subdue" the "original inhabitants" whom they called "Dravidians". This concoction came to be known as "Aryan Invasion Theory". After 1987"s "Indian Mutiny", which was essentially planned by Brahmins and Kshatriyas, they began targeting these classes and even added a chapter to "demean" and, even, "demonize" them. This theory, thenceforward, went on to suggest that Brahmins and Kshatriyas were originally "invaders" who "oppressed" the lands" "original inhabitants" before turning them into "slaves". Not content with this, they went still a step further. By paying over one hundred thousand rupees to a pseudo-scholars, like that of Max Muller - who hardly knew any Sanskrit - they sought to translate "Rig Veda" (Hindu"s oldest scripture) in a way as to make Indians to "loathe" it. One of the most preposterous concoctions is that of Rig Veda "approving of beef eating". After falsifying Rig Veda they turned their eyes at other scriptures of Hinduism, including Bhagavad-Gita. Subsequently even Communists, from Britain, played a substantial role by cooking up ridiculous tales in Indian Scriptures further.

Their task(s) became easier owing to financial constraints faced by all Indians; Hindus in particular. Hindus, then, were haplessly busy finding means to sustain their family. Brahmins were fast leaving their scriptures in race for availing British sponsored education to seek "brighter prospects". This loss of Hindu scholarship landed Hindus to a state where at one point they even stopped calling themselves as "Hindus"! It was owing to efforts of legendary Hindu saints like Swami Vivekananda that Hinduism was saved; else it would have collapsed effectively by 1900s.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GITA: A CLOSER LOOK AT HINDU SCRIPTURE by VR Narla is a work which is significantly based on such distorted works. This book is written with a sheer focus of discrediting Krishna - in particular - and Hinduism - at large, by presenting distortions as "truth".

Innaiah Narisetti in his foreword declares that "The Hindu religion is perhaps unique among world"s religions in that it prohibits 85 per cent of its followers from reading its own scriptures. That is because invading Aryans were so racist that they never considered the subjugated native Indians as equal to them or as deserving respect." He continues ". the Hindu religion, which saw god in fish, in tortoise, and even in boar, treated some humans worse than that the quadrupeds and reptiles. Their treatment in Hindu society was much worse than that of Jews in Nazi Germany and black people under the apartheid regime of South Africa." These allegations aren"t new. In fact, they are borrowed from Jesuits" and Communist"s anti-Hindu propaganda literature. The hollowness of these claims are easily exposed on understanding the fact that: even to this day there is a large mass of "lower caste" population who are still reluctant to get converted to any other faith and, thus, continue to be true to Hinduism. There are strong evidences to suggest that, expect for deception and force, proselytizing faiths like Christianity and Islam have hardly witnessed any success. If these tales of "subjugation" of "lower caste" people by that of "higher caste" Brahmins had any truth in it, then why didn"t these lower class people reject Hinduism and join any of those Semitic faiths? Even though Dr. BR Ambedkar, "one of the leaders of the untouchables, a great intellectual and humanist thinker, and the architect of the Constitution of free India" is supposed to have declared that "Hinduism was nothing short of racism, Fascism, and Nazism combined" the author fails to state the truth that even today a large mass of population adhering to his leadership are "Dalit" Hindus. It must be no less fascinating to note that: though Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism (note: after refuting Christianity and Islam) he hardly succeeded in making this "lower class to follow suit." Why? Also, why does "Brahminical caste(s)" continue to be respected by these "lower class" even after being "subjugated" like "Jews in Nazi Germany"? Why are Dalits continuing to be more devoted to Hinduism - even more than Brahmins - after six decades of attaining independence? This book completely fails to give any details - let alone evidences - about "anti-Buddhist pogroms" by "evil Brahmins" through "Hindu kings" even though it repeatedly speaks about it.

Thanks to scholars/historians like Natwar Jha, NS Rajaram, David Frawley and Koenraad Elst "The Aryan Invasion Theory", today, stands completely exposed. Their works are also enforced by independent research by institutions without any allegiance, neither to Hindus nor to India. Tracing of the extinct river Saraswati"s riverbed is the final nail on AIT"s coffin.

With regard author"s comments on "Krishna"s existence" it"s truly worthwhile to recall research by Dr NS Rajaram; well-documented in his book THE SEARCH FOR THE HISTORICAL KRISHNA; which has effectively established existence of Krishna. However, Rajaram"s work speaks nothing about Krishna"s miracles. He wonders if it was invention of the money-minded priestly class. Absence of analytical approach towards their own history has paved way for such myths in Hinduism"s history. It"s absolutely unfortunate that history embedded in Rig Veda, that which led to discovery of extinct Saraswati"s riverbed and scores of other archeological sites are being looked upon as "book of rituals" and not science or knowledge by millions of Hindus themselves. Hinduism"s priestly class is equally responsible for denigration of their scriptures. Another myth of "Krishna having 16,000 wives", too, stands debunked by Rajaram. "The original texts point to only one wife of Krishna. her name is Rukmini." he declares.

Narla"s allegations like "Krishna is no less famous for his abductions. He carries away Rukmini a day before the time fixed for her wedding with Shishupala. He kidnaps Mitravinda from her Swayamvara grounds. His marrying with Lakshmana daughter of the King Madra, is forcible seize conquest, he adds sixteen thousand women from harem of Naraka to the list of his wives." are all from those said anti-Hindu propaganda materials.

Whatever be the belief of the people about Krishna even to this day there exists no evidence(s), whatsoever, to prove of anti-Human pogroms by his followers, or by any Hindu sect for that matter. None of these self-styled historians have been able to present evidence(s) to prove "manslaughter of Buddhists by Hindus". Even with flush funds and after years of work to "debunk" Hinduism these pseudo-scholars have failed miserably - beyond doubts.

The phenomenal influence of Krishna in evading shortcomings in our global society becomes evident on author"s - VN Narla"s - own words: "There are few; if any, non-Hindu devotees of Rama. But in case of Krishna, it"s different. As early as second century BCE, there were some Bactrian Greeks who worshipped him under the name and style of Vasudeva. And today his influence seems to be spreading like forest fire in Christian world. The tongue of that fire has started to spread even to godless Communist world. To change the metaphor, Krishna-ism is now one of the most important export items of India. It is a super-product in the super-market of America.

Krishna consciousness is the escape route from the world of drug culture. It is the panacea for all personal and public ills. To follow Krishna is to attain eternal bliss. A scion of the Ford family of Detroit has given away all his millions to spread the Krishna consciousness."

Irrespective of what Krishna was and regardless of the concoctions brought in by anti-Hindu pseudo-scholars, Krishna has been and will continue to be an inspiring figure to his devotees and masses - at large. The very idea of Krishna, for his devotees, is divinity. Acts of these devotees - more than often - have been in best interests of mankind; unlike those followers of Jesus and Mohammad whose history is replete with crimes against humanity.

U. Mahesh Prabhu

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39 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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