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Malegaon blasts 2008, Suicidal act of Delhi Fascists

By: Lachman Sippy
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Thousands of pre Malegaon 08 terror attacks have taken place in our country. Parliament, Red Fort, Important Temples and religious places of Hindus have been attacked, crowded places on Diwali eve and other Hindu festivals throughout India attacked. Trains and Railway Stations and Airports and Airliners attacked. Stock Exchanges and Hotels attacked. List is endless.

Pre Malegaon 08 blasts as also frequent riots have witnessed ruling clique breeding on Minority vote bank, surrogate Intelligentsia and slavish media protecting and defending Pakistani inspired and supported terrorists and vilifying and ridiculing the Hindu victims. When confronted with charges of ISI involvement in terror attacks - an angry Rajiv Gandhi asked in Parliament - "Can you give me the address of ISI"? Well- ISI expressed its thanks by attacking the very Parliament where this question was put. His cronies accused Hindu victims of blaming ISI for earthquakes and cyclones! Mani Shankar Aiyar in his numerous appearances before Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt blamed BJPs demand for abrogation of article 370 and the provocation by Kashmiri Hindu Pandits as the root cause of Kashmiri militancy. His separatist friends from Kashmir applauded him but next moment blamed rigged 1987 elections as also barbarism of Indian Army for militancy.

Yet, Vote bank urchins who were accustomed in pampering Minorityism and indulge in anti Majorityism and defending terrorists and ISI for earning their rozi roti got tired and fatigued with repeated terror attacks and resultant defense of the terrorists. They along with Media support were arm twisted to eat their own reports about torching of Karsevaks at Godhra by Muslims and blame RSS for torching of S-6 Sabarmati coach. Banerji report failed to please terrorists who torched Karsevaks.

WTC attacks in which Jihadi terror was proudly admitted by Muslim organizations- exhibited the hypocritical face of Indian media where they questioned the victim- here USA all through till our Parliament passed an anti USA resolution for its involvement in Iraq.

Now this fatigued and frustrated "Secular"/ fascist clique did what it was asked to do- Invent and manufacture a "Hindu Terror" machine as a stress relieving exercise. Work on it has been going on for years and initial results available. If not tackled properly this clique will forge evidence to convert all previous terror attacks as "Hindu Terror" attacks and certify terrorists trained and equipped by Pakistan as successors to Gandhis Ahimsa doctrine.

The plot is hatched by the fascist clique at New Delhi. It is composed of those sections of "secularists" who have been deserted by Minority vote bank most ruthlessly but are ruling in some states in alliance of politicians who have been gifted by that vote bank bonus. These politicians are assured of erstwhile support if "Hindu Terror" is put on front pages of media for hundreds of days 24x7 through fabricated charges framed by their state agencies.

If a comparison is made about the trumped up charges against Sadhvis and Swamis and Army officers if not RSS & VHP & Abhinav Bharat- one sees that the coverage of just one Malegaon 08 incident V/S all the previous attacks in our media since 1947 is in the ratio of 10 : 1. Nearly all the so called experts, journos, politicians have commented on Malegaon 08 blasts. Most of them were missing in pre Malegaon 08 blasts or were defending Jihadis to the hilt.

Now it can be surmised that the exact timing of Malegaon 08 was fixed by the Fascist clique in Delhi. It was preceded by blasts in Jaipur.. Bangaluru.Ahemedabad.. New Delhi. Since 3 of the four locations fell in BJP ruled states, strategy was two fold. To show BJP as a soft target which cannot control Pakistani inspired terrorism and additionally provoke Hindutva parties to hammer Islamic terrorism. Intention was clearly to magnify "Hindu terror" tag knowing fully well that a fabricated Malegaon 08 incident is going to take place.

The real target was evidently emergence of a pan Hindu revival moment. The campaign of Maharashtra ATS makes it more than clear. Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti of Jammu which attracted attention and support of Hindus all across India had given jitters to powerful and as yet unchallenged "Secular" gang which included Kashmiri separatists. They were pushed back most effectively. That alarmed the Fascist clique in Delhi and Maharashtra ATS was given the task of booking most of Hindu supporters who were incidentally from Maharashtra. Most loyalists of minorities in India have been repeatedly hammering on Godses and Brahmins of Pune in their diatribes.

IB was engaged in surveying Swamis, Sadhvis, NGOs, Individuals which were sympathetic to Jammu Hindus and alarmed at the support to separatists of Kashmir who were threatening age old Amarnath Shrine Yatra and threatening Vaishnodevi Yatra before a spineless but fascist clique in Delhi. Some of them might have given financial support to Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti also.

This IB exercise also tried to pin down highly proactive Army officers in Valley who were ruthlessly tackling Kashmiri terrorists. Since later were having control of Delhi fascist clique, proactive Army officers were singled out.

Another thorn in the way of Delhi Fascist clique was Swami Dayananda who had galvanized Jammu Hindus to take on the might of Kashmiri separatists. Malegaon 08 blast case was engineered by the Delhi fascist clique and servile Maharashtra Congress leadership was selected to implement the plot.

Another catalyst for Delhi fascist plot was impeding State Assembly elections and the poor record of Congress and UPA in losing all state elections in 2008.

Malegaon 08 blasts took place on 29th Sept 2008. ATS- Maharashtra has named Abhinav Bharat.. ABVP..VHP..Bajrang Dal. Durga Vahini.. BJP.. RSS.. One accused per day.. Sadhvi to Dr R.P.Singh. list is endless. Yet not a single evidence against Sadhvi or any one else.. Accuse Swami Adityanath.. interrogate him through nuts of media on English channels and than state .. no.. he is not involved. Same with Togadia.

This plot of Fascists of Delhi is not over yet. More "sensational" moves are assured by our "secular" media.

Till elections are over.. more time will be requested by ATS and granted by Judiciary to prolong the custody of the accused.

Fascists of Delhi have a three point agenda

1) Erase memories of Pre Malegaon 08 terror attacks

2) Blame Hindu Terrorists for Malegaon 08as also previous attacks

3) Abort the emergence of a Pan Hindu resistance movement to put a break on Jihadi terrorism in our country. UPA as also Congress who are parasites on Minority vote bank know pretty well that death of terrorism and emergence of a viable Hindu resistance movement will wipe out traces of UPA and Congress rule for ever. Pakistani inspired terrorism and "Secular" politicians are Siamese twins. Eliminate one and the other will perish. They survive or perish together.

Lachman Sippy

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8 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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