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Shaktivad: the Vision for Action (Part II)

By: Saikat Maitra
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Shaktivad: the Vision for Action (Part II)
Various Current Thoughts in the light of Shaktivad


The ancient Hinduism was verily a Shaktivadi doctrine. The Vedas, the principal scripture of the Hindus, is a great guidance for the human society. It has placed the greatest emphasis on suppression of the asuric elements of the society and cultivation of knowledge. The focus of the Vedas is the constant war between the devas (people with divine traits) and the asuric people. And, all the hymns are for those, who lead people against the asuric elements. Similar is the tune of the Chandi, where the great force, the Devi, destroys the asuric elements over and over again.

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The great karmis (men of action), who have displayed special ability in destruction of asuric elements, are revered as avatars (God incarnates). The Ramayan is the about life and character of such an avatar, Ram. Amidst great hardship, he waged war against Ravan, a powerful asuric emperor, eventually killing him. Even though Ravan was a great scholar of the Vedas and composer of a great hymn toward Lord Shiva besides being born to a great rishi, he was denounced for his asuric nature.

The Mahabharat glorifies a great war between the good and the evil, where the Shaktivadi Pandavas recorded a triumph over asurvadi Duryodhan with the help of Krishna, the greatest avatar. The life of Krishna, from the infancy to the old age, was dedicated to the destruction of the asuric elements in the society. The dialogue between Krishna and Arjun is known as the Gita, a prime scripture of Hinduism. In the Gita, Krishna explains to Arjun about the duty to uproot the asuric elements of the society at all costs.

Afterward, Hinduism and especially the Hindu society have drifted away from the path of Shaktivad. Under the hegemony of Brahmins practicing Paurohityavad, Hinduism has undergone a metamorphosis to become a religion of pointless customs and rituals. Instead of activity and valor for the welfare of the society, cowardice and idleness are promoted as virtues. Reason and rationality have been cast aside to pave the way for belief and faith.

There came many great religious figures since the middle ages, who are hailed as avatars in the modern Hindu society. They share a common trend. None of them is slightest amount of concerned regarding the state of affairs in the society. Even if millions are killed, raped and tortured, they are least perturbed over it. Instead they preach of sermons to tolerate all the injustice without any thought of vengeance.

On the contrary, the ancient Hindu seers used to inspire and guide the warriors to uproot the asuric elements. The seers like Vishwamitra and Agastya were masters in the art of weaponry and taught that to Ram, as revealed in the Ramayan. Vishwamitra urged king Dasharath to arrange for the destruction of asuric elements like Tadaka.

This is something conspicuously absent in the character of current Hindu avatars and saints. They do not like to join in the field of action and are quite content in preaching breathing techniques and durbalvadi ideals. Rather than total destruction of asuric elements as narrated in the Gita (Chapter 4, verse 7-8), they preach for the appeasement of the asuric doctrines by the pretext of equality of all religions. This is highly irrational, since religions, like any other doctrines, can be classified as shaktivadi, asurvadi, or durbalvadi. By ignoring all history, reason and hard evidence, they find nothing but metaphors in every religious text and consequently draw absurd conclusions. As an example, they regard Islam as a peaceful religion of universal brotherhood whereas it is the greatest asuric doctrine.


Democracy happens to be the most acclaimed thought of the present time. According to this doctrine, the government is elected based on the opinion of the majority of the people. Democracy provides every citizen equal right in electoral decision making. However, everybody practically agrees that all human beings are not equal. The great supporters of democracy always extol the leader of their party to a stature of divinity, and yet believe in democracy!

Most of the people are simple-minded. They form their opinion on the spur of the moment without much of far-sightedness. They elect someone, about whom they know nothing other than his party affiliation and propaganda created by his party. The crooked asuric people usually have the upper hand in terms of propaganda for they require it desperately to conceal their immoralities. They spread deception among these simple-minded people. That is how they create their support on the eve of the election.

Sometimes people are duped by the false temptation of material well-being. Sometimes they are subjected to fear of retaliation from the asuric forces. Sometimes they do not perceive how their leaders are leading the society to doom. They are denied the right to the necessary information by the media, which dares not to go against the asuric forces in the government. They become loyal to a party rather than being loyal to truth and justice.

"But, there are changes in the government," argues the vociferous supporters of democracy. Sure, there are replacements in democracy - one tyrant being replaced by another tyrant, one corrupt preferred over another one, one imbecile followed by other. For the society, it does not matter. It is always ruled by the corrupt, tyrant and imbecile.

Thereby in a Democracy, the government heads are not appointed based on merit, but based on the electoral decision of the misinformed public. Thus, the criminal becomes the head of law and police. The coward becomes the controller of the army. The most debauched becomes the prime minister. These heads choose their assistants accordingly. The flatterers are preferred over the competent. And, the honest are disputed in favor of the corrupt. Democracy awards nothing but corruption, instability, disruption and an augment in misery for the common man.


In theory, Communism means equality of income among all classes of people. In practice, Communism originates from the cultivation of hatred between persons pursuing different jobs.

Communists set one individual against another using the fact that one is earning more than the other. For that purpose, they spread any amount of lies and deception exploiting the ignorance of the common people. They lead people towards anarchy and disruption of work through strikes and sabotage.

This is in itself harmful to the society. The society requires mutual respect and love between people of all strata, whereas Communism nurtures hatred and disharmony. For the development of the society, we need tireless work and co-operation. Communism teaches disruption of work and non-cooperation.

The result is obvious. Communist societies can never be prosperous. Wherever communism goes, famine, starvation and wretchedness follow. Because Communism banks upon inculcation of hatred, therefore the society is perpetually divided between hostile groups. A kind of people, who are virtual parasites and bank their position based on their expertise in propaganda of hatred, flourishes under Communism and the true karmis (men of selfless action) are ignored, if not persecuted.

The rosy picture of Communism, Communists present to gather support, can be materialized only in utopia. Once the Communists capture the power, common man is bound to resent their condition. Therefore, Communist regimes resort to brutal suppression and most deceptive propaganda to overcome this resentment. Once in power, Communist rulers pursue the very same course of action, which they have opposed vociferously to gather popular support while not in power. Eventually the words of Communism live in the books and in practice, it becomes Marxian fascism.

Why is Communism such an asuric doctrine? They talk of "people" all the time, and yet trample on human rights mercilessly after gaining power. Why is this dichotomy?

Communism does not recognize presence of asuric thought among people of all strata. We admire the honest hard-working worker and despise their lazy counterparts, who focus on getting an extravagant wage while shirking from the duty. We respect rich persons, who contribute toward the growth of the society by contributing generously to the worthy causes. But, we want eviction of the corrupt rich exploiting businessmen However, according to Communists, the poor are all good people and the rich are all bad lot! Communists attribute all the misery of the world on the rich people. This enormous lie causes them to pursue an asuric path.

Moreover, human beings are essentially heterogeneous and it is completely insane to think of equality of wealth and income. What we need to ensure is provision of food, health and peaceful life for all men. Equality of wealth gives rise to only encouragement of the incompetence.


Islam is the most powerful asuric doctrine in the history of mankind. Most human beings find peace in surrendering themselves to an absolute power of the universe. Muhammad, the founder of this doctrine, exploited this weakness in the human nature. He claimed to have received guidance from Allah, the Almighty Ruler of the universe, and imposed them on his followers.

The irony is that Allah does not show any resemblance to an almighty power, but He is more of a vindictive, jealous, whimsical, insecure and ruthless tyrant.8 He shows both the right path and the wrong path to people based on His whim.9 However, He wants His followers to eradicate the unbelievers through any means possible.10 He wants Muslims to be nice toward one another, but cruel and merciless for the non-Muslims without any reason.11 This partly explains why it is an asuric doctrine.

He essentially awards nothing to the Muslims. Indeed, there are promises of big-breasted virgins (houris), wine and other material temptations for the Muslims in the afterlife, especially for the jihadis actively pursuing war against the non-Muslims.12 But, this could be a lie! Islam commands to kill anyone who is arguing against Allah"s command, which is not a sign of truth.13 It only shows the insecurity of Allah. Moreover, Allah hates non-Muslims, which is strange considering the fact that He, as the Ultimate Lord, is responsible for the presence of non-Muslims in this universe.

Islamic society is designed in a way so that any trace of the divine endowments is eliminated from people"s minds. Truth and justice are ruthlessly treaded upon in that society. Anyone criticizing Islam receives death penalty in Islamic society and this practice is vehemently defended even by Islamic scholars across the globe including India.14 Thereby, it makes the dwellers of the Islamic society virtually impossible to get out of the bondage of Islam. In an Islamic society, hatred for the kuffirs (unbelievers in the doctrine of Islam) is constantly promoted through the media and education. The Islamists believe in battle until the non-Muslims are eliminated from the face of the world. This keeps them occupied and prevents from developing a civilized culture.15

In an ironic way, Islam deceives both the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Muslims perpetrate atrocities for lavish afterlife enjoyment - an idea, which any rational person can never subscribe to. Since in an Islamic society, there is hardly any scope for independent thinking and an atmosphere of hatred is always nurtured, Muslims are trapped to follow the doctrine of Islam instead of living a normal human life. The non-Muslims take Islam as a spiritual discipline; little knowing that it is an asuric doctrine of hatred. They are deceived, when Islamic warriors destroy their hearth and home taking advantage of this ignorance.


Christianity is basically a weak doctrine with durbalvad constituting its core. However, many asuric leaders have used this doctrine as a disguise for their scheme of domination over the course of history.16 Jesus Christ was an affectionate loving saint, who tried to teach the notion of true spirituality in Palestine to the masses, mostly in vain. A long time after his death, men with the vested interests invented the doctrine of Christianity. Jesus was elevated to the post of sole savior for the entire humanity. However, his teachings are mostly abandoned in the dogma to give Christianity a political tune.

Instead of Christ"s words regarding spirituality, his miracles have been given the prime importance in that dogma. Cultivation of knowledge through self-realization has become a secondary and often neglected theme in that doctrine. The Semitic ideas have been imbibed in the doctrine to signify Christ as the sole savior and the Church his only representative on this earth to have access to eternal heaven. So long as, the Church was the controller of society in Europe, it continued in this asuric fashion. It did its utmost to discourage independent thinking, judgment and knowledge.17

However, Christ"s teachings are inherently durbalvadi in nature. For example,

"But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also." (New Testament, Gospel of Luke 6:27-29).

Therefore, the foundation of Church"s asuric policy was weak. It was unsuitable to face the onslaught of Islam and other barbaric tribes. Hence, the administrative policy of Europe underwent a metamorphosis with the separation between the Church and the State in the middle ages. Once being deprived of the state power, the Church was reduced to a dwarf again and shunned its asuric policies gradually over time. Today"s Church in Europe is primarily a durbalvadi institution. Nonetheless, there is hardly any rationality and reason in most of the teachings of the Bible. It is not, therefore, a Shaktivadi doctrine by any standard. Anywhere in the world, where the Church tastes power, it reinvents itself as an asuric institution. One typical example is the North Eastern region of India.


When the undivided India was partitioned in 1947 between Muslims and Hindus, Muslims received their share of land. Nay, it was far more than their share of population in Undivided India. They have named their nation Pakistan - "The Holy Land". From its inception, it is an Islamic state and hostile to its non-Muslim citizens. However, India has remained a secular state with Muslims enjoying equal rights as any other community, theoretically.

In reality, Muslims enjoy far more advantages compared to any other community in India. This has gone to the extent that the secular prime minister of the democratic India declares openly that Muslims have the first right to enjoy all the resources.18 Surely, Muslims are more equal than others!

Even though, Pakistan and later on its descendant Bangladesh have evicted Hindus residing there by direct and indirect means, India was mesmerized by the durbalvadi doctrines like Gandhism and therefore did nothing to make an exchange in population sending Muslims to Pakistan, exclusively created for them, in lieu of persecuted Hindu refugees across the border. Naturally, India has become over-populated to suffer from poverty.

There is more to it. Durbalvadi appeasement of Muslims is augmenting over time and has crossed all the limits one can think of. Let"s take an example.

Indian law makers believed that polygamy is an intrusion in a woman"s basic human right. That"s why they passed laws making polygamy illegal for all communities save the Muslims. Somehow they did not consider the Muslim women worthy of having this basic human right; or they did consider it but were halted by the doctrine of Islam. And, this is not an isolated example. Muslims enjoy special rights and privileges everywhere in secular India. They are given subsidy for their pilgrimage to Mecca whereas the government collects taxes from Hindu pilgrimage sites throughout India. In the history textbooks, the government circular prohibits the schools from teaching the true history of Islamic havoc in India and instead teaches a concocted notion of Hindu-Muslim unity through ages! .19 The great song of Vande Matram could not become our National Anthem for Muslim antipathy to idol-worship. The list never ends.

Therefore, Islam as an asuric doctrine has triumphed over durbalvadi Hindu ideologies. It has got Pakistan and Bangladesh absolutely under its command. Moreover, it is growing in India with an agenda of making India a Muslim state.20 Secularism is generally a veiled (and often direct) way of aiding in this Muslim agenda for conquest of India to Islam. It flourishes on the cowardice of the durbalvadi Hindu society to face the reality. Since durbalvad is no match for asurvad, sooner or later, India will be an Islamic state, or a Shaktivadi Indian state would emerge to triumph over the asuric doctrine of Islam. There is no third way.


The immoralities of Secularism in India aided to the limited rise of Hindutva. The organizations pertaining to the R.S.S. family (Sangha Parivar) subscribe to this ideology. Though its criticism of Secularism is quite apt, nonetheless it does not offer much beyond the criticisms. An asuric doctrine cannot destroyed by mere talk; but it requires use of Shaktivadi principal in the field of action - something which is totally amiss in the work of R.S.S. and its affiliated organizations.

R.S.S. believes that Muslims are welcome in India, but they are somehow less nationalist than their Hindu counterparts. R.S.S. spends great effort to conduct Hindu-Muslim dialogue and to express the Hindu goodwill for the nationalist Muslims. They think, Muslims would one day feel culturally akin to their Hindu brethren and that would be the triumph of Hindutva! And, they believe that as a consequence their dream of Undivided India (Akhanda Bharat) would be materialized.

First of all, Muslims have been born like any other human beings and grown up under the impact of the doctrine of Islam. Therefore, if they are less nationalist than Hindus in India, it must be something to do with Islam. All the Islamic countries, like Persia, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Pakistan, have lost their sense of nationality and have become mere vassals of the asuric Arabian culture of Islam.21 So it is a folly to expect that one can believe in the doctrine of Islam and Indian nationalism at the same time. In case one does, he/she is merely giving lip service to one of the two doctrines of Islamism and Nationalism, if not both.

Moreover, once Pakistan being created by the doctrine of Islam and the same doctrine seeking to conquer India like the rest of the world, it is simply idiotic to believe that without dealing with that doctrine itself, one can overcome the problems emanating from that doctrine. Islam does believe in deceit as a weapon of war.22 It would surely go for mindless dialogues so long as it is weak to conquer India and Hindus, just to deceive its enemies. It is gathering strength in India and would continue to do so. When the opportune moment would come, it would undergo a volte face and strike at its enemies.

The war with the asuric can never be won with mere diplomacy, propaganda and goodwill. It can be won only through cultivation of hatred toward the asuric and organized preparation for war. Kurukshetra teaches us this lesson. There was no dearth of goodwill for Duryodhana in the mind of Yudhisthira and yet it was of little use. However, it is the calculated preparation of war led by Krishna and hatred of Pandava warriors toward Duryodhana that helped Yudhisthira to win the great war of Kurukshetra.

R.S.S. hardly understands the asuric nature in the light of science of Shaktivad, and adopts a durbalvadi line of action most of the time. No organization can be sustained without a basis on hatred. The asuric know this quite well. Communist parties lay their foundation on the hatred of the rich and Islam is based on hatred of kuffirs. Nevertheless, R.S.S. does not cultivate hatred toward the asuric and instead focuses on the absurd idealism of universal love, which demonstrates the inability of the R.S.S. to perceive the laws of nature. It is pretending as a savior of the Hindus; whereas it has no goal, no plan and no scheme to fight the asuric forces. It is merely awarding false hopes to innocent gullible Hindus and thereby acting as a safety valve to channel out Hindu fury against Islamic atrocities and secularist immoralities.

Last but not least, R.S.S. does not have any idea about the administrative system beyond democracy. Indian socialism (in particular the panchayet administration to be discussed in the next section) is unknown to them. Democracy has brought nothing but extreme corruption, total degeneration and unthinkable weakness in the Indian administrative system. Endorsement of democracy only points out the ideological bankruptcy of the R.S.S. thinkers.

The Heterogeneity of the Human Society and the Evolution of Consciousness

There are different occupations in the society and not all of us are equally capable for all of them. This is because different jobs require different skills and depend on different nerve-centers of the brain. A human being rarely has all the nerve-centers of the brain equally developed. This difference in proficiency and capability among human beings is called the evolution of consciousness.

To clarify, it must be stated that the evolution of consciousness is not limited to the human species. Consciousness or ability to perform an activity is developed differently in different creatures. The absolute development of consciousness is divided into 16 parts - each part being known as kala. The first kala is the vegetation and plants. In the second kala, there comes the amoeba and insect. This means that insects are, in some sense, superior to vegetation and plants in their consciousness and ability. However, in the society, both of them are indispensable and have their roles. None can take up other"s role. This is true for every kala. The oviparous (reptiles and birds) and the mammals constitute the third and the fourth kala respectively.

The lowest developed human beings are developed as a little more than four kalas. They are called the lower development of Shiva. These people are simple minded - satisfied just with basic things like bread, shelter and wife (husband). They are neither ambitious, nor intelligent. They are fond of simple lives and are satisfied with the least. They don"t think much about the future and possess little far-sightedness. These people constitute the majority. People at this stage of development are in plenty among porters, laborers, guards, binders, orderlies, cooks, small hotel owners, press compositors, sweepers, drivers etc.

The fifth kala is known as the Ganesha kala (5th kala). These people are modest (not egoist), anti-injustice, self-abnegating, fond of war, broad minded, slightly adamant. These men possess integrity of character, endurance, patriotism, devotion toward justice and material sciences, courage etc. They talk firmly and never believe anything in blind faith. In the path of advanced development, this character is the best. People from this stage are more in common among the judges, overseers, engineers, scientists, archeologists, youth leaders. They are tough hearted. The ideal of Communism came from this type of development.

Human beings from the sixth kala have the center of Surya in their brains well-developed. They are loving, amiable, calculating, talented, famous, theist, emotional. When torn between two opposing views, they try to placate both sides. They crave for ideal more than the goal. Any affectionate woman has development of this stage. These kinds of people are more abundant among teachers, professors, advocates, physicians, diplomats, preachers, orators, journalists, priests, singers, poets, ones running charity missions, ones following the path of Vaishnava dharma, supporters of non-violence, railways workers, government clerks, astrologers. They do support truth, but cannot stand against the society for the sake of truth. Their weakness is in their greed for fame and popularity. The creators of the durvalvadi doctrines are from this category.

Men from the seventh kala (Vishnu) are able administrators and are grossly divided into three categories - 1) the asuric Vishnu, 2) the Shaktivadi Vishnu with divine traits, and 3) the under-developed Vishnu.

The persons from both category (1) and (2) are commanding, extremely intelligent, reserved and crafty in nature. They possess different things in their minds and words as well as in words and actions. They are usually suspicious by nature, but mostly none can realize that. They possess organizational skills. They are hedonist and not at all idealist. However, an asuric Vishnu is ruthless, oppressor, persecutor, and opportunist. A Shaktivadi Vishnu with divine endowments is merciful, benefactor of the society, donator, broad-minded. The persons from category (1) and (2) are abundant among the kings, landlords, governors, representatives of the monarchs, detectives, police officials, merchants etc.

The underdeveloped Vishnu (3) is not any stage of development. The persons from lower Shiva or Surya stage stop their regard for truth completely and assume the characteristics of a Vishnu. Greed, bad company, or encouragement from an asuric administration causes them to proceed in this manner. They are extremely mean in their character and most harmful to the society. They are brazen, habitual liar, flatterer and unthinkably selfish. They usually move in life through unashamed sycophancy of the powerful, and deceiving people through their sweet tongue. A good sketch of these kinds of people has been depicted by George Orwell through the character of "Squealer" in the immortal book "The Animal Farm". In modern civilization, we see these kinds of people galore (especially in India) in all strata of life - it is surely a sign of degradation of modern civilization.

The higher Shiva stages of development (i.e. eighth kala) can be found only among ascetics, yogis, devoted worshippers, and rishis (seers). They are content with knowledge of all kinds. They are more intelligent than the persons from the Ganesha, Surya, and Vishnu stage. But, they don"t regard the endowments of these stages in high value. Instead, they prefer seclusion and devote themselves to performance of austerities in forests, jungles and mountains for long years.

However, it will constitute a grave mistake in our judgment, if we confuse a saint from the Surya stage of development as one possessing development of the higher Shiva stage. There are enormous differences in character and aim of actions (karma) between these two stages. A person from the higher Shiva development prefers solitude to company of his devotees unlike a person of the Surya kala. He does not care for fame and dare to defy even the king or the society for the sake of truth. A man of Surya stage talks of lofty ideals, but is always very calculating in his actions and never sacrifices for the sake of the society. In ancient times, when Shaktivad attained its prime in India, these people (higher Shiva endowed persons) were the guiding force behind the kings. They always guide the ruler toward welfare of the society through elimination of asuric elements. In modern days, these people are the rarest, if not completely missing altogether.

The absolute development is of sixteenth kala, known as the Shakti kala. Individuals from this kala are absolutely anti-asuric in nature. They are tireless workers and devote all the power at their disposal in eradication of asuric elements of the society. The Kshatriyas in the ancient India used to be taught by the Gurus to acquire qualities of this stage. The military department is the manifestation of this kala in the society.23

The Shaktivadi Administration

The administration should be formed on the basis of functional representation, that is, an equal number of representatives from the five functional faculties of Ganesha, Surya, Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti, elected by the people of the respective occupations. The ministers will be chosen accordingly. This is known as the Panchayet system of administration.

Each department will be administered by the elected representative of the corresponding functional group. The elected representatives of functional groups will select a Prime Minister from among themselves. The post of the Head of the State will be, ideally, filled up by a person, who has all the divine qualities of the five stages. He must be well versed in all arts of warfare.

The goal of the state is to ensure food, milk, job, health and mental peace for everybody in the society. The state will not interfere in anyone"s private matters so long as it is not asuric in nature. There must be a confederation of Shaktivadi states. This confederation will target any emerging asurvad in the world and root it out before it becomes the threat for the human civilization.

Cultivation of knowledge will always be encouraged and persons devoting their life for that purpose will be most revered by the state. In the education system, the science of Shaktivad, asurvad, and durbalvad will be taught for all. The Shaktivadi Upasana involving the meditation of Brahmanari will be introduced as a part of primary school curriculum. Once this doctrine of Shaktivad is well established among masses, the asuric can never rule that society for long. In ancient India, the science of Shaktivad was extensively practiced by the kings and rishis, but not by the masses. We shall not repeat the same blunder.

(For more details, visit http://www.shaktibad.net)

Saikat Maitra

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