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Traveling the Sunlit Path or Encouraging Ignorance?

By: Lori Tompkins
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Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(Lori Tompkins has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Virginia and an M.A. in Education and Curriculum Development from the University of Colorado. Her writings about the Integral and Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo have been published in Bhavan"s Journal, Atlantis Rising magazine, Savitri Era Open Forum as well as on her own website and blog: www.quantumyoga.org and Circumsolatious (http://circumsolatious.blogspot.com/2010/01/infinite-and-detail.html))

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"Everybody knows there is no fineness or accuracy of suppression;
if you hold down one thing, you hold down the adjoining."
- Saul Bellow

On 26 May 2010 (in "Aurovilles" Darker Underbelly") I wrote, "From what I have seen, Aurovillians" treatment of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) and her work (which includes defamation and actual book burning), this community has a long way to go before it can truly be admired as a spiritually progressive place where Truth is valued over egoic/vested interests."

As if on cue, on 27 May 2010 R.Y. Deshpande, - a professor and disciple of Sri Aurobindo"s work, resident of Pondicherry and a champion of the Aurovillian mentality regarding Thea"s contributions to the Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -, has provided a perfect example on his blog "Mirror of Tomorrow" of interjecting (quite literally in this case) one"s egoic/vested interests with the purpose of dismissing, obscuring and negating a valid course of yoga, i.e. a valid pursuit of Knowledge and Truth. Deshpande does not encourage genuine inquiry of Thea"s work, rather he encourages, or in his own words, "expects" dismissal and promises to delete comments by anyone who wishes to discuss Thea"s yoga/cosmology.

Below are a couple of instances in which R.Y. Deshpande makes dismissive interjections (in bold italic text) in the midst of an article (by David Johnston) about Thea"s yoga in which numbers, sacred geometry and cosmology play a central part in observing and appreciating the Supramental consciousness-force at work in the world (in normal black text):

"Norelli-Bachelet"s cosmological claims, especially regarding the inner chamber of the Matrimandir, should they be true,-and I for one find her reasoning perfectly sound and believable,-provide further evidence for the qualitative value and meaning of numbers. In fact, given the logic of the existence of numbers as qualitative phenomena, each of which is connected to wholeness and the Supermind or unus mundus as the one-continuum, her challenge regarding the Matrimandir needs to be seriously and critically examined. As of now this has not been the case, as the powers that-be in Auroville and amongst external friends of Auroville, have simply reacted defensively or not at all, without carefully examining the data. [This is an out-of-place comment, and should be ignored. ~ RYD]"

"In my estimation, the ideal way to examine Norelli-Bachelet"s [Thea"s] claims would be to externally examine her works and logic with a critical intelligence involving all four (4) functions of consciousness-feeling, thinking, sensation and intuition-as well as referring to one"s inner experiences during the investigation via dreams, visions etc to attain further creative data from the unconscious. This is very far from the reactive position taken by the powers that be in Auroville and those concerned with Auroville. [Let it be made very clear that the Mirror of Tomorrow is not a platform for airing one"s views on these issues. Please carry on such discussions elsewhere. Comments related to these aspects will be deleted forthwith. Remain focused on the focus of the main article in its professional context. ~ RYD]"

Deshpande follows Johnston"s article with a lengthy disclaimer/note which reads in part:

"We are thankful to David Johnston for his admirable series of articles on Jung. But it should also be stated that the views expressed here are entirely the author"s, and of course are not binding on others. .. While studying or scrutinizing David"s work it is EXPECTED THAT WE IGNORE THE LOCAL ISSUES, INCLUDING THE INEFFECTIVE OCUUPATION WITH OVERSTATED NUMEROLOGY AND RELATED COSMOLOGY, and in the brightness of our intuition proceed to yogically see, and then to practise, as to what are the hints available from various revelations for us to make genuine progress on the spiritual path. ... If all that has to happen on the Path of the Seeker, the first concern is the discovery of one"s soul who is the real and authentic guide in any spiritual pursuit. Let us be on that Path, eschewing our penchant for unavailing one-up-manship in metaphysics or in philosophical discussions which often does a lot of injustice, even violence, to occult and spiritual verities. And to be on the Sunlit Path-that could be an exceptional privilege for a well-kindled soul, an Aurobindonian soul. " [Capitalization emphasis added.]

And what of Sri Aurobindo"s teachings and recognition in The Secret of the Veda that the Sunlit Path exalted by the Vedic Rishis (Truth-Seers), the Sunlit Path or Journey that leads to the highest realms of conscious, was indeed one and the same as the 12 month Vedic Year (i.e. the "fixed" Tropical Zodiac)? What of the Mother"s experience on 5 February 1969 (quoted in part in David Johnston"s article) that numbers and planets and their arrangement in Time and Space were to be appreciated as a function or application of the Supramental consciousness-force in a "coming realisation"? Are sincere travelers of the Path to believe that these cosmological realisations by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother amount to nothing and lead nowhere in terms of the Supramental Yoga and the Descent of Truth-Consciousness?!?

It seems to me to be the height of ignorance and arrogance, to expect and encourage readers/yogis to ignore, avoid and bar from discussion Thea"s continuance of cosmological and numerical themes of how the Supramental consciouness-force functions within the real body of Time and Space .. themes brought up and left wide open for further REALISATION/REVELATION by both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. To each his or her own of course, but I do hope that at least some readers/yogis can smell a cover-up when they come across one and be compelled to dig deeper, to learn and to subsequently throw much needed light on ... to expose those "hoarding the light" or obstructing the truth (consciously or unconsciously, viciously or via ignorant goodwill).

I will conclude with a couple of excerpts from Sri Aurobindo"s The Secret of the Veda regarding the journey - the great work and goal of "recovering the lost sun of Truth". How anyone can read these words, knowing that Sri Aurobindo identified the Vedic "Sacrifice" or Sunlit Path as the 12 month Year (i.e. the Tropical Zodiac)* and still patently and proudly dismiss the numerological and cosmological component of the Supramental Yoga and of the human soul and its real journey in Time and Space, remains a mystery to me.

"This victory is won in twelve periods of the upward journey, represented by the revolution of the twelve months of the sacrificial year, the periods corresponding to the successive dawns of a wider and wider truth, until the tenth month secures the victory.What may be the precise significance of the nine rays and the ten is a more difficult question which we are not yet in a position to solve." - The Secret of the Veda, Ch. XVII, p. 182.

". this great work is to be done according to the ordered gradations of the Truth, in its fixed seasons, by the twelve months of the sacrifice, by the divine years of Surya Savitri. Therefore there is a constant rhythm and alternation of night and dawn, illuminations of the Light and periods of exile from it, openings up of our darkness and its settling upon us once more, till the celestial Birth is accomplished and again till it is fulfilled in its greatness, knowledge, love and power. [bold emphasis added] - The Secret of the Veda, The Guardians of the Light, p. 482


*Note that in the first quote from "Hymns to the Lords of Light, The Guardians of the Light" (posted above) that Sri Aurobindo wrote about the great work of progressive evolution and illumination "in its FIXED seasons, by the twelve months of the sacrifice" [capitalization emphasis added]. The FIXED seasons and 12 months of the Vedic sacrifice is a reference to none and nothing other that the Tropical Year/Tropical Zodiac. The seasons of the Tropical Year are absolutely FIXED by the Earth"s four equinoctial and solsticial points. Considering that most of India follows the Sidereal Zodiac/Year which moves or shifts along with the 25,920 year Precession of the Equinoxes, these few words, should cause some readers/students to CONSIDER that Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet"s unprecedented and persistent efforts to reacquaint India with the true Vedic Year (not the so-called Vedic Astrology that is practiced in India today), is a valid, necessary and monumental yoga that will help mankind understand, update and travel the Sunlit Path exalted by the Vedic Rishi which leads to the Supramental heights of consciousness and manifestation. Her latest writings can be found on her Puranic Cosmology Updated blog.

Lori Tompkins

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29 Comments on this article [Opens new window]

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