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Muslim population explosion and Demographic Conundrum

By: Adity Sharma
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From the hoary, glittering first blush of history, BharatVarsh has given birth to many profound in content, highly humanitarian, purely Adhyatmik, and intellectually advanced philosophies such as the Vedic, the Buddhist, the Jane, the Lingayat, and the Sikh Dharm. This has further given rise to elaborate rituals and complex concepts that have over time become preponderant in the hearts of millions of adherents. As Sanatan Dharm and its offspring’s were born in Bharat, they were nurtured and cherished by its inhabitants who also began to bear allegiance to the land of these great philosophies. When invaders ruptured the peace and sanctity of Bharat, that is when a self-realization of the Hindu identity dawned, and from that identity we can soundly conclude that only the Hindus are loyal to India and its sacred lands which are pregnant with meaning and Dharmic significance. But the remnants of these inhumane invasions have never once made it their priority to cherish and nurture the culture of the land, i.e. Sanatan Dharm.

Sadly enough, today, the naxilites are busy hampering several states of Bharat, and thus far the incumbent government has been less than impressive in its response to this neo-terrorism. The separatist movement in the North-East is getting stronger by the year, China has begun to claim Arunachal-Pradesh with more ferocity and impunity without soliciting any reaction from the Indian government, Kerala will probably become Islamized in a few decades, and the Kashmir issue still stands unresolved. On the contrary, this noxious disease is spreading to more and more of the states.

So, when the RSS or any other Hindu org talks of Akhand Bharat once again materializing in to reality, and shed tears over the sorrowful loss of one-third of the motherland to Asuric forces, it is almost tragically comical. The RSS and Hindu Mahasabha inspired BJS which morphed in to the BJP, did not enact any policy to prevent India’s disintegration during its stint at the center.

This separatist problem began with a small insignificant Muslim minority demanding separate electorates during the freedom movement, and the national leadership bowed down to the importunities, and now it has burgeoned in to a colossal calamity. Now we have every group from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, to the Kalistani movement, to the different religious minorities demanding their own states carved out of the Hindu homeland. Needless to say, no substantial solution is in the offing, no firm measures have been taken to curtail this insidious separatism, let alone put a stop to it.

The only solution to this kind of nuisance is to pass strict legislation that would efficaciously bar illegal infiltrators from entering the country. This means that the infiltrators should not be provided ration cards and voting opportunities; they should immediately be deported. The government should jettison its vote-bank politics, and get serious about national security and integrity. No self-respecting nation hoping to survive from the onslaught of the Islamic high birthrate, should not allow such breeding in its borders. It is obvious when people from Bangladesh cross over to India, they are likely to procreate and this worsens the problem. This is not a peripheral matter, but in the most vital interest of the country.

Alas, even the generally complacent Europeans have also begun to express their apprehension at a future Europe that might be majority Muslim. It is already a bad sign for those Europeans who refuse to see reason.

Why should all this be done? Does it matter if India becomes an Islamic or even Christian state? Of course it does! The fact is that Sanatan Dharm has always stood for Satya, and the creeds masquerading as paradigms of equality, and peace, are considered and sanctified as pregnant with a progressive futuristic aura, are nothing more than the crassest and most ignoble desires of humankind.

If the current trend of Muslim population explosion continues, the country will soon become an Islamic state. An UP official, in an unambiguous bid to get Muslim votes, promised a group of Muslim women that they would not have to follow the two child-norms. He encouraged the women to produce as many healthy children as they wanted. As aforementioned, this kind of vote-bank politics must immediately stop.

To counter the Muslim population explosion, several prominent Hindu leaders have suggested that Hindus should also begin to procreate Muslim style, and the two-child norm should completely be abandoned. This is not a sound suggestion at all. At the moment Bharat is on the threshold of burgeoning in to a military as well as an economic superpower. If population growth goes unchecked, there will be a staggering strain on resources, so, less resources means less education, less to eat, and hence less awareness about issues that are important to Hindus.

The fact is, that quantity hardly matters. For instance: the Jews are considerably less numerous than Hindus, and yet they have achieved a lot. The pro-Israeli lobby in the U.S. is one of the most powerful international lobbies. It has greatly influenced the U.S. in to adopting a definitive pro-Israeli policy. The Israeli state, itself has much to be proud of. It has managed to keep the Islamic countries at bay, and in addition has managed to capture Arab territories.

On the other hand, the list of Hindu failures can fill volumes, and this is all despite a population numbering 800,000,000! If we were to listen to those Hindus who propagate the complete abandonment of the two-child norm, it will not help us in the least. If the poorest of the society were to procreate at the same rate as the Muslims do, Hinduism still would be in danger. Why? If tomorrow the Hindu population is raised to 1,000,000,000, and all the youth are watching BollyWood films, ignoring their festivals and celebrating Christmas, not knowing anything about Hinduism, either because they are not taught, they are to preoccupied with providing food and shelter for their families, or they are the zombie product of Western education. Now, would that help the cause of Sanatan Dharm? No! Hindu children should be taught the greatness and antiquity of their faith, and they unlike the Muslims and Christians, should be taught to propagate Hinduism. This of course should be done in the popular form of Shuddhi initiated by the Arya Samaj, and not through fraudulent methods or through fighting a Jihadic war against non-Hindus. Simply having more bodies to feed, to educate, to employ will not help at all. Instead, the Muslims should be heavily fined if they are going over the two-child-norm limit.

What concerned persons can do at the moment, is to inform uniformed masses, or people who are semi-aware of the dangers of this population explosion. This will at least make people more cognizant of the problems that are being merrily ignored by the “secular” media in India and abroad. Hindus: wake up, it is our homeland that is being attacked from all sides. We should try to the best of our ability to prevent the Hindu homeland from becoming a hunting ground for Asuric forces.

Adity Sharma

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