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Dr.Dipak Basu Guest Columns : 2

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Infeasibility of the G-20 Stimulus Plan
Tasks in front of the G-20 leaders were to produce a framework to solve the world economic crisis by thinking out of box. Instead they want another round of stimulus without learning any lesson from George Bush and Gordon Brown of UK, who just gave away more than $900 Billion to the Anglo-American banks and financial institutions without restructuring them and as a result money just disappeared in a black hole without creating any solution yet. Much of these stimulus plans are empty promises or ...
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USSR"s Recognition of Azad Hind Govt
For the people brainwashed by false propaganda, it is difficult to recognize the truth. That is particularly true about the Indian population fed with gigantic propaganda unleashed by the Government of India and the historians attached to the government since 1947 against the memory of both Subhas Chandra Bose and his Free India Government in exile. Although it is a fact that along with Germany, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union also has recognized the Free India Government established in 1943 in S...
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Pakistani Terrorism: its aim & how to re..
The terrorist attack on Mumbai is already a few days old. Thus, the journalistic emotions have died down and now this is the time to think hard about the Pakistani terrorism and its aim before we can think about how to respond. The journalists in the British media are making the mistake of trying to link the issue of Kashmir to this terrorism, while most of these Western journalists, including the English woman born in India Arundhuti Roy, have no idea about long history of Islam and the history...
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Global Financial Crisis and its Solution
The IMFs chief economist Olivier Blanchard has warned that the global financial crisis is set to worsen and that the situation will not improve until 2010; he also has said that the IMF did not have the funds to solve every economic problem. Massive withdrawals of investments from emerging countries could represent hundreds of billions of dollars, which is so significant that the IMF alone cannot counter them. The IMF had spent a fifth of its $250 billion fund in the first two weeks of November ...
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USA Fin Crisis and Lesson for India
An open, competitive and liberalized financial market can effectively allocate scarcer resources in a manner that promotes stability and prosperity far better than government intervention, Henry Paulson, the U.S Treasury secretary said in Shanghai in March 2007. This year it sounds like a big joke given the fact that both the United States and UK government s are nationalizing banks and financial institutions in order to avoid a complete meltdown of their financial system. On 7th September, 2008...
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India"s Wrong Monetary Policy
With the uncontrolled inflation, the diagnosis of the prime minister is that it is imported and so we can do little, but to control the money supply within India by increasing interest rate and making it more difficult for the banks to lend out by increasing the reserve ratios of the commercial banks. The medicine is not new but it is the classic remedy coming from the International Monetary Fund to reduce money supply in an economy facing inflation, irrespective of the nature of the disease.Wha...
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N-Deal is Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
Although the Indian media and the government wants to promote the Vienna Treaty with the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and the Indo-US 123 deal in terms of power generation, the deal has very little to do with power generation. After signing these treaties India will not be able to import technology or materials for the military part of the nuclear sector from any of the countries of the NSG, including Russia. Thus, Indias nuclear weapons programme will disappear. This is the real aim of the Vie...
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New Cold War and Implications for India
A new cold-war has already emerged between USA and Russia, which may have significant implications for India in near future and can alter all strategic plans of India regarding its positions in the world and its economic policy. Russia, in response to Georgias attempt to invade South Ossetia, where the population of 70,000 have Russian citizenship, has declared both South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both parts of Georgia, as independent nations and sends its army to protect them. Russia also controls ...
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The Kashmir Problem and its solution
Kashmir is burning once again and the renewed communal conflicts are coming back to haunt India. The Problem regarding the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir has recently provoked a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The problem was originated in 1947 and there is no sign that it will be resolved given the rigid stand taken by both India and Pakistan. This paper has tried to analyze the problem to provide a realistic solution.The problem has its origin in the partition of the Bri...
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Free Trade lessons from WTO failure
The recent failure of the World Trade Organizations Doha Round of negotiations in Geneva on the issue of subsidies in the developed countries and tariff protections in the developing countries is the lesson for free-trader who has propagated the virtues of free trade to the developing countries to open up their economies to the unrestricted imports from the developed world. The debate is not about to go away but will intensify, thus, eventually forcing the developed countries to use increasingly...
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Drama of Unreality - Indo-US N-deal
The recent drama regarding the Indo-US nuclear treaty has demonstrated the unrealistic approaches of all parties concerned both the Congress and the so-called Left parties. The unrealistic expectation of The Congress party is that by signing the treaty India can somehow avoid the danger posed by the increasing price of crude oil and a possible energy shortage in future. Another unrealistic expectation is that USA wants to set up India as a bulwark against China and in future it would protect Ind...
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Demand for Gorkhaland: Implications
Veteran Naxalite leader and the CPI-ML general secretary, Mr Kanu Sanyal has expressed support towards the ongoing agitation in the Darjeeling hills demanding a separate Gorkhaland state. The Maoist leader said, his party had favoured the Gorkhaland demand earlier and supports it now as well. The Nepalis in Darjeeling have got every right to self-rule and the demand for Gorkhaland is very genuine.But how genuine is that demand? The fact remains that the Nepalese are not the original inhabitants ...
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East vs West: A false Western idea
The problem with the Western intellectual is that they know very little beyond their own countries but they are arrogant enough to make comments about the whole world.Guy Sorman is one of those Western intellectual who has taken as his profession to denigrate the East or the Eastern civilizations. Guy Sorman is a regular columnist for Le Figaro in France. He wrote recently his new book The Empire of Lies. As a critic of the East he has considered, forgetting India altogether, only the Chinese an...
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Inflation in India
Inflation in India is still rising. Between March 2006 and March 2007, year-on-year wholesale price index inflation excluding food and energy rose from 2 per cent to 7.9 per cent.Leading indicators of inflation point one-way: continued price pressures. Excess capacity has shrunk to a 14­year low (according to the NCAER). In addition, there are signs of overheating in real estate and labour markets, with surveys showing the salaries of skilled workers rising by around 15 per cent annually. The Pu...
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Chinese Tibet Occupation & Indian Respo..
The Chinese Olympic is going to be almost a replica of Hitlers Olympic in 1936 to demonstrate the raw power of an imperialist and fascist state, where all the heads of state, barring possibly the French president, will arrive to pay their tribute to a brutal country that has subjugated not only Tibet but also East Turkistan, Mongolia, Manchuria. Their cousin Kuomintang Chinese also have colonized Taiwan since 1949. Although China is still occupying a vast part of India in Jammu & Kashmir and sup...
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