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Analysis of Saadhvi Pragyas Case as projected by Media

By: Chanchal Malviya
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Author is a Project Manager at a Multinational company in India, taking care of their Offshore magazine publishing. Has been an active writer, and have recently completed my book - "From the Laws of Nature - I")

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Following points are to be noted:

. How did a Hindu Bomb suddenly evolve all of a sudden when election is just on head?

. If Saadhvi and Safron were involved, why did they choose Malegaon? Maharashtra was not a base for Saadhvi or Ramji.

. Malegaon is nearly all Muslim. For a Hindu to commit such an act would require local understanding of the complete area. Can such incidence take place without the support of local people who know the area in detail?

. Why isn"t a local person arrested yet?

. How has the SMS of Col Purohit come to limelight after more than 20 days since Pragya is arrested? Her phone calls are said to be recorded, but the SMS is tracked so late? How?

. The biggest doubt: Will a person who is going to commit a terrorist act, import his or her own vehicle in it? Is Saadhvi so stupid that she could not even think that she doesn"t have to use her own bike?

Doubt on Talk between Saadhvi Pragya and Ramji

Indian Express Date: 5th November 2008
Heading: Malegaon: 3 more arrests, ATS claims witness "heard" Sadhvi discuss blast, killing

"The prosecution claimed the conversation took place after the September 29 blast in a room in Ujjain where, apart from Ramji and the Sadhvi, a third person was present, who is now a witness. This witness, who was present in that room, gave a 15-page statement with details of the alleged conversation at the Mazgaon magistrate"s court on October 23."...

Alleged conversation between Pragya and Ramji, as claimed by an ATS witness

Pragya: Malegaon blast mein meri gaadi mili hai
Ramji: Lekin woh gadi aapne bechi thi
Pragya: Police puchhegi kahaan bechi, kya bata-oon? Kya saboot hai? MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra?
Ramji: Gujarat bolo
Pragya: Meri gaadi se blast kiya toh itne kam log kaise mare? Gaadi bheed mein kyon nahi lagayi?
Ramji: Bheed mein khadi karne nahi diya. Kuchh hua to niptaa lenge. Meri Arvindji se baat hui hai. Woh ek lakh public leke aandolan karenge

. Who is the third person? And who else than that unknown person has agreed that three were in a room in Ujjain? So, if Mr. Z will say that I am the witness who heard Mr. X saying something to Mr. Y - will it immediately become so valid that Mr. X and Mr. Y becomes terrorists?

However, there is another version of media over the same thing

IBN Live Date: 4th November 2008
Heading: BJP, RSS reject proof against Sadhvi, call it conspiracy

Excerpts from the tape:

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: They will take me away this evening.
Ramnarayan Singh: Why?
Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: They"ve found my car in the Malegaon blast case.
Ramnarayan Singh: But you sold that car.
Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: Where did I sell it? Madhya Pradesh? Gujarat? Maharashtra?
Ramnarayan Singh: Tell them Gujarat.
Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: What do I tell them if they ask me when?
Ramnarayan Singh: Say you don"t remember.
Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur: But why did so few people died? Why didn"t you park the car in a crowed area?
Ramnarayan Singh: I had identified a crowded area but I couldn"t find a parking place there, and the area where I parked it wasn"t very crowded. Anyway, we"ll with it if something happens. I have already spoken to Arvindji. He said he"ll gather at least lakh people and protest.

. So, the media has two versions. One says that there was a meeting in a Room among Saadhvi, Ramji and the unknown third person, who has said the mentioned conversation. Another says, the phone has been taped. However, the taped phone has not been shown in media with original voices. And there is no report that the taped voices are original or dubbed.

. Now, there are questions to be raised here. According to the published conversation, Saadhvi knows that she is going to be arrested. And she did not take any precaution of having a lawyer. And till the end of the talk, they do not require any legal support. They talk of common people"s protest.

. It appears from the media releases that she didn"t ask Ramji about why he didn"t park the vehicle in crowded area immediately after the blast or for three four days after that day. She asked him this thing at the time when she knows she is going to be arrested and before a third person.

. Saadhvi has sold the bike, but she doesn"t know in which she sold it. And they are also so careless that they do not ponder much to decide about the place also and casually chose Gujarat. It is noteworthy that only those people sell casually their bikes and do not care much about to whom they sell their bike who are completely not interested in Criminal Offenses. Many times, it happens that with time people loose the buyer"s information also.

. Do you think that people who can go to the level of terrorism would be able to commit such mistakes and carelessness even after understanding that he or she is to be arrested?

. Ramji has to park the bike in a crowded area. He locates it, but do not find a parking place. And he simply leaves the vehicle in a no man"s land and escapes. How silly? In general, a terrorist will never do this.

If the above conversation proves to be a conspiracy, then it reveals some more important clues:

. Gujarat is dragged as a name again. We have found in past that Gujarat has always been targeted by anti-Hindus. It happens again here.

. There is no talk on legal aspect. The fear is people"s protest alone.

Bike"s number game

This is a case of its own kind where the designers of a bomb blast, who are not local to Malegaon, whose bike is not of Maharashtra and who is not a Muslim, enters a dominated Muslim area, and plants his or her own bike. Some questions:

. How many terrorists in India or Abroad or in History of Terrorism have you heard that Terrorists or Locals have used their own Vehicles to commit the crime?

. Was Saadhvi Pragya such a stupid organizer of sophisticated terrorist act that she planted her own bike as evidence?

. Media says: (Quote link) that the chesis number of the bike was attempted to be removed. Now there are two things:

o Either the number was removed: which will never lead to confirm that the bike belonged to anybody

o Or the number was not removed: And this doubtful - if someone will attempt to remove the chesis number, he/she will either remove it or he/she will not all remove it. What is the meaning of attempt?

Why doesn"t the ATS release their investigation details of Narco test immediately? How will the common people come to know, whether the voices in the Test Recordings are not dubbed?

Hindu leaders directly accounted

. There has been lots of bombing going on in our Country. How many Maulvis or Imams has been arrested yet? People never know the status of people who are arrested as Muslims. In case of Hindus, it is noteworthy; there is nearly always an attack on their leaders directly. Some examples are: Shankaracharya was arrested alleged directly for murder. Allegations were made by/via media directly on Asharam Bapuji. Brinda Karat alleged Baba Ram Dev directly. And now, Saadhvi is directly and suddenly arrested.

NCP attacks VHP office

. VHP"s name had no where come in the attack. Why was VHP"s office targeted?

. Why were the same NCP people so quite while so many blasts took place in Maharashtra including Mumbai serial train blast?

. Why do the media simply project NCP as the people who attacked VHP? Why don"t they investigate further to release the names of people who did it?

Difference between Hindu Terrorism and Islamic Terrorism

. Whenever a mail is sent by any Muslim Terrorist Organizations, the mail contents always contain texts of Quran and "In the name of Allah". Yet our honorable media says it is plain Terrorism.

. Whenever retaliation is exercised by any Hindu Outfit, our truthful media terms it as "Hindu Terror". Even though these outfits never quote or follow any Hindu scriptures.

This is a clear indication that media is working against Hindus. Anything that can defame the name of Hindu in the very nation of Hindus is what media takes pride in shouting aloud.

The biggest concern

Even if some Army officials (retired or working) were taken for interrogation, it was the duty of the Government and Media to ensure that it doesn"t become public. There is already a huge dissatisfaction in Security Forces. We have reduction in people"s interest to join Security Forces. And we have plenty of vacant positions. Security of the country is crucial. And any defamation brought to its name will completely ruin the people"s interest to join it. Now, here is a Government and a set of Media who is taking every step to forecast Army as a Terrorist Group. There are two possibilities:

. Either this is done knowingly, where the purpose is to make the defense porous enough so as to weaken it. Bangladesh and Pakistan are already successful in beating the Army and entering Indian territories, the count of Bangladeshis going in Crores.

. Or the Government is not interested in securing the country

Tomorrow who will save this country? Isn"t the projection of media a step towards putting our defense parallel to ISI or Pak Forces? Why didn"t the Government intervene to ask media to be quite about Army, at least until complete investigation is over?

Outcome of this Saadhvi case

. If Saadhvi is proven to be guilty, by any chance, through conspiracy or through facts, it is a win of Islamic terrorism. Because, hence forth Congress and other anti-Hindu parties will have loud voice protecting the terror outfits which they are already doing. Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh, Lalu Yadav, Pashwan and many others will further get boost to uplift SIMI and many other similar organizations which they keep on advocating.

. If Saadhvi is not proven guilty, then ATS would be guilty and then also it will be a win of Islamic Terrorism who will claim that ATS has been completely framing stories against them also.

. The greatest loss to the country is that the Army is getting defamed by the media

There is no doubt that whatever is the outcome of this interrogation, and whoever is the culprit, the end result is in favor or Terrorism. And this is an unfortunate that the majority of this country will have to pay for it. It is an unfortunate that Hindus, the 70% of the population, will be deprived of calling themselves as Hindus, as Congress and anti-Hindu parties already call Hinduism as Communal. This is a complete defeat of Hindus and of the nation.

Some interesting stories
2008 Malegaon Blast

The Hindu publishes: Date: Oct 1, 2008
Subject: Nitric acid, nails used in Malegaon blast

."The bomb was kept on a motorbike which, locals said, was lying outside a shop owned by Abdullah Jamaluddin Ansari, 70. After a couple of hours, Ansari asked a worker in a hotel opposite to his premises to report about the bike at the police chowk, 30 feet from the blast site. But the police paid no heed, it was alleged. Ansari is among those critically injured."

Note: Now, if Ansari knew that the bike was a bomb bike, how come he could not save himself from the blast - forget others. It is amazing to understand that people knew that a bomb was planted, yet they lost 4 lives and several got injured. However, there is a possibility to this that people mistook that it was a bigger chocolate bomb of Deepawali and would not hurt them at a distance and kept closer. Four of them were more heroic to remain too closer. And that is how casualty resulted. Or it could be that they just doubted the bike and were roaming around it as if it was in an exhibition and wanted police to take it away. They could see the bike, but not the bomb. They could doubt its presence, but not think that it would explode. Something fishy appears here itself.

2006 Blast

Inquilab, Mumbai publishes Date: 11th September 2006

Malegaon 10 Sept (Inquilab correspondent): The dead body of a man who was wearing a fake beard and had died in the bomb blasts of Malegaon has mysteriously disappeared. His body was badly mutilated and the lower part was completely missing. Aqeel Ahmed, a 37 year old tailor from Islampura area of Malegaon, says that he had himself moved the dead body of this man into the ambulance van when his [fake] beard came off. Inquilab"s correspondent visited the mortuary along with Aqeel Ahmed. When he asked Aqeel Ahmed to identify the dead body, he said that the body in question was not there. The medical officer of Malegaon Municipal Corporation Dr Vagh said that post-mortem had been carried on 30 corpses in Wadia Hospital and one body was autopsied in Dholia Hospital but none of them was without legs. It should be noted that Aqeel said to have himself moved into the ambulance van a dead body that did not have the lower part. According to Aqeel, at that time he did not pay much attention to this but realised the significance only later. This revelation links these blasts to the explosions in the house of a RSS member in Malegaon from where fake beards were discovered. Police say that they do not have any such information. However, if an eyewitness comes forward, investigation will be launched into the fake beard."

Note: It is so interesting that Mr Aqeel Ahmed found the lower half of the body missing, but the beard intact in the dead body. And beard was removed only when Aqeel pulled it off. And he realizes the significance later so that no one can verify whether he was lying or telling the truth. I wonder why a Narco Test was not conducted on this person, hopefully, in positive aspect for him alone so as to confirm that what he was saying was correct.

Chanchal Malviya

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40 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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