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Islam and Peace: Two Compatible Concepts? - Part II

By: Adity Sharma
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


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We have expounded several explanations of why and how the religion of peace has inflicted so much pain and suffering against the non-believers, let us look at a book titled: "JIHÃD - THE ISLAMIC DOCTRINE OF PERMANENT WAR" by Suhas Majumdar an Indian Hindu scholar. Majumdar refutes the very idea of the meaning of Jihad, and its contemporary interpretations by apologetics, and fundamentalists alike. For example: although Majumdar agrees that jihãd fi Sabilillah"s literal meaning when translated does come out to mean "effort in the way of Allah" (Majumdar 26). But just what this effort meant and still means to Muslims is contested here. A significant verse cited by the author is:
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate - Part I
Islam needs to be defeated at every level - Part II

8/39: Fight them until persecution is no more and religion is all for Allah.

To Majumdar, this verse means that Allah through Muhammad wanted the Muslims to fight a perpetual war against the non-believers of Mecca, and by the same logic continue this Jihad through the centuries. The fact is that it is hard to refute Majumdar"s interpretations. Those who hotly contend that Islam grew in a hostile environment are forgetting that these Quranic verses have remained a part and parcel of Islamic religious discourse. Very few Muslims have come forward to denounce these verses. The renowned author Salman Rushdie made a valiant effort to expose some objectionable verses, and what did the Islamic leaders do? They issued Fatwas asking for Rushdie"s head. This drama did not stop until Rushdie humbled himself and apologized to the Islamic world, and reaffirmed his faith in Islamic teachings.

Another victim of Islamic censorship, Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi author who wrote about the plight of the Hindu minority under Islamist regimes in Bangladesh, finds herself in the same dire situation as Rushdie did. It is the twenty first century, Mecca is no longer under the control of the Pagans, there are no Meccans opposing the Islamic ideology, so why is Islamist violence still raging throughout the world?

To answer the above stated query, we have to return to the pillar stone of Islam, and that is the Quran. Many credulous authors like Karen Armstrong insist that Jihad means self-struggle, thereby disarming any potential argument that says otherwise. Majumdar cites another evincing verse:

Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Who so fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or victorious, on him

We shall bestow a vast reward.

This, leaves us beyond the shadow of a doubt that Quranic Jihad is not a self-struggle. Why so? If the holy Quran was indeed talking of self-struggle, then why add the militaristic words "slain" and "victorious". Surely, in our quotidian spiritual lives we do not encounter the prospects of being slain for our self-struggles.

Returning to the apologist author examined in the previous essay, who claimed that the spread of radical Islam was due to the incessant interference by the U.S. and its anti-communist allies during the Cold War. This contention has been espoused by many scholars Islamic and non-Islamic, but this averment is certainly void of any causal relation, if we are to look elsewhere in the annals of history. For instance: Islam"s violent attack on the largely Hindu Indian sub-continent. In the book: "The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India" by K.S. Lal explicates the Islamic invasions of India. These invasions were not irenic in nature by any stretch of the word. Lal describes the successful invasion of Sindh in 712 by Imaduddin Muhammad bin Qasim. According to Lal, there were three aims for invading India:

To spread Islam.
Territorial expansion of the Islamic empire.
Acquisition of wealth for personal use and payment to the Caliph.

As we can patently observe, none of the aforementioned reasons for invasion remotely have anything to do with peace and harmony with the religion of India. It is the apologists that are deluding the truth; these apologists are doing a finer job in spreading Islam"s propaganda better than even the Islamists are able to achieve themselves. Further, the human rights brigade zealously championing the rights of terrorists goes a long way in helping Islam"s plans for the unbelievers.

Alas, it is not the purportedly anti-Islam foreign policy of the U.S. and the West, It is not the imaginary atrocities committed by Israeli, Russian, Bharatiya, or American armed forces against innocent Muslims in the cause of fighting terrorism, whether it is Hamas in Palestine, Chechnya"n separatists, or the Kashmiri Muslims, or the Jihadis in Iraq, and the Taliban and Al Qaida in Afghanistan respectively. If the Muslims consider the elimination of terrorists as a war against innocent Muslims, then that alone speaks volumes about their mindset. And, it is not even the perceived threats from the West against Islam itself that drives Muslims to commit bloodthirsty atrocities. Let us ask those who propound such foolish explanations: what was the justification for Muslims under the guidance of Muhammad to commit crimes against the polytheists of Arabia? What was the justification of waging Jihad in Africa, in Europe, and in South Asia? Surely, there was no Kashmiri, Palestinian, or Chechnyan problem to use as a facade. Another explanation for the atrocities committed by Muslims is the overwhelming and irresolvable division that Allah"s "peaceful" messenger made between believers and unbelievers has rendered any reconciliatory dialogue useless.

Islam will be at peace, when we the infidels of the world offer Namaz five times a day, submit to Shahadah, live under strict Shari"a laws, perform Jihad against the remaining unbelievers, and finally make Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Can we submit to this degradation of humanity? No, we can not!

We should not allow ourselves to be fooled by rank propaganda by Islamists and their apologists. This will lead to our destruction. It is not an accident that all of (excluding Israel) the Middle East has been thoroughly Islamized. There is no chance of Unislamizing that part of the region.

But what we can do, is to make aware those unbelievers who refuse to see the writing on the wall, I.E. if we do not wake up to the menace of Islam, we will all be praying five times a day, facing Mecca of course! It will mean the death nil of great civilizations such as of Sanatan Dharm and Buddhism.

The root of Islamic terrorism is not poor youth taking up arms to fight the political system, it is not illiteracy among Muslims. These are socio-economical reasons happily advanced by Marxists and Islamists alike. These half-truths only facilitate for advancing a facade by Islam. The September 11 highjackers were not illiterate and poor by any stretch of the imagination.

- An illiterate person can not construct an improvised Explosive Device (IED).
- A poor person can not transfer thousands of dollars in to bank accounts of known terrorists.
- Again, it is not the supposed wrongs committed against Muslims by non-Muslims.

Islam needs to be defeated at every level, especially at the intellectual level. Questioning the very pillars of Islam should be at the heart of every academic discussion of Islamic terrorism.

Adity Sharma

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50 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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Author's Home Page


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