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Shaktivad: the Vision for Action (Part III)

By: Saikat Maitra
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Shaktivad: the Vision for Action (Part III)

We neither think and act for our self gratification, exploitation of humanity at large, nor take a safe stance of being neutral or worse become appeasers of asuric instruments of society. This heroic mentality in us, which stands only for the benefit and progress of humanity at large, is called Shaktivad.

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Shaktivad: The Vision for Action (Part III)

Shaktivad is neither a new tradition, nor another philosophy about the absolute truth, of which we have too many, but a reminder of essence of all our ancient traditions, which is very much prominent in the Hindu cultural practices and history, which helped the Hindu tradition to flourish in the pale of human history and survive through the dark days of aggression. Indeed, it was the mentality of Shaktivad, which led Lord Krishna to rudely shake Arjun from his tamasic (borne out of ignorance) desperation at the prospects of war.

There are the five principle divine endowments, which a Shaktivadi should assimilate in his thought, work and deeds. These divine powers are a gift to us by the Supreme Being and cultivating them in our character, in the basis of our thoughts and most importantly in all our actions is the only way to fulfill the destiny of our human incarnation. Under ideal conditions of a just and Shaktivadi society, every human being, who are indeed sparks of the same one Divine Being, will naturally follow the path of evolution and assimilate divine qualities in his character.

The objective of the asurvadi society is to prevent this natural development of human beings so that the asuric can fulfill their own self interest and material needs. Brutality and lies are the principal weapons of asurvadis and they use these to remold and destroy all establishments of human development. Education, justice, spirituality, administration, and military establishments are either completely destroyed or recast into a huge machinery of exploitation and depravation of the society.

Lust is insatiable and there is no end to egotistical indulgence in the pleasures of the body and hence these forces, after having turned their own society into a sub human machinery of exploitation, are always on the lookout for fresh territories and new encroachments so as to repeat the saga of greed, brutality, plunder and killing humanity itself from human society. Indeed, it can be seen that all asuric societies and the doctrines, which shaped these societies, have the conquest of the entire humanity in the forefront of their agenda, whether it be Jihad of Islamists, revolution of Communists, or exploitation of colonialists. As long as there still remain new grounds to conquer and traces of humanity still left to be exploited, there remains fodder for the asuric forces to feed upon and prosper. So long as durbalvadi Hindus exist in India, the Muslim, the Communist, the Maoist, the Missionary, and the Secularist will have plenty for their dinner.

The seed of this asuric mentality is within our human psyche, for the birth in a limited human incarnation, is the result of a primal rejection of our own divinity. We can call it ego or by any other name, but there is a force in us, deep and powerful, which tries to assert that our limited incarnation is the greatest and this world is for us to plunder, exploit and satisfy our never ending desires.

Ancient seers always knew of this possibility of human birth and tried to mould the society in a way so that asuric elements would be quashed before they became too powerful. Rise of asurvad is a threat to the very existence of humanity and our Lord has promised us to take birth in mortal frame, whenever asurvad breaths heavily on the neck of civilization.

Surely, time cannot be more urgent than in the present one, when survival of dharma (the right path for peace) is most threatened than any time before in recorded history. Forces outside and inside are hard at work to completely uproot each and every trace of Bharat (Indian origin) dharma from the face of Bharat (India) itself and the entire world. Yet our beloved Lord is nowhere in the vicinity. Was His promise to humanity and people of this land not honest? When and how will He save this land and culture from the tremendous danger that confronts it at the moment?

But it is perhaps more important to ask that what will our lord do even if He takes birth now in this mess? Is there an Arjun amongst us who will not hesitate to fire arrows into the heart of his own kith and kin, if they stand by the side of the asurics? Can we expect to do the Lord do all the work for us, while we take a satisfying nap in our rooms, safely avoiding our duties? After all, the truth is that, even the Lord cannot go against the Laws of nature, when taking a mortal birth.

The battle between good and evil (devasura sangrama), the grace of our Lord is with us, for in the battle between the devas and the asuras the nature only ensures the destruction of the asuras. But for good to prevail, it is absolutely necessary that somebody has to take the side of good. And taking the side of good against evil necessarily means embracing Shakivad and the ancient Kshatriaya sprit of our dharma. It is to be remembered that even if we are not directly a part of the asuric machinery and claim in our heart to be against exploitation; by rejecting Shaktivad and our duties, we invariably become their endorsers. In the eyes of Shaktivad, there is nothing worse more than a policy of weakness and appeasement. Indeed, a durbalvad is a greater enemy of humanity in the times of asuric oppression for they make the task of the asuric that much easier and the task of the Shaktivadi that much harder. Surely, a durbalvad is the rotten breeding ground for a vile asurvad.


Our body does not survive even a hundred years, but our society goes on forever, whether we live or die. We intend to live a hundred years, not for ourselves, but for the sake of the society, and for the annihilation of asurvads. We shall use each and every opportunity, small or big, that presents itself, for the sole cause of establishing Shaktivad in our society. We live, and if necessary, we will die for it. But we will never bow down to asurvad, ever. Let us be immortal through our karma.

The victory shall be ours.

Appendix: Shaktivadi Upasana

The spinal cord flows right through the middle of our spinal column. The principle fine nerve amidst this spinal cord is known as Brahmanari.24 In the time of mediation, this should be perceived as a creeping cord with the hue of the lightning. Shaktivadi Upasana consists of utterances of the following hymns in a slow rhythmic manner like the ascent and dissipation of the sound of a bell.
Gayatee (the greatest mantra of the Vedas) is to be uttered three times, Brahma Stotram (cited from the Mahanirban Tantra) once and the rest of the hymns like Mahamantram (from Upanishad), Shaktivad Sutram (from the scriptures of Tantra) and Grahamangalam (Praises from the different planets) are to be uttered twice. We produce the phonetic version of these hymns below with their meanings.


Om Bhuh Bhubah Swah Tatsabitur Barenyam Bhargo Debasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat Om.


1. Om Namastey Satey SarbaLokaashrayaaya Namastey Chitey Biswa Roopaatmakaaya Namo-Adwaita-Tatwaaya Mukti Pradaaaya Namo Brahmaney Byaapiney Nirgunaaya
2. Twamekam Sharanyam Twamekam Barenyam Twamekam Jagat Kaaranam Bishwaroopam Twamekam Jagat Kartree Paatree Prahartree Twamekam Param Nishkalam Nirbikalpam
3. Bhayaanaam Bhayam Bheeshanam Bheeshanaanaam Gateeh Praaninaam Paabanam Pabanaanaam Mahocchaih Padaanaam Niyantri Twamekam Paresham Param Rakshakam Rakshakaanaam
4. Paresha Prabho Sarbaroopo binaashya Anirdeshya Sarba-Indriya-Agamya Satya Achintya-Akshara Byaapaka-Abyakta-Tatwa Jagat Bhaasakaadheesha Paayaada-Paayaad
5. Tadekam Swaraamah Tadekam Bhajaamah Tadekam Jagat Saakshi-Roopam Namaamah Sadekam Nidhaanam Niraalambameesham Bhabaambhodhipotam Sharanyam Brajaamah

Panch Ratnam Idam Stotram Brahman Paramaatmanah
Yah Pathet Prayato Bhootwa Brahma Saayujyam Aapnuyaat.


Om Tat Sat Om. Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Harih Om
Om Sarbam Khalwidam Brahma
Om Satyam Gnaanam Aanandam Brahma
Om Satyam Gnaanam Anantam Brahma
Om Satyam Gnaanam Amritam Brahma
Om Satyam Gnaanam Abhayam Brahma
Om Ayamaatmaa Brahma
Om Pragnaanam Aanandam Brahma


Om Shaktivaadam Sharanam Gachchhaami.
Om Shakti Sristi Moolam
Om Shakti Sthiti Moolam
Om Shakti Sarba Moolam
Om Shaktih Dharma Moolam
Om Shakti Raashtra Moolam
Om Shakti Jeebana Moolam
Om Shakti Asura Naashanam
Om Shaktih Nirguna Brahma Swaroopaa


Om Divaakarar Devataa. Om Shasheenaathar Devataa.
Om Mangaleshar Devataa. Om Budheshwarar Devataa.
Om Brihaspatir Devataa. Om Shookranaathar Devataa.
Om Shanaishcharar Devataa. Om Raahoor Devataa.
Om Ketoor Devataa. Te Asmaakam Mangala Kaaranam
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Harih Om


The eternal self is in Om. He is in Bhuh (creative force or creative impulse. It may be in every creature). He is in Bhubah (active force to protect the creation and to destroy the devilish force). He is in Swah (the aspiring energy to know the truth of matter and self). He is the light of the creating force which is always worshipped by the Devas. O eternal Soul! We contemplate Thee; import those divine forces in our intellect.


1. We Bow to You O Eternal Soul; You are the shelter of all universes. We bow to You O eternal wisdom; You are in the shape of all the universe. We bow to You O Eternal Non-Dualist Soul, You are the master of Emancipation. We bow to You O Eternal Soul, You are all pervading and above all attributes.
2. You are the only Shelter, You are the only cause of the Universe and in shape of everything in the creation; You are the creator, protector and destroyer and You are the supreme, the indivisible and the formless.
3. You are the dread of the dreadful; you are the fright of the frightful, you are the goal of the creatures and you are the purifier of the purifiers. You are in the state of the most supreme strata, You are the only controller of all, You are the greatest of the great, You are the protector of those who protect.
4. O Supreme Soul, O Lord, O Essence of combined visible Universe, O Imperishable, O Invisible, O Great Soul beyond all senses, O Truth, O Unimaginable, O Great Soul of Sounds, O Indestructible, O All-pervading, O Un-manifested Great Soul, O Lord of Great Light, O Great Soul of Eternal Existence!
5. We meditate on You, we worship only You, You are the Seer of the Universe. We bow to You, You are the only Truth, You are the Supreme Ruler, You are the Great Ship in the ocean of worldly sorrows and we pray for Your protection.
These five stanzas of Brahma Stotram are the songs of the Eternal Self. He, who sings with concentration, will attain Perfection.


The eternal Soul is in the form of OM. He is in the sound of TAT (the symbolic word of eternal prayer) and He is in the sound of SAT (the symbolic word of eternal Karma or action).
Peace for the material world, Peace for the mental world. Peace for the cosmic world. And may Eternal Soul be with us.
All Universes and Creations are Certainly Brahma (Great Soul).
Brahma is Truth; Brahma is Knowledge and Brahma is Joy.
Brahma is Truth; Brahma is Knowledge and Brahma is Eternal.
Brahma is Truth; Brahma is Knowledge and Brahma is Immortal.
Brahma is Truth; Brahma is Knowledge and Brahma is Fearless.
The Self within us is Brahma.
Manifestation of Knowledge and Joy is Brahma.


(For more details, visit http://www.shaktibad.net).

Saikat Maitra

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References & Notes:

24. You can find a sketch of Brahmanari in http://www.shaktibad.net/booklet.html#brahmanari_figure.

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