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The struggle continues

By: Rasik Sanghvi
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The election results in India may reflect a fractured escapism of a long suppressed nation but does not represent true ethos of its people. They have put no trust in one single party, having been betrayed by doing so for most part of sixty years of its, so-called, freedom. They have become cynical and lethargic. The polling was low and there was no enthusiasm for voting, except for the motley crowd of people who wanted status quo, no change, cultural imperialism and continuity of privileges.

The status quo government confirmed by election was weak indeed and not against terrorism only. It had failed to understand and implement the strength of people. It had weakened its people"s very soul, which in every nation is the pillar of its nationhood.

India has inborn plurality. When India was true to herself, she had provided sanctuaries to all the oppressed people of the world much before United States of America is doing today. Why is, so-called, free India, today land of internal and international terrorism, violence and its majority people"s growing disenchantment with tolerance and diversity, which was practiced by India for thousands of years? Who is responsible for India"s resultant apathy, retaliatory violence of most cultured and peaceful people on the planet as against domineering international violence of terrorism? Who is responsible for turning most decent, tolerant, intelligent and cool people in to rebels and intellectual warriors (Kshtriyas)?

By following discrimination in laws (against Muslim women), in education and jobs (against mainstream Hindus), in religious institutions (against Hindu temples), in political equality ( article 370) and by following hostility towards tradition, values and culture of majority of people in every other field in arts (glorifying Hussein), in Cinemas and movies (against Dalits, many indigenous regions by discouraging male contribution as against foreign and hostile cultured psychologically unacceptable lots), the status quo administration has damaged India"s natural development and original strength. Neither has corruption and weakness in confronting the foreign agenda in politics, social, economic, cultural and religious fields helped democracy in India and in the world. The world as a whole is weakened by weak status quo in India.

What one could say? Despite having largest number of criminals in the party, astounding number of jokers in the cabinet, unimaginable level of corruption, suppression of Hindu institutions, manipulation of history books, systematic destruction of Indian ethos in culture and religion, step-motherly treatment of majority community to please and facilitate foreign agenda, motivated media promoting propaganda democracy, largest number of malnutrition population including children in the world, monstrous poverty and ever growing unemployment, if it is with the rubber stamp of Indian population that new govt. is going to be formed, I think either people have succumbed to a machine put in place by unlimited foreign resources, propaganda and sophistry making them unready for democracy or there is no true democracy, which as I understand is for the people, by the people, and of the people. If India is not ready for democracy, it should not be a shame. Many intelligent people emerging from dark rules are gradually moving to democracy like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. and they are strong states represented by nationalist and strong leaders unlike the case in India.

I would urge Bhartya not to lose heart. The centuries of onslaught on our values have not dented our cohesiveness. Right now the onslaught is dark and invisible coming close from home which is ruled by coterie who have no inkling who Indians are who have given to the world everything beautiful, everything strength, everything knowledge, everything goodness called civilization.

Unless new leadership in India from whatever party confronts head on anti national and treacherous politics of vote bank, corruption in administration, rampant conversion and polytheism from war torn Afghanistan, Sikh Punjab to battle weary Tamils in Sri Lanka engulfing whole of India including Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala North East etc., foreign agenda, motivated foreign media, forces against indigenous treasure of rich culture and religion, the illusion of progress in place of reality of poverty, the illusion of winning election in place of deep cry of betrayal, the illusion of democracy and strong nation in place of reality of apathy and further avoidance of participation in political process of decent people will continue to erode contributing to chaos, prostitution of people, destruction of democratic institutions and disintegration of nation. Does any leader in new status quo administration, any one comparable to Bhagini Nivedita or Annie Beasant not to talk of rest of representatives of 1 billion Hindus in that administration, if any? In the absence of positive dramatic changes, our struggle will continue.

Rasik Sanghvi

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10 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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