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Indian Muslims: Dealing with Past

By: Mayank Patel
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Across the world, Present generation grapples with past wrong committed by previous generation. From South Africa to Germany and from America to Australia, Most groups have acknowledged past misdeeds and apologized for the suffering caused by their action toward others. Thus, making genuine progress on path of truth and reconciliation.

However, Indian Muslims have taken opposite path of denial, distortion and deflection. They have received more than generous help from allies like Marxist, Fabian Socialist, Islamist etc. who are co-travelers on this path. In fact, it is the allies who have encouraged and lead Indian Muslims on this path. On behalf of Indian Muslims, Allies have used denial, distortion and deflection tactic to justify even the most unjustifiable mistakes like partition. Indian Muslim"s pro-partition role is proven beyond reasonable doubt. 1945-46 Provincial Elections were fought on a single agenda of partition. Partition became possible only because overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims indirectly voted for it in that election.

Any objective analysis of current course and arguments favoring course correction is usually greeted by an old tactic of shooting the messenger. Three bullets are very popular with shooters.

First bullet is "Present Generation of Indian Muslims should not be blamed for Partition". Shooter conveniently and cleverly presumes non-existent intent behind analysis. This is absurd. A course correction and acknowledgement of past generation"s mistake could never imply culpability of present generation. On the contrary, Acknowledgement would reassure all that apple has indeed fallen far from the tree. This would strengthen trust, improve communal relations and lead to reconciliation and closure.

Second bullet is much more lethal. It is "165 million strong Indian Muslims cannot be wished away". Let me clarify, I would not wish away anybody regardless of numerical strength. There is also certain belligerence behind this quote. This virulent belligerence is quite understandable if not agreeable. After all, Indian Muslims are 165 million strong and allies who have vice like grip over India"s media, academia and politics are stronger. However, it does not change the fact that current path of denial, distortion and deflection could never lead to peace, truth and reconciliation. On the contrary, The Logical end of this path is civic strife if not civil war in which there are no winners and all losers.

Third bullet is the denial bullet. There are dozens of denial bullets. One of the most popular Denial Bullet is silence hypothesis. It claims that Indian Muslims are silent and allies who claim to be speaking and acting on behalf of Indian Muslims are not true representative of Indian Muslims. It further touts this alleged silence as proof that there is no alliance and Indian Muslims disagrees with current path of denial, deflection and distortion. There are many holes in this hypothesis.

Firstly, Silence is not same as acknowledgement of past mistakes. Secondly, there is no such thing as silent disagreement. Disagreement is always vocal. On the Contrary, Agreement can often lead to conspiracy of silence. Thus, Alleged Silence can never be interpreted as a disagreement with current path. Finally, Indian Muslims are speaking with their votes and participation in massive political rallies. They consistently vote for allies who favor denial path. In fact more an ally denies and asserts innocence of terrorist outfits more vote it receives. These votes provide allies a claim to speak and act on behalf of Indian Muslims.

The current path of denial is compounding past mistakes. More-over, it makes Indian Muslims over reliant on Allies. This over reliance is unhealthy and dangerous. Allies have their own ideological beef against Hindus and have selfish interest is making matters worse. There are many reasons for breaking the alliance and changing course. Perhaps the best reason is to end a history of wrongdoing and leave a legacy of honesty for future generation.

Mayank Patel

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23 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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