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Bandyopadhyay Arindam Guest Columns : 1

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A prayer for Narendra Modi
You have been chosen by the Almighty to lead India. The 1.25 billion people of India have participated in a democratic revolution, the largest in the history of mankind, to give you the unequivocal mandate. They have come forward, shedding their glooms and grievances, with the great hope and aspiration that achche din aane waley hai.We are aware that the road ahead is not going to be easy. You have been successful, through work more than words, in instilling a sense of belief and confidence. Sti...
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Time to Modi-fy India
Enough is enough. India is sick and tired. We are sick of lies and deceptions, of scams and cover-ups, of promises and failures, of vote bank and divisive politics, of nepotism and sycophancy. We are tired of the bickering, pompous politicians and their ignoble associates, the dynastic rulers, the family business of politics and the scams and schemes they manage. We are appalled by the directionless and disengaged government, awestruck by its leadership or the lack of it, disgusted with its indi...
Arindam B Maxrunner Medical Re: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen May the peace of the Lord be with you and your household as you read me.I want to use this medium to inform you that we are medicine manufacturing and medical research, development of deadly disease unmet and we are looking.... [3 comments]
Rahul Gandhi Ko Gussa Kyun Ata Hai
Look, I did not mind becoming an MP since I know that I am a Mediocre Person. But I have resisted all temptations to be part of the government or be a minister, because then you are responsible and liable to be blamed for all the departments faults. I do not want to give anybody the opportunity to humiliate me. I am smart enough to learn it from you! Akhir beta kiska hun? ...
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Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots
Fans of Dr. Binayak Sen, a Maoist sympathizer, convicted with life imprisonment for charges of sedition and anti-national activities, by trial court and whose initial bail appeal was rejected by Chhattisgarh high court, have ample reasons for jubilation in recent times. Not only did the Supreme Court grant him a bail but he was also appointed to the National Health Planning Commissions steering committee.It is no secret that Dr Sen enjoys a huge popularity and has a long list of national and int...
Arindam B Preet: Where this great wrighter Mr.Bandopadhyay has gone???? we are eagerly waiting for ur articles on it [31 comments]
Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians
Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured a Christian delegation that he was trying to evolve a consensus on granting Scheduled Caste status to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. This is interesting since just a few days ago; the Gujarat High Court has rejected a plea filed by a converted Christian seeking access to benefits extended to him earlier as a Scheduled Caste Hindu.In addition the Prime Minister reportedly promised “to act on the Saldanha report on violence against minorities in...
Arindam B S.Ghosh: Caste system should be abolished by law.
All reservations and quotas must be based on poverty.

The biggest enemy of the Dalit was BR Ambedkar, who made the caste system permanent.

An open letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi
That should be the message for you and your party, Mr. Gandhi. For too long, Indians have been fooled. They have been kept hungry and illiterate so that they are dependent on crumbs offered by the government and political parties, for the price of their vote. For generations, they have been promised roti, kapada aur makan before every elections, but they received nothing but injustice, humiliation and disdain after that. You have asked the youth to come and join and change politics. But politics...
Arindam B Rakesh Kumar Garg: Dear sir,
Peoples of the country are innocent and are not aware about the facts so clever peoples are misguiding the people to rule the nation.It is a good effort to awaken the people.

Cong style of action, no action and sele... Arindam B SIPPY: Feedback sent to Author: Congress-style-of-action,-no-action-and-selective-action

Rahul Gandhi is just a kId before Narinder MODI.GreatnEss is being fOrced upon
him by boot licker party whose speeches start and end with cheap leaders li.... [4 comments]
Saffron Terror: An Analysis
Recently when he tried to highlight the phenomenon of Saffron Terror, for a moment one wondered whether our Home Minister, Mr. P Chidambaram was suffering from a selective and specific form of color-blindness and was seeing saffron instead of green, red or white. But soon it became clear that it was not a casual statement or even a cheap political gimmick because despite protest from political opponents and even from members of his own party, he stood firm on his statement and justified that he ...
Arindam B R SUDARSAN: I am tempted to subscribe to the theory that the Hindu Dharma today needs something like indigenous JIHADS AND JIHADIS like Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Vanchinathan and many many others to uproot Jayachands and Mir Jaffars like the self serving .... [45 comments]
Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
Of late, we have been reading about your opinions and statements on matters beyond the celluloid world. Nothing is wrong in it. You live in a free, democratic country and are entirely entitled to your opinion. But as a common man, also from the same soil, I think I have the right too to raise a few points that may not conform to your views of the real world.I hope you will read it out.When recently, the Pakistani players were not selected for the IPL, it was almost predictable that NDTV, the awa...
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Media, Muslims and Modi
Pick up any topic on Gujarat now-a-days. Watch it through the prism of minority-ism and see if the color changes favorably. Adjust the brightness and the contrast appropriately to see if you can create a Muslim victim-hood picture that is acceptable to the pseudo-secular market. Then touch it up at the right places with a brush dipped in the universally available NMBPS (Narendra Modi Bashing Paint Solution). You end up with a perfect painting that is fit to grace the India media. To enhance its ...
Arindam B Gogs: Why Congress is fooling around the whole Indian population? Why aide on the caste basis? Don"t you think, Poor Muslim or poor Hindu have the same rights to get the aide for education. I appreciate Mr Modi to stand out and pointing out such unconstitu.... [5 comments]
BJP"s defeat: The Hindu perspective
The BJP has lost in the recently concluded Lok Shabha 2009 elections. The political party, conceived as the face of Hindu interest has lost to the dynastic Congress Party. The people of India, the land of ancient Hindu civilization, with over 700 million electorate, arguably 80% of whom are Hindus, participated and chose not to elect the party that is accused of being communal and non-secular for promoting Hindu agendas and looking after Hindu concerns. Logically then one has to raise the follow...
Arindam B NAVIN: A very nice article revealing the real drawbacks for both(1)Indian secularism and (2)Plight of Hindu society in India itself.It seems there is a great need of awareness among Hindus that this is not a political issue,but it is a social/Ethnic issue w.... [3 comments]
Mr PM, Indias needs better leaders
Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh thinks Indias global standing will diminish and its image as a liberal, secular democracy take a beating if Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, whom the BJP has projected as next-in-line to LK Advani, ever becomes Prime Minister. Let it be clear that when he said global, the PM perhaps meant the western countries and USA and may be the oil rich Middle eastern nations and not Zimbabwe or Rwanda. It is interesting that the Prime minister did not find it against ...
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Rebuttal: Taliban is already in India
This is a RESPONSE BY ARINDAM BANDYOPADHYAY TOThe Taliban is already amidst us in India, by Jyotirmaya SharmaTHEY WILL NOT COME FROM PAKISTAN, (you are right, some of them are already in India and demonstrate their talents from time to time in the serial bombings of the various cities, not to mention the ones that are frequent visitors in Kashmir for ages. Others when they come will be from a place that would be former Pakistan after the actual Talibans are done with that country) THEY ARE HERE ...
Arindam B jung: great punch to sharma [2 comments]
Narendra Modi as Prime Minister - Part I
The recent drama that evolved when Anil Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Ratan Tata and other industrialists lauded Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the investors summit in Gujarat, claiming his leadership as national level material and wishing that person like him should be the next leader of the country, was quite interesting and deserves an honest appraisal....
Arindam B osman:
Do you need a financial help? Are you in any financial crisis or do you need funds to start up your own business? Do you need funds to settle your debt or pay off your bills or start a good business? Do you have a low credit score and you are fi.... [350 comments]
Modi as PM - Divisive politics - Part II
In a country plagued by religion, caste and creed based politics, which dates back from the British era and which is faithfully nurtured by most political parties, Modi stands apart. Im a living example of casteless politics. I am an OBC and I come from a most backward caste.. The fact that I have no caste base helps me because no one says I take decisions based on caste. ...
Arindam B A.Moron: Jai:
Try to understand and analyse what I wrote.
Look at the distributions of finance and industrial projects, licenses, quotas, and subsidies to the States of India since 1951.
How any one can do anything for his state when everything .... [4 comments]

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