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Mumbai meet for a new Hindu Renaissance

By: V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.
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(Dr Swamy sums this up as: "We Hindus are under siege today; and we do not know it !! That is, what is truly alarming is that Hindu society could be dissembled today without much protest since we have been lulled into or lost the capacity to think and act collectively as Hindus".)

"Hindus of India and the World unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have to wage a heroic cultural and intellectual war against lethal International forces that have come together today to destroy Sanatana Dharma, Hindu Religion, Hindu Society and Hindu Culture! We have to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of anti-Hindu crime" -- Cultural and spiritual battle call of the unknown Hindu warrior.

Swami Satyamitranand Giri, Founder, Bharatmata Mandir M M Swami Hansdas, General Secretary, All India Sant Samiti, Mahant Gyandas, President, Akhara Parisha, Swami Paramatmanand Saraswathi, General Secretary, Acharya Maha Sabha, Ashok Singhal, President, Vishva Hindu Parishad and K S Sudharshan, Sarasanghachalak, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have jointly issued an invitation on behalf of DHARMA RAKSHA MANCH, New Delhi, for an All India meeting of Hindu Swamijis, Hindu Saints, and Hindu Holymen at Mumbai on 28 January, 2009 and 29 January 2009. Their Invitation reads like a heroic declaration for starting a culturally and spiritually aggressive National Movement for a new HINDU RENAISSANCE. I am quoting below some excerpts from their Invitation, which can be viewed as a Hindu Manifesto for a New Hindu Renaissance and Hindu Transformation.

"Your learned-self is aware that today the world is under the unholy grip of violence, terrorism, clash of cultures, creeds and dogmas, and it hardly needs mention that the right equation to these problems could be found in the universal spiritual approach, Sanskaar (training in character formation) and holistic worldview of Bharat. The culture (Kulaachaar) of peace, goodwill and integral approach to life & living is the only alternative that can arrest the present evil ways of mankind. The world faced such situations earlier also and the holistic & altruistic consciousness of Bharat tackled it with its spiritual energy and light. By identifying ourselves with the traditions of our great masters from the Buddha to Vivekananda and Acharya Sankar to Acharya Tulsi, we can save the cultural glory of our country and our creative perspective of global fraternity. Our spiritual culture is going to face the most negative impact of marketisation of the world in the name of globalisation. All out efforts by market forces are on to give our Tyaaga, Vairaagya-based economy a consumerist turn. The electronic and the print media are out to infiltrate the market culture into our pro-family society. There are plots, schemes and plans galore to ruin our broad-spectrum perspective of "Mata Bhoomih, Putroham Prithivyaah" (Earth is our Mother, We are Her Children) into rifts and gulfs of caste, religion, creed, sect, language, class, region, etc. The nationalistic sentiment of "Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargaadapi Gariyasi" (Mother and Motherland are greater than Heaven) is getting lost into partisan muddle of political parties. We have to save the country from such a state of affairs. It is only the Dharmacharyas that can handle this challenge".
"All our icons and emblems of faith and certitude, e.g., the Teerthasthans (places of pilgrimage), Dharmacharyas, etc., are under aggression and the people in the corridors of power are more often than not behind such incidents directly or indirectly or sometimes they look the other way when such things happen. Even the elite, educated and prosperous people are getting proselytised to gain more creature comforts. Now in many provinces the demographic structure is changing due to proselytisation and the propensity for violence and destruction is increasing amongst the people of those states. The attraction for creature comforts is making us crazy and the consumerist culture to which we are getting addicted is giving rise to another kind of brutality. Now the Matrishakti (women power) - the symbol of divinity - is being projected just as a "thing" and that is why the culture of continence and Sadhana are becoming things of the past from the lives of people. The unwanted or accidental birth of children is either adding to population explosion or encouraging sins like abortions. Now even in social relations, the indispensability of wealth has become an alternative for Dharma. Now all relations are being weighed on a scale of wealth. Cow is no longer the Mother. It is now only a milk, leather, beef and dung-providing animal. In the flow of the Ganga, no longer we see the sanctity of nature and the integrity of life. That has become only a sewer to carry the industrial waste and refuge of cities and towns to the sea. Terrorist attacks are taking place every other day. Fake notes are coming out of banks. Assassins like Dawood Ibrahim now appear as patriots to us, and Sant-Mahatmas like Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Amritananda are projected as terrorists. Venerable Sankaracharyas are being framed under murder charges. Don"t you think that these transitional situations are pointing towards a grand change? What should be the direction of that change, only the holy forces of the country can decide".
Probably struck by such states of affairs, the former Jagadguru Sankaracharya Swami Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj, while addressing the assembly of Holy forces of the country on November 16, 2008 at Panipat (Haryana), said that keeping in mind the gravity of the present situation it is the need of the hour that all the Sants from all Indic traditions should guide the society from a common platform and the whole country is looking upto them for guidance. All the Sants present not only heartily accepted this resolution but declared formation of a strong platform named "Dharma Raksha Manch" (Dharma Protection Forum)".

"It is therefore urged upon you that let us all be active in order to save humanity and materialise the universal idea of global fraternity. Kindly formulate a well-studied strategy that can prove to be a positive turn in the history of humanity. It has, therefore, been decided to hold the first All India Meeting of Dharma Raksha Manch on January 28 & 29, 2009 (Wednesday & Thursday) at Mumbai".

Swami Vivekananda said: "True human feelings, passions and emotions are indeed the gastric juices of the soul". According to the the government and all other equally anti-Hindu pseudo-secular governments, true feelings, passions and emotions of the Hindus of India in majority are totally irrelevant for creating a strong and united Indian Nation. The Hindus of India acting in unison through their Swamijis, Sadhus and Saints are going to pose the following Historic Question at the Massive Hindu Meet at Mumbai starting tomorrow: "ARE WE HINDUS HELPLESS REFUGEES IN OUR OWN ANCESTRAL HOMELAND?"

Every Hindu is going to come out with this valiant declaration and Testament of Faith at Mumbai:
"Let the word go forth from this time and place that we the Hindus of India can no longer by trifled with "political" impunity by the forces of Nehruvian & Gandhi Pseudo-Secularism, Menacing Marxism, Militant Islam and Proselytising Christianity. It is our inalienable, indivisible, and immutable birthright to demand the creation of a HINDU NATION. We are not ashamed or afraid of declaring from the housetop that we are proud to call ourselves Political Hindus, Cultural Hindus, Spiritual Hindus, Economic Hindus, Nationalist Hindus, Internationalist Hindus and above all Cosmopolitan Hindus. We have been forced to assert militantly on these lines because Sanatana Dharma, Hindu Religion, Hindu Society, Hindu culture and Hindu ethos are under the siege of certain lethal international (!) forces today. The whole of India is getting converted into a "Nazi Hitler Land" of pseudo-secularism with a clearly defined and declared agenda for the decimation and destruction of Sanatana Dharma, Hindu Society and Hindu culture. In Nazi Germany, there was only one criminal gang consisting of one "Herr" Hitler, one Goebbels, one Goering, one Ribbentrop, one Von Papen, and one Himmler. But in the wretched India of today, we have more than half a dozen similar gangsters in each political party, all united in their resolve to destroy all remnants of Sanatana Dharma and Hindu culture. We have come together at Mumbai to destroy these anti-National and anti-Hindu forces".
We Hindus are not just a religious community like the Muslims and the Christians, but a NATION unto ourselves. Thanks to the politically motivated policy of Nehruvian Secularism, Hindus have become third class citizens in our own country. They are no longer the honoured citizens of our land. Like leprosy in British India, a permanent stigma seems to have stuck to the terms "Hindu" and "Hinduism" in today"s India. They have become terms of abuse in the mouth of that very elite which the dumb Hindu millions have raised to the pinnacle of power and prestige with their blood, toil, sweat and tears.

It is reliably understood that the Mumbai Meet will be focusing national Hindu attention on the following issues:

1. Jihadi terrorism must be done away with.

2. Drive out Bangladeshi infiltrators.

3. There must be a Central Law to put an end to proselytisation of Hindus in the country through allurement, force, fraud, orchestrated miracles etc.

4. Efforts must be made to put an end to Western Cultural aggression on Bharat. We must liberate Bharat from the stranglehold of Western Consumerism-a debauched wretched life of filthy lucre by filthy lucre for filthy lucre.

5. Central Laws must be passed to ensure preservation of Sri Ram Sethu and the construction of a grand temple to Sri Rama at his Birthplace of Ayodhya.

6. Constitutional amendment must be effected to repeal Article 370 that encourages and legalises secessionism in Kashmir.

7. A simple Cow Protection Law must be enacted for protection of Cow and its progeny in the Holy land of Bharat.

8. A common Civil Code must be enacted for our Country and common Citizenry who already have a Common Criminal Code.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, who saved Rama Sethu from planned destruction by UPA RAVANA government last year has been invited to speak at the Mumbai Hindu Meet. He has prepared a brilliant Hindu Manifesto titled FUNDAMENTALS OF HINDU AGENDA FOR POLITICAL ACTION.

For the Swamiji"s Meet took place on Jan-28 and 29, Dr Subramanian Swamy presented a Hindu Manifesto titled "FUNDAMENTALS OF HINDU AGENDA FOR POLITICAL ACTION".

In my view this is going to be viewed as a very important document in the future evolution of a Hindu Nation. The Boat of Communism was launched into the uncharted sea by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) when they published their Communist Manifesto in 1848. Dr Subramanian Swamy has come out with his brilliant Hindu Manifesto launching the Ship of a New Hindu Nation in the swirling waters of an unknown ocean.

Let me deal with some of the main issues raised by Dr Subramanian Swamy in his Hindu Manifesto.

I. Hinduism"s structural Limitation

The fundamental principle of Hinduism is that those who are Hindus are not regimented by theology to do or not to do something. There is thus no "Church" to obey, or believe that the "Pope" is infallible, or that "Bible" is the sole book to specify what to believe in and what not to. Nor is there a Mecca, Kaaba, or Koran to goad the faithful into submission to commit violence against Kafirs and Dhimmis. Hindus instead have a framework of religious thought and philosophy that evolved as Sanatana Dharma, and within that framework, Hindus as individuals or groups are free to innovate and improvise their religious rituals. That is why if one is a Hindu, it is natural to be of a democratic temper and to be secular in politics.

Because of this distinctiveness of Hinduism, millions of Hindus for example come to Kumbh Mela on their own, without a fatwa or invitation, peacefully and without guidance or dictation, perform their pujas and then depart. It is purely voluntary even as the State does not provide any subsidy for travel expenses.

With this kind of widespread voluntary commitment of Hindus, seen not only in Kumbh Mela, but also in other occasions such as in Sabarimalai, Vaishno Devi, etc., can we feel secure that Hindus will unite to defend against sinister and violent threats that the religion may face? We cannot be sure, because the Kumbh Mela spirit not only represents the innate strength of Hinduism, but also it"s main weakness. That is, those who assemble at Kumbh Mela do it as an act of individual piety. Hindus do not go to Kumbh Mela to be with other Hindus, but because they believe that their individual salvation lies in going there. But collectively they lack the mindset that bonds Hindus in a virile unity. Hence, patriotic Hindus should understand this structural limitation that the concept of individualism has induced in Hindu Dharma. If we understand it, then we must try and rectify it, since Hinduism is being targeted today by terrorism, religious conversion, and minority appeasement and debasement in history texts. It is worthy of notice that our spiritual leaders in the past have from time to time come forward to rectify this structural limitation, whenever the need arose e.g., as the Sringeri Shankaracharya did by founding the Vijayanagaram dynasty.

II. Our Hindu History

Well before the birth of Christianity and Islam, Hindu religion had been once intellectually dethroned by Hinayana Buddhism. But Adi Sankaracharya restored Hinduism through his famous Shastrathas [religious debate and reasoning based on Shastras] and caused a renaissance in Buddhism itself, which then came to be known as Mahayana Buddhism, conceptually in complete harmony with, if not indistinguishable from Hindu theology. In south India, the Azhwars and Nayanmars also through shastrathas repositioned Hinduism after dethroning Jainism and Buddhism. Since then the Hindu Dharmacharyas have always been looked up to when Hindu society faced a threat or crisis, for guidance to meet the challenge to the Hindu religion, Today, we again need the revered Acharyas to show us the way.

Militant Islam and later crusading Christianity had come to India, and aggressively challenged Hinduism. Because we had not developed a Hindu mindset, they despite being much smaller numbers, seized power in sequence and established their own state in India. Hindus however remained steadfast in their individual commitment to their religion. Thus, despite state patronage to the ensuing onslaught, plunder and victimisation, for over a thousand years those of Hindu faith could not be decimated, and Hinduism remains the theology of the vast Indian majority.

Defiant Hindus suffered persecution and economic deprivation during Islamic and Christian reigns, such as through differential taxation [e.g., jezia and zamindari land revenue appropriation] and plain brutality, but Hindus by and large refused to capitulate and convert. Even after almost a thousand years of such targeting by Muslims and Christian rulers, undivided India in 1947 was more than 75% Hindu.

In 1947, temporal power was de facto restored to the Hindu majority. But the Indian state formally adopted secularism, which concept however was never properly defined or debated. For example, it left vague what an Indian"s connection was with the nation"s Hindu past and legacy. In the name of secularism, it was taboo for a public servant even to break a coconut or light an oil lamp to inaugurate an official function on the ground that religious symbols must not invade public life. Such orthodoxy was promoted by Jawaharlal Nehru and his Leftist advisers. The government took over supervision of temples, legislated on Hindu personal laws, and regulated religious festivals, but kept aloof from the Muslim and Christian religious affairs. The secularism principle was foisted on the Hindu masses without making them understand why they had to abide by legislation but not Muslims and Christians.

As a result, the renaissance that had begun in the late nineteenth century to redefine the Hindu identity [in contemporary terms and norms valid in a pluralistic society], was aborted by the confusion thus created in Hindu minds by a vaguely understood concept of secularism.

Electoral politics further confounded the Issues arising out of secularism, and hence the Indian society became gradually and increasingly fragmented in outlook and of confused perspective. Hindu society became divided by caste that became increasingly mutually antagonistic- Attempts were made through falsification in history texts adopted for curriculum in the education system to disconnect and disinherit the contemporary Indian from the past glory of Hindu India. The intrinsic Hindu unity has been sought to be undone by legitimising such bogus concepts as Aryan-Dravidian racial divide theory, or that India as a concept never existed till the British imperialists invented it, or that Indians have always been ruled by invaders from abroad. The Aryan theory was a deliberate distortion by British imperialists and propagated by their witting and unwitting mental slaves in India. Incidentally, the Aryan-Dravidian myth has now been exploded by modern research on DNA of Indians and Europeans conducted by Professor C Panse of Newton, Mass, USA and other scholars. In light of such new research, the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] service in it"s October 6, 2005 service completely debunked the Aryan-Dravidian race theory stating that: "Theory was not just wrong, it included unacceptably racist ideas" [www.bbc.co.uk, religion & ethics homepage, Thursday, 6/10/05].

Dr Subramanian Swamy has brilliantly summed up: "Modern India was portrayed by foreign interests through this curriculum as a discontinuity in history and as a new entity much as are today"s Greece, Egypt or Iraq. That curriculum is largely intact today. On the contrary efforts are afoot to bolster the disparagement of our past in the new dispensation today. A rudderless India, disconnected from her past has, as a consequence, become a fertile field for religious poachers and neo-imperialists from abroad who paint India as a mosaic of immigrants much like a crowd on a platform in a railway station. That is, it is clandestinely propagated that India has belonged to those who forcibly occupied it. This is the theme around which the Islamic fundamentalists and fraudulent Christian crusaders are again at work, much as they were a thousand years ago, but of course in new dispensations, new forms of sophistication, and multitudinous media forms. Thus the concept of intrinsic Hindu unity, and India"s Hindu foundation are dangerously under challenge by these forces. Tragically most Hindus today are not even cognizant of it".

A Hindu nation founded on SANATANA DHARMA ought to be the cherished goal of all the Hindus in India today and not a fraudulent nation founded on pseudo-secularism. All the Hindus of India have come to understand that the present Constitution of India is not based on Hindu ideals and Hindu ethos. Its provisions have been framed deliberately disregarding Hindu values and Hindu cultural and social traditions. It is always the preamble of a nation"s Constitution which proclaims what is its national identity, what are its national ideals and goals, what is its national culture, for the weal of which society has it been formed. The present Constitution of India appears to be screaming at the top of its voice to announce that the India it talks of represents neither the Hindu nation, nor the Hindu religion, nor the Hindu culture, nor the Hindu society. By no stretch of imagination can you consider it as a Constitution for the Hindus or of the Hindu nation.

As Abbhas Kumar Chatterjee brilliantly puts it: "A Constitution that ignores Hindu ideals, which gives the NATION less RIGHT than its MINORITIES, which does not recognise HINDUS as a NATION cannot be our CONSTITUTION. In my opinion, those who regard the present Constitution of India as their own, no matter how big leaders they may pretend to be-have not yet comprehended the concept of the HINDU NATION".

"A State has to run its affairs in accordance with the hopes, aspirations, ethos, ideals and culture of the nation. It should represent the Nation before the world, promote the image of the Nation and welfare of its members, and spread the glory of its national culture. In respect of India, the symbol of our national culture is Sanatana Dharma rooted in our timeless Vedic Heritage".
According to Dr Subramanian Swamy the challenge confronting Hindus today is however much more difficult to meet than was earlier in history because the forces at work to erode and undermine Hindu faith, unlike before, are unseen, clandestine, pernicious, deceptive but most of all sophisticated and media-savvy. Tragically Hindus in larger numbers, more particularly the educated Hindus have been unwittingly co-opted in this sinister conspiracy directed by foreigners who have no love for India and who also see in the same way as Lord Macauley (1800-1859) did in the nineteenth century, that the hoary Hindu foundation of India is the chief stumbling block for the furtherance of their nefarious perfidious game in the field of politics and religion-in short Christianisation of India.

Adherence to Hinduism is also being sought to be diluted in the name of modernity and this dilution is made a norm of secularism. Religion, it is advocated, is personal. To be a good Hindu today is conceptually being reduced to just praying, piety, visiting temples, and celebrating religious festivals. The concept of a collective Hindu mindset is being ridiculed as chauvinist and retrograde, even fundamentalist. Christians and Muslims are given this special privilege but not the majority Hindus of India.

The concept of a corporate Hindu unity and identity however is that of a collective mindset that identifies us with a motherland from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean and it"s glorious past, and the concomitant resolve of it"s representative leadership defined as "chakravartin" earlier by Chanakya, to defend that vision. It is this concept and resolve that is being discarded or is just evaporating under the onslaught of the Nehruvian secularists.

Dr Subramanian Swamy beautifully puts it: "However pious a Hindu becomes, or how many millions come to Kumbh Mela, Sabarimala etc., however prosperous Hindu temples may become from doting on devotees" offerings, when the nation is in danger it is this collective mindset of the people that matters, and not the piety of the individual or the cosmetic and superficial collective feelings without any national purpose or direction. Consequently, Hindu society today lacking a cohesive corporate identity, is thus in the process of becoming fragmented, and hence increasingly in disarray. This fission process is on simultaneously with the reality of millions of Hindus going to temples regularly. The Hindu consciousness that is needed today is that which encompasses the willingness and determination to collectively defend the faith from the erosion that is being induced by the disconnect with our glorious past".

That glorious past was aptly summarised in the writings of Dr Ambedkar, and his oration in the Constituent Assembly for a strong united country. In his scholarly paper presented in a 1916 Columbia University seminar [and published in Indian Antiquary, vol. XLI, May 1917 p.81-95] Dr Ambedkar stated: "It is the unity of culture that is the basis of homogeneity. Taking this for granted, I venture to say that there is no country that can rival the Indian Peninsula with respect to the unity of its culture. It has not only a geographic unity, but it has over and above all a deeper and much more fundamental unity-the indubitable cultural unity that covers the land from end to end". Ambedkar wrote several such brilliant books, but alas, Nehru and his cohorts so thoroughly frustrated him that in the end his inner bitterness drove him to Buddhism.

By a criminal failure to usher in a National Renaissance after 1947 India lost her glorious opportunity to cleanse the accumulated dirt and unwanted baggage of the past. The battering that the concept of Hindu unity and Indian identity has taken at the hands of Nehruvian secularists since 1947 has led to the present social malaise. Thus, even though Hindus are above 80 percent of the population in India, they have not been able to understand their roots in, and obligations to, the Hindustani nation in a pluralistic democracy. Thus, if this degeneration and disconnect are not rectified and repaired by a resolve to unite Hindustanis [Hindus and those others who proudly identify with India"s Hindu past], the Hindu civilization may go into a tail spin and ultimately fade away very much like other civilizations that have vanished in the past for much the same reason.

Today the sacrilege of Hindu concepts and hoary institutions, is being carried out not with the crude brutality of past invasions, but with the sophistication of the constitutional instruments of law. The government under stranglehold of anti-Hindu leaders, has perfected this technique! The desecration of Hindu icons, for example the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, is being made to look legal, thereby completely confusing the Hindu people, and thus making them unable to recognise the danger, or to realise that Hindus have to unite to defend against the threats to their legacy. Dr Swamy sums this up as: "We Hindus are under siege today; and we do not know it !! That is, what is truly alarming is that Hindu society could be dissembled today without much protest since we have been lulled into or lost the capacity to think and act collectively as Hindus".

Hindus today are being systematically prepared for psychological enslavement and conceptual capture. Indians thus are being subtly brainwashed. Hindus are being lulled, while Muslims and Christians are being subject to relentless propaganda that they are different, and are citizens of India as would be a shareholder in a Company that runs for profit, and not as descendents of Hindus, and a product of conversion, fraud and force.

To resist this siege we first need Hindu unity. Numbers [of those claiming to be adherents to Hinduism] do not matter in today"s information society. It is the durability and clarity of the Hindu mindset of those who unite that matters in the forging of an instrument to fight this creeping danger. In a forest a thousands goats may assemble, but on sight of a sole tiger, these goats will scatter and run. Similarly, we witness five fully-grown lions obeying meekly a thin wiry ringmaster in a circus. It is all a question of strength and attitude of mind.

We Hindus cannot fight this unless we first clearly identify what we have to fight for. We cannot effectively respond unless we understand the nature and complexity of the challenge. What makes the task of defending Hinduism much more difficult today is that the oppressors are not obvious marauding entities as were Ghazni, Ghori, or Clive. The means of communication and the supply of funds in the hands of our enemies are multiples of that available in the past, for camouflaging their evil purposes like decimation of Hindu culture and destruction of Hindu religion and civilization.

Hindus are facing a four dimensional siege and this siege is pernicious, clandestine, deceptive and sophisticated. It requires an enlightened Hindu unity to combat the threats and get the siege lifted. We have to begin by first understanding the content and scope of the four-dimensional siege before we Hindus can unite to battle against it. These dimensions are:

[1] The clandestine defamation of Hindu symbols and institutions.

[2] Demographic restructuring of Indian society.

[3] The Rise of Terrorism Directed at Hindus.

[4] The Erosion of Moral Authority of Governance.

Dr Swamy has issued this appeal to all the Hindu Dharmacharyas of India: "In this time of creeping darkness in our society, there are still venerated souls who draw crowds of people who come on their own expense to hear such evolved souls and follow them. These are our dharmacharyas, and a part of Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha convened by Swami Dayananda Sarasvati. This organisation represents the most extraordinary and historical event in Hindu history of at least 1000 years, and a dire need of the hour. All bouquets and praise to Swami Dayananda Sarasvati. Just as Rshi Vishwamitra picked his archers and hunters to put an end to asuras and rakshasas, the same way I urge and implore this Sabha to pick a political instrument to cleanse the body politic of the nation".

In today"s democratic India, we can best do this by a HINDU AGENDA certified by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha of Swami Dayanand Sarasvati and endorsed by the electorate in a General Election. It cannot be done without Hindu unity in our democracy, and hence formulating a code of ethics and moral principles is essential for creating a meaningful and purposeful Hindu unity. THE NATION THEREFORE LOOKS TO ACHARYA SABHA TODAY, FOR GUIDANCE IN THIS CRUCIAL HOUR OF NEED.

First and foremost there is an imperative National need for undiluted unity of Hindus, a unity based on a mindset that is nurtured and fostered on the fundamentals of a new Hindu Renaissance. Only then can Hindus meet the challenge of Christian mission-aries and Islamic fundamentalists. I can do no better here than quote the bracing words of SWAMI DAYANANDA SARASVATI: "Faced with militant missionaries. Hinduism has to show that its plurality and all-encompassing acceptance are not signs of disparateness or disunity. For that, a collective voice is needed. Hindu vote is sacred, and should not be wasted". In conclusion I would say that Non-Hindus can join this Hindustani unity, but first they must agree to adhere to the minimum requirement: that they recognise and accept that their cultural legacy is Hindu, or that they revere their Hindu ancestry and that they are as equal before law as any other but no more, and that they will make sacrifices to defend their Hindu legacy just as any good Hindu would do to defend his own ancestry. In turn then the Hindu will defend such non-Hindus as they have done in the case of the Parsis and Jews, and embrace them as part of the Hindustani parivar.

V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.

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