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Chanchal Malviya Guest Columns : 1

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Homosexuality - a milestone achieved
If one fails to get opposite sex, choose same sex. But the condition is you must do sex, whether your age permits or not. And that is freedom - 15th August 1947 was achieved for this only.AIDS is the legal punishment of Nature. You want CONDOMS as you still want to remain a defaulter. And now, you say Nature, Just see what else can I do against you. You made opposites for sex, I will deliver this without opposites. You see. Wait and watch - where are you going?...
Chanchal Chauhan: Ah, now I do get it, you"re against.

I don"t understand how you can say "when human will even learn from other animals and birds", homosexuality IS common between animals as well.

I guess India isn"t prepared for the legalization ye.... [4 comments]
Hindus, Hinduism, Hindusthan
Some 1400 years ago, this land India never knew what Religion was. All it knew was GOD. India then was all Gold and all GOD. There was no full stop on any belief. A worshipper of Lord Shiva was also a devotee of Lord Krishna and vice versa. The countless deities didnt ask their followers to fight to attain any superiority. This land east of Hindukush was sometimes called as Hindusthan by those living west of Hindukush. And the majority population of this land is still called as Hindus.The same l...
Chanchal Jaywant Kulkarni: Feedback sent to Author: Hindus,-Hinduism,-Hindusthan


Really good information sharing through your Blog, thanks for that!!
The point you raised to say that sarva dharma samabhav is inappropriate, I totally agree with it, the.... [3 comments]
Saadhvi Pragya and the Secular Media
Difference between Hindu Terrorism and Islamic Terrorism. Whenever a mail is sent by any Muslim Terrorist Organizations, the mail contents always contain texts of Quran and In the name of Allah. Yet our honorable media says it is plain Terrorism. Whenever retaliation is exercised by any Hindu Outfit, our truthful media terms it as Hindu Terror. Even though these outfits never quote or follow any Hindu scriptures. This is a clear indication that media is working against Hindus. Anything that can...
Chanchal Dr.K.V.SEETHARAMAIAH: Feedback sent to Author: Saadhvi-Pragyas-arrest,-Secular-Indian-Media

Dear Sri Chanchal Malviya,
I appreciate and congratulate your analysis about the anti-Hindu anti-national media.The only remedy for all these dreadful diseases is to e.... [1 comments]
We hear quite often Mulayam Singh and few other leaders shouting to ban Bajrang Dal in response to ban on SIMI. The first step of the Government should have been to arrest this leader who is advocating SIMI. The law loves to beat the poor. Rich Muslims and Mulayam Singh would not be touched. But any poor Muslim advocating SIMI can be easily arrested. Though, advocating wrong thing is wrong and arrest is the first step that should take place, but why are the leaders not touched? However, if reade...
Chanchal Nitin: Dear Mr. Malviya,

All I can say is that I have become a big fan of yours. You deserve some serious admiration and you really are doing something that every Indian (not just Hindus) think of. It"s not just about conversion to Islam/Christiani.... [1 comments]
Response II - Karan Thapar-Whos Hindu?
There are people who think they are literates of highest order, when actually, they do not understand even the A B C D of life. From this article Mr. Karan Thapar proved that he is also one among them. Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay already gave a good reply to him. Yet I am sure, Mr. Thapar is not that matured enough to understand Dr. Arindams reply. So, I am trying to put things in a manner which a child can understand.Which is good - a united family or a divided family? I would not be surprised if...
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Lo.... [9 comments]
Raj Thackeray vs M. F. Hussain
Mrs. Jaya Bachchan says something for Hindi speaking people (to be noted: she did not abuse Marathi) and not only she but also her husband is made to apologize within no time. And the apology is If we have hurt the sentiments of even a single Maharashtrian, we apologize as our intention was not to do so.M. F. Hussain paints not only Hindu Deities nude, but also makes our Bharat mata nude. No doubt, it hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus. There is not voice in media that could demand a stat...
Chanchal Sanket: Marathi and hindi are two different languages. Marathi is an ancient indo-aryan language and was used as an official language first by the Yadava dynasty. Hindi language came from the Mughal era. So your statement that marathi came from hindi is tota.... [1 comments]
N-Deal: For the Nation or Against?
From a couple of years we have been hearing a lot on Nuclear Deal. While villagers and poor people do not know anything about these stuffs, most of the literate group feels, the deal is a necessity to help India meet its Energy need. Unfortunately, no one seems to do some study on this before incorporating such thoughts within them. Let me share with you some of my study about this hype deal. Here are few points that must be analyzed before I quote the tits and bits of this Nuclear Energy....
Chanchal Add Comment
Save your Children from Sex
Doctors, educated section of our society and media is not advocating Sex education as a correct thing for children. Many schools have already introduced it, as we find not children of standards V onwards sometimes ballooning condoms. The advocacy says that Children are already learning sex through television and other sources and hence educating them is the best way to save them.Here is something to ponder. You have been buying fruits, say Mango, from market. Most of you know that they are not n...
Chanchal CHOW BORGOHAIN: the article contain valid point but nobody have a proper solution..... [2 comments]
Ramayana: History and Moral Science
Study of history was ever there in India. Even during ancient India, education system included study of History, Science, Geography, Mathematics, etc. Most people think that only Brahmins used to go to Ashrams to study and the only thing they were taught was spirituality. Had it been so, we would not have found so complicated Architectural Structures built in those days, we would not have got the advanced mathematics from Aryabhatt, and we would not have seen the face of Yoga and Ayurveda. Who w...
Chanchal Muthyala Ramakrishna: I have writer the Sri Rama Ramayana book is this book future of this book as per Astrology and Numerology, after verify and sending result in my email [4 comments]
Killing sanskrit - the voice of hinduism
We will find that the maturity of Indian culture was killed the day Sanskrit lost its importance and it was killed for those who lost the knowledge of Sanskrit. The Long Leaders have continuously worked for bringing Urdu over Sanskrit, making sure that the sense of being matured is lost on the long run – obviously if the Voice dies, one is lost in the world of expressions alone. Voice of Hinduism is Sanskrit and why Hindus, it is a say – Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Isn’t it the mora...
Chanchal Vasudevan: Hello Sri. Chanchal Malaviya,

You have assumed that the politicians and the powers that be are somehow interested in promoting good values among the masses. We all know that this is an illusion. Our current crop of political class is the ver.... [8 comments]
Mathematics of God - Idol Worship - III
Understanding a Hindu God within scientific arena - Concept of a Hindu Idol is like a mirage for all religions outside Hinduism. The illusion fades away and the image of idol evaporates away when one comes forward trying to reach the Hindu mirage. God in idol form as viewed by other religions is an object in vicinity to be sensed by a Hindu. We require an object to be in vicinity to sense it. We cannot see GOD directly unless we are so close to him as the concept of vicinity itself....
Chanchal m nasir: Feedback sent to Author: Idol-Worship---Mathematics-of-God-–-Part-III

pls read more carefully vedas and quran .even u worship one idola particular time its similar to concept of one god .islam talks about impossible picturisation by human be.... [3 comments]
Rama Setu Bandh - Natural or Man Made
The sigh of humble Hindus had existed from past 1000 years; this one would be simply an addition to it. No wonder, political parties would play their card on it.With this information, we leave the rest on you leaders – you protect the faith and belief that has formed this country and its unparallel culture or you allow some greedy and dirty political moves, you protect the wonder of the world or you allow a subject of research to be simply blasted away....
Chanchal Pallavi: Feedback sent to Author: Rama-Setu-Bandh-–-Natural-or-Man-Made

Excellent Article, totally agree with you. Keep up the good work!! [6 comments]
Idol Worship & 33 Crore Gods - Part II
For the believers of God, it is an accepted faith across the globe that God is one. Hindus too believe so, but then there remains a question often shaped as a mockery over Hindus about the various practices of worship rendered to innumerous God in their faith. And this question is often thrown by people, who are philosophically and religiously recognized. How come Hindu religion has 33 crore Gods? Is it sensible at all to believe and practice this? I have a question – How can one decide what is...
Chanchal astrologr: ??? ???? ?????? +91-9950155702 mahamaya VAShikaran mantra http://astrologervikrant.com [9 comments]
33 Crore Gods of Hindus - Part I
Hindus are often attacked for being ignorant as they practice idolatry. Idols in Hindu religion are of various shapes and represent various creatures including humans. The basic concept of Idolatry, as seems to be practiced by Hindus, reflects creation of idols and images, establishing them in temples and home and performing proper worships towards it. Obviously, the interpretation of non-believers is that it is stupidity to bow before stones and paintings. Islam goes ahead to describe this as C...
Chanchal Satyajit parhi: Yes! there are 33 crore gods of hindu but there are trhee main gods BRAMHA,VISHNU,SHIV SHANKAR. BHAGWAT GITA is a HOLY BOOK of HINDUS. there are SHLOKAS written in it. we should always pray GOD. [18 comments]

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