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Dr.Dipak Basu Guest Columns : 1

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Delhi Rape and Biased British media
It is a case of Shame for the British that even after exploiting India for 200 years, creating man made famines killing millions, ruthless killings and destructions during any uprising against its evil rule over India, British for the last 60 years are engaged in massive propaganda campaign against India. The coverage of the case of a rape and murder of a medical student in New Delhi demonstrates that the British media is trying to prove the culture and religion of India, coupled with complete i...
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What has India learned from 1962
In 1962, Indias lofty claims to represent the third world countries, a country developing in the so-called Gandhian way of non-violence and democracy came to an abrupt end when the Chinese army started coming down from the high mountain like wave after wave and India had no defense apparently. A careful analysis should say that India has learned nothing and India today is in a worse condition than in 1962 considering both the international and domestic situation. Before 1962, India got at least ...
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Falling Fortune of India
Rapid decline of the fortune of India in recent months can imply a number of aspects. It can mean the economy is adjusting for the growing inflation in India and the resultant falling export volumes. Or it can mean there is a fear for the greater deficits in balance of payment due to rapidly rising cost of imports of petroleum. It can also mean fear among the so-called short run institutional investors, who have invested through Mauritius, that the government may clamp down on them sooner or lat...
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"Hindustan Hamara" is National Song of Pak
Mohammad Iqbal and Communalism in modern India: Iqbals Hindustan is the Mughal India as Dar-Ul-Islam – We are Muslims and the whole world is our homeland. Iqbal was the greatest political thinker of the Muslims in British India. Although he was described as a Sufi, his doctrine went counter to the quietism and acceptance preached by traditional Sufism. Iqbals philosophy was a rather militant doctrine of action, of fight to achieve an ideal placed before man, and this ideal was of that of a primi...
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Making Sense out of Crisis in Arab countries
Suddenly the Arab world is in turmoil. The reason and the agitators are different in different places but a pattern is emerging. In Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, the crowd wants reforms but not revolt. Most of them went home after achieving their initial victory when the existing dictators of Tunisia and Egypt departed to be replaced by new dictators but the systems stay as these are. Thus, the so-called revolution in those Arab countries looks like side shows to the impending disaster that is ab...

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Ayodhya Verdict and History
The verdict of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court agreed on three important issues: Muslims do not have exclusive claim to the site held sacred by Hindus; the ground where the central dome of the Babri Masjid stood belongs to Ram Lalla as has been argued for centuries by Hindus who believe it is Ram Janmabhoomi; and, a temple existed at the spot that was selected by Mir Baqi to build a mosque to celebrate Baburs victorious military campaign in the region. On the third point, two of th...
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Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it
The problem of Afghanistan cannot be solved unless we try to explain the recent history of that country in a realistic way. The Western failure to stabilize Afghanistan is due to its mistake to put forward a false propaganda as history.British Empire preceded the most recent American Empire in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the Britain is now a junior partner. Problem of Afghanistan is due to paranoid hostility of the Anglo-Americans against the Russian. The great game of 19th century between th...
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Greek Tragedy and its lessons
There were two reasons behind the financial crisis of 2008; both of them are the result of this liberalization of the economy started since 1980s. The first is the idea that people can take care of their housing needs without any help from the government. The second is to consider liability as asset by building some new financial schemes to turn speculative gambling bets on future market as respectable assets. Neither of these can happen if there is a public ownership of financial institutions ...
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Noorani, The Frontline and Kashmir
The acceptance of Musharafs proposal would imply fragmentation of India in future and open war between Muslim and non-Muslim communities as we have seen in the former Yugoslavia recently. Unfortunately, Indias English language media is preparing a case for the same kind of proposal of autonomy for Kashmir as suggested by General Musharaf before. The recent demands by both Farouk Abdullah and Omar Abdullah for autonomy and the open border should be the revelation for all who does not want India t...
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Kyoto Treaty and Environtal Game
Not much time is left before a climatic catastrophie will occur to the entire world , if the predictions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC) are correct correct. However, both India and China have joined USA to undermine the Kyoto Treaty of 1997 to arrest further damages to the worlds climate by controlling human activities that may have caused the crisis.The main culprit according to UNFCCC is the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the industry and the trans...
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Another Round of DOHA Negotiations
We all thought the World Trade Organization ( W.T.O) is dead when the financial crisis of the world economy has demolished the myth of benefits of free trade regimes and the poor of the world can rejoice. However, suddenly by some Voodu tricks it came back alive. Going by proposal of the World Trade Organizations Doha Round of Negotiations, developing countries would have to cut their agriculture tariff by 36 per cent and even the most important products for poor farmers would face around 19 per...
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New Government in Japan and India
Voters in Japan have given Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic Party a rare opportunity to break with the tradition to follow the Liberal Democratic Party that has ruled Japan for the last 54 years. What does it mean for Japan and the rest of the world depends on the implications of major policy changes from the new government. However, the question is, does the new government have any new policy at all.The economy of Japan is in dire state with the jobless rate rose to a record 5.7 percent i...
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Crime of Jinnah
In India, we tend to forget the crimes committed against humanity by either the British or the Muslim rulers before them or the Muslim League and its child Pakistan. History books of India hardly mention that in 1943 at least 5 million people in Bengal were forced to starve to death by the British. There are no accounts of how many millions were slaughtered by the Muslim League guided by Jinnah during 1946 to 1948 and subsequently in Pakistan. India has pressed no charges against Yhahiya Khan an...
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India"s New Nuclear Drama
The recent drama in the G-8 declaration that, unless India signs the NPT( Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) it will not get any nuclear enrichment and reprocessing plants meeting regarding the Indo-US nuclear treaty, has demonstrated the unrealistic approach adopted by India. The unrealistic expectation of India was that by signing the treaty India can somehow avoid the restriction imposed by the IAEA and NSG against proliferations of nuclear weapons. However, both IAEA( International Atomic Ene...
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Iran, India and the US Dollar
This is not the first time that USA has sympathy for one side of the Islamic regime which is determined to destroy the Western and Eastern civilizations. During the days of President Reagan, Iran has financed the terrorists to destroy the socialists in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Ethiopia and in return USA has supplied weapons to Iran directly or indirectly through Israel, Pakistan and Turkey. USA is expecting that a new regime will be more accommodating particularl...
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