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Ramayana: History and Moral Science

By: Chanchal Malviya
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Author is a Project Manager at a Multinational company in India, taking care of their Offshore magazine publishing. Has been an active writer, and have recently completed my book - "From the Laws of Nature - I")

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Study of history was ever there in India. Even during ancient India, education system included study of History, Science, Geography, Mathematics, etc. Most people think that only Brahmins used to go to Ashrams to study and the only thing they were taught was spirituality. Had it been so, we would not have found so complicated Architectural Structures built in those days, we would not have got the advanced mathematics from Aryabhatt, and we would not have seen the face of Yoga and Ayurveda. Who will deny the fact, that works from ancient time still remains unchallenged in its maturity? But surely there lies a difference in the way things are plated before children now days in contrast to ancient days.

Let us take a subject, say history. We cannot deny a fact that History that is taught in schools and colleges are mere calendars and records event. Unlike this, our ancient education system made sure that the calendar worked as quote to develop the moral sense of wrong and right. A classical example is "Ramayan’ – no doubt it is a history of India, written by the oldest known historian – Maharishi Valmiki. How would one disprove that Ramayan mentions about Ram Setu and science is struggling to understand it? How would one explain, why the places in Ramayan still exist across the nation? There is every effort to disprove a history – because that history was not written by a foreign writer. Mahabharat was not written by a foreign writer. If Prithvi Raj Raso was a poetic writing to be believed, wouldn’t it be a better option to consider Chand Bardai the narrator of his time rather then believe the foreigners who had intention to rule India with the policy to destroy its cultural capacities?

India is one country, whose history was written by its enemies. And India is one country, who still believes those writings. Shouldn’t the Indian education system restructure to include the realities now? Generation after generation, people read the same errors and now it is in the blood of people that Ram is simply a faith. The more ground reality is that our Historians never wrote Calendars. They practiced to merge History with Moral Science so as to cultivate individuals with strong cultural capacities. Moral science is a separate study now and we can easily find that it don’t leave any impact on students. But even now, if you go to any remote village in India, where Christian missionaries have not shown their face, you will trace a high culture of respect and regard, a culture of practicing peace and satisfaction, a culture of having Bhajan and Kirtan every evening and morning, a culture of being simple humans with truthfulness and humbleness in blood. That is true India – and every effort to destroy it is an effort to destroy the nation. If the so hyped culture of the nation is destroyed, the nation in no time would be taken over.

If India has to rise again, it will have to regain its originality again. Change is required, but not without understanding what changes. Calendar time is doubtlessly changing, but are the days and nights changing, are the seasonal cycle changing, is the need to survive changing, is the life support system changing. If the answer is no, then for those constants that never change, the practices that fits best to nature, whether old or new, is the right thing to adopt. And who will deny that India since ages never knew sufferings in terms of Cancer, Hypertension, AIDS, etc? Who will deny that India since ages ever had the moral values to live in joint families? Which is better – Son separating from Parents the day they start earning or Son respecting and taking care of his parent? Which is better – a wife feeling happy to be with husband in life’s toughest time or wife looking out for another husband for smallest difference? Which is better – a young chap looking at every woman with a sense of respect or a youth calling his mother a sexy Mom? Which is better – a child learning to hold upon temptations and thus never getting endangered the peril of AIDS and other deadly disease, or a child getting educated to do sex when he is physically and mentally not ready for it?

Parents of India has to decide – modernity or personality, child swaying away in the world of desire and want or child learning to go against desires and configure his wants for right causes. Parents of India have to decide – whether to send their daughter to schools in provoking minis, or let their daughter learn to give regard to her self. Stone Age was a conceptual time, when men were without clothes – now lies the modern age where women are nearly without dress. Where is the improvement? Knowingly we are pushing our children to a direction where they are not prepared to against wrong things – they do what they like, they tread on easy and wrong path. Most of the students watch port movies, read porn books, smoke, drink, practice sex heedlessly and shamelessly, become careless and never bother why they have been sent to school.

Unfortunately, parents know this but they are even more careless to think that with time they will mature and correct their mistakes – wrong. Habits developed in childhood or teenage would never go easily. Which parent would not like to see his child having a stable family? Which parent would like her daughter to get divorced? If this is not the want of parents, then parents have to make sure that their children are not misguided by missionary schools, they are made to respect themselves first, and they need to inculcate correct habits and high morale. But how is this possible.

The possibility is simple – ask your children to read Ramayan, tell them to love Rama, and you will find a high morale person evolving automatically out of a child. It is not a fun; it is a reality – because Ramayan is not a calendar. It is history written with all moral science of the world in it. It is a history that talks about right and wrong. It is a history that inculcates a culture of love and respect in a child. Which parent would not like his son to be a truthful person, a brave person, a sacrificing person, a loving person, a caring person and a person with strongest and distinctive personality? When a child starts coming close to the character of Rama, he cannot stop copying his personality. And this is what Ramayan does for you – it brings God in your house.

For those, who think that it is blind faith to believe that Rama was God, I must say a thing – we don’t think that Rama was God, we think that God was best in Rama. The best of God’s trace is what is worshipped. Worship is an act of respect and respect is a behavior born out of habit. A child learning to love Rama would start learning to love parents, brothers and people around. No doubt, he will also be as brave to fight against every Ravana that he comes around.

Let the History of Ramayan go into the heart of your child, and you will find your child evolving like a Gem. Let your children come up to care for you and the country. Let your children learn to hold on values. Let your children grow up to a respectable personality.

Chanchal Malviya

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4 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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