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Rama Setu Bandh – Natural or Man Made

By: Chanchal Malviya
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Author is a Project Manager at a Multinational company in India, taking care of their Offshore magazine publishing. Has been an active writer, and have recently completed my book - "From the Laws of Nature - I")

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We had been continuously finding involvement of Supreme Court in the case of Rama Setu Samudram Project. We would cordially like to bring to notice certain points before such a drastic decision should be taken to demolish the Mysterious Bridge.

1. Estimated Cost to build the Canal: Around Rs. 2250 Crore (Round figure)
2. Amount Saved per year: Around Rs. 100 Crore (Round figure)

It is to be understood here that an investment of 2250 Crore would take more than 23 year to recover the Principle amount itself. If the inflation, interests and investment options are counted, we never know, it might take more than 50 years to simply recover what has been invested. Moreover, the advancement then would hardly impact the timeline of 36 hrs that is currently required to come around Sri Lanka.

In addition to this, like all other investment of Government Project this would take huge time to get constructed. Over this, there is a huge opportunity of corruption to occur, as it generally takes place. I wonder if the estimated amount would ever remain a figure as is shown at this stage. Anyway, that is what the history of post independence say and of no concern at present.

But in short, we are neither significantly gaining economically nor are we achieving anything that is great for the country. Rather a turn around time of 36 hours can be accounted as a Security Feature for Naval department as well – How is something I would not like to go into?

It is interesting to understand how this project took shape. This project was not proposed by any Indian at anytime – it was a proposal of A D Taylor, the then Commander of Indian Marine in 1860. Surprisingly, the project is finding its force in Sonia Gandhi’s rein. It is to be noticed, that a country with so huge a population how this 100 crore is going to assist the nation in any terms.

Sir, this is a country with still 70% Hindus who believe that the Setu is built by Lord Rama. Shouldn’t the Supreme Court wait for allowing Setu Project for few more decades to get the population of Hindus reduced further by say 30%, when they are no more in majority? It seems now that the belief and faith of ever-reducing Hindu population do not hold any value for the nation. There is no voice heard in any media channel or in any political assembly of the hundreds of temples coming down in neighboring countries or Hindus getting killed either. Anyway, this still don’t mean that Ram Setu should not be brought down.

The say is that Ram Setu has nothing to do with Lord Rama.

I read a comment from Historian B.D. Chattopadhyay.

Historian B.D. Chattopadhyay of Jawaharlal Nehru University says the archaeological record says nothing of the sort. There is no evidence of a human presence in the subcontinent, he says, before roughly 250,000 to 300,000 years ago. It is generally believed man"s hominid ancestors did not leave their African home until about two million years ago.

Very important point here is that Mr. Chattopadhyay has forgot to note that what is said of hominid ancestors is also a belief – a scientific belief generated by Western people and followed by Mr. Chattopadhyay – there is no scientific proof that has established Human evolution theory, it is still a theory, a story. And Ramayan, if a belief is a belief of eastern people – Indian People, Mr. Chattopadhyay is trying to introduce a belief clash.

I read a similar comment from N Ramanujam. Head, Post Graduate Department of Geology and Research Centre, V.O. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin.

He said that Adam"s Bridge is only a chain of shoals between the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar, created by sedimentation owing to long shore currents.

Explaining the bridge"s geological history, he said both the Palk Strait and the GoM were once part of the Cauvery basin, which was formed during the separation of India and Antarctica about 70 million years ago during the "Gondwana period."

They were combined till a ridge was formed in the region owing to thinning of earth"s crust. The development of this ridge augmented the coral growth in the region.

"The coral cover acted as a "sand trapper" leading to the formation of Rameswaram Island," Dr. Ramanujam said.
The long shore currents on the southern side of island created a discontinuous shoreline the Adam"s Bridge.

Some analysis of Dr. Ramanujam’s say reflects:

1. How many such Chain of Shoals bridging two nations is known to Dr. Ramanujam?

2. Mr. Ramanujam is talking of Gondwana theory, a theory that has no concrete proof – a theory that is nothing else than a proposition with some geographical explanation, a theory of modern belief. Hundreds of such theory can be generated based on Geographical principles, but that do not defy a concrete reason of existence. Moreover, why did Gondwana theory leave a trace of only One Bridge on the Globe?

3. Very important – Ramanujam is unable to change the names of two places as Dhanuskodi and Talaimannar which are not English names as they already exist, and hence successfully accepts a controversial English name of Adam’s Bridge instead of Ram Setu. Mr. Ramanujam could very easily put his theory with the name of the Bridge still as Ram Setu. But he ends up in saying that is Adam’s Bridge – WHY?

4. Does Mr. Ramanujam want to support that Adam and Eve existed? If yes, they existed in India – Again controversy – as Manu Shatrupa would be more known names in this region and analogy to Adam and Eve.

However, I have brought to notice certain points about the Bridge that should be considered by Supreme Court, before they give their decision (while deciding whether it is man made or natural construct). Some of the below points are already known to you, yet I wish to mention them.
1. There is no other similar geographical constructs anywhere in the world, which makes one think that it is man made.

2. There is no other book than Ramayan that has put into scriptures describing such geographical constructs, and Ramayan says that it was build under the supervision of an Architect Nala – son of the greatest Architect of all times "Vishwakarma’ (Note: "Vishwakarma’ is a designation given to the greatest archeologist and builder of the era in ancient Hindu society, a similar practice as we have in modern world of "Nobel Prize’). Thus, the book makes sure that such a bridge can be constructed by only architect of highest skill.

3. The first thing to consider is that under the current scientific evaluation, the bridge is proved to have a chain of shoals is 30 to 35 km long in Palk Street, and its unique curvature confirms that it is man made, and is not a Geographical Construct at all. The curvature might have developed due to the water drifts of cyclones or similar natural forces occurring across the Palk Strait during the huge span of time. We cannot say the exact reason for the typical curvature, as it is not mentioned in Ramayan, and hence whatever we conclude would be a theory or belief to be followed.

The age of the bridge as per scientific dating comes to around 1,750,000 years. As per Hindu scriptures, Ramayan took place in "Treta Yug’. Calculating by Hindu scriptures (Treta Yug with a tenure of 12,96,000 years, Dwapar Yug with a tenure of 8, 64,000 years, Kali Yug has just seen 5,000 years): Overlooking the small 5,000 years and summing simply the Dwapar Yug and Treta Yug, it comes to around 2,100,000 years. Since, Dwapar Yug started only before 8,64,000 years – it ends in a conclusion that the bridge was constructed between 8 to 21 lakhs years thus making scientific data fall between the Treta Yuga.

Archeological findings have proven that first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to primitive age of about 1,750,000 years of the same era as Ramayan ("Treta Yug’, which lies exactly mid way to above number).

The bridge was (Ramayan mentions the bridge constructed in 5 days: 14 + 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 = 100 yojans) 100 Yojans long and 10 Yojans wide. Data to be considered here:

a. The data starts from 14 yojans as first day, which is less than other day’s data, confirming a logic that first day as a beginning had taken time to gear up all Vanars. Second day it took momentum and rest of the days the distance of the bridge constructed is found to be nearly same. A logical conclusion of this sort is made only when the event have occurred in reality.

b. The data that more than a crore (10 million) Vanaras were involved in building it, seems to be logical to fit to support the volume of the bridge constructed. The count fits the possibility of getting the bridge constructed in such a small time – a huge task force doing it.

c. The width vs. length ratio also looks scientific and supportive to help carry such a huge mass across the bridge. The bridge is wide enough so as to withstand the weight of crores of Vanaras and allow passage to all of them.

d. The bridge is said to be built in 5 days, giving an idea that bridge had to be built in a very short period of time, failing which the Opponent King Ravana would have come to know about it and would have attacked never allowing the bridge to be constructed. Thus, the period fits the war logic.

e. Very interestingly, Rama is not said to have built the bridge and the point clarifies that building it was the skill of an architect – Nala and not Rama or Hanuman, the hero of the book. Had Ramayan been a fantasy of Maharishi Valmiki, he would easily fantasized and written something like Rama built a bridge of Arrows as Rama was the hero in fantasy. But it is not so, making one think that it is not fantasy writing.

f. Ramayan also depicts the materials used in making the bridge clarifying that it was a possibility, but not under imagination of human capacity under technology support of today.

g. Seeing the time constraint, it looks logical to have Vanars who are brisk in their movement collecting materials and fitting it in place as directed.

h. The places mentioned in Ramayan exactly matches to the current location of the bridge, thus confirming that the book is not a story.

Sir, all point to prove that Ramayan is simply a story and the bridge is man made is pure theories. We cannot deny a simple fact that Ramayana mentions the bridge at the same location where the trace remains.

We need to understand certain points here, modern Archeology and Science is far different than what used to exist in ancient India. For instance, old temples of India, yet existing, were built on a different technology than what we find in modern civil engineering. This doesn’t mean that ancient archeology was not having mathematics maturity – in fact, if we look at Temples of India, Jagannath Puri temple for instance, we do not find any iron or pillars used to build the temple – yet it stands from thousand years to a height of around 200 ft. Again assume that had this temple been razed some 10000 years ago, what technology or archeological proofs would have been derived to conclude that the temple was 200 ft high. Similarly, the Ram Setu bandh has seen ages, and that too not on land, but in sea – a turbulent sea. The major of the mass is already washed off – a question to be pondered is that what remains is just a trace of the actual bridge – not the actual bridge. Ramayan mentions that the bridge was built over the sea water, with support of Sea – this implies that there was no supporting archeology involved in constructing the bridge – this is easily supported by the failure of Archeology ground to trace such constructs under ground. This actually should be taken as another proof of correctness of Ramayan, rather then denying it.

At first place, no historian can deny the fact that there is a coincidence and only one coincidence between a reality and its occurrence in a book. Instead, of now having set a direction to find out how such thing took place, strategies are to simply apply all forces and theories that can falsify a fact. The Indians need to preserve this amazing construct and endeavor to reinvent the wheel of technology that gets proven by this bridge.

Anyway, there are many more evidences. As few example, one important evidence is the existence of places to this date. Rameswaram is the place where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva and established the idol "Shiv Lingam’, exist to date as a place of worship. Ramayan talks about Mahendragiri Mountain as the highest point and best point to watch across the sea. Geographically, it is proven that Mahendragiri is the highest mountain in that area and gives a visibility of around 60 km range.

How come so many coincidences go wrong. And even if all theories except Ramayan is applicable, even if we believe only on what is in the book of western people and scrap Ramayan, isn’t Supreme Court’s decision leaving a sighing impact on around 70 million people.

We cannot do anything if Supreme Court gives a decision to blast the bridge, but we can surely sigh or see tears in our eyes for the greatest construct of the world, so great that time has failed to erode it even in sea and so great that the modern technology is yet in confusion about its natural or constructive structure. For its believer, it is a real Wonder of the World – far more wonderful than Taj Mahal. This wonder is actually a subject of Research, rather than a negligence to recover 100 crore over a period of 50 long years.

The sigh of humble Hindus had existed from past 1000 years; this one would be simply an addition to it. No wonder, political parties would play their card on it.

With this information, we leave the rest on you leaders – you protect the faith and belief that has formed this country and its unparallel culture or you allow some greedy and dirty political moves, you protect the wonder of the world or you allow a subject of research to be simply blasted away.

Chanchal Malviya

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24 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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