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Dr.Dipak Basu Guest Columns : 3

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Globalization, Farmers Rights & SEZ
The dispute of the farmers, against the oppressive governments in Singur, Nandigram, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh in India, is not a war between industry and agriculture or between progress and conservatism but between basic human rights and a government determined to create a pure capitalistic heaven by taking over poor peoples only possession of a little land and a home without paying proper compensation. The dispute is not restricted to West Bengal. The introduction of Special Eco...
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What if USA recognizes J&K as a country?
If suddenly USA and its NATO allies recognize Kashmir as an independent country because almost 99 percent of its population are Muslims, there is nothing India can do. In Kosovo, a province of Serbia, where about 90 percent of the population are Muslims, is now recognized as an independent country to be protected by NATO. However, India government is ignoring the issue.In 1999, United States and NATO have bombed Yugoslavia into submission and taken over Kosovo, a part of Serbia, which was a prov...
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Facts: Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan, Jihad & India
Benazir Bhutto has helped Mujahideens to occupy Afghanistan and destroy cities after cities, killing millions and ultimately turn it into a province of Pakistan. Ben Laden was trained in Afghanistan by the Pakistani army. Ben Laden was entertained by both Mrs.Thatcher and President Reagan as the Freedom Fighter of Afghanistans. Then she has sent thousands of killers to Kashmir to mass murder the Hindus and drive all non-Muslims out of Kashmir since 1988-89. She has also created Taliban, when the...
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Empire of China
Chinas recent demand that Arunachal Pradesh of India is a part of China has provoked a very wrong kind of reaction from the government of India and the Indian media in general. Once again India has failed to turn the table against China. India should have said, China has no border with India at all, but Tibet has. By not recognizing the fact that China is occupying Tibet illegally India has once again in practice accepted the Chinese occupation of Tibet, Manchuria and Eastern Turkistan or Pakist...
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Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Missing the Point
Indian media as usual is missing the main point of the debate and concentrating on the spoiler of the great-game CPI(M) without understanding where India’s interest should lie.CPI(M) is not issue in this matter because even if that party would not exist, it is essential to understand the issue rather than going along with the wishes of the US government, who may or may not be interested in India’s gains or losses....
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British left India for Bose, Not Gandhi
Yogi Ramdev’s courageous statement that we must not forget the role of the revolutionaries in the freedom movement of India has called for a reexamination of the role of Mahatma Gandhi and his Satyagraha. Satyagraha’ literally means insistence on truth. According to Gandhi, the doctrine of Satyagraha “came to mean vindication of Truth, not by infliction of suffering on the opponent but ones own self. Satyagraha and its off-shoots, non-co-operation and civil resistance, are nothing but new names...
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Amartya Sen and Globalization
Amartya Sen’s observation on the recent land-grab movements in India to create Special Economic Zones should be analyzed in a proper light. Sen made the comment that for economic development industrialization must proceed irrespective of whether it may destroy fertile land because industrializations in the developed countries previously have destroyed a lot of fertile lands and that was the price of progress. Sen has ignored a basic point.The dispute of the farmers against the oppressive governm...
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Indo-US Nuclear Treaty: Its Implications
The character of the representative democracy is that people can only elect the members of the state or national parliaments but once elected the representatives can ignore the public opinion, unless there is a system of regular referendums on every important issue. In the European countries, including Britain, referendums are part and parcel of democracy, but not in India or in the U.S. As a result, both in India and U.S the government or the ruling party or the coalition of parties can behave ...
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Return of the Cold War
A new cold-war is slowly but steadily emerging between USA and Russia, which may have significant implications for India in near future and can alter all strategic plans of India regarding its positions in the world and its economic policy. Media in India has so far ignored the issue as usual because India always wakes up too late to understand he significance of changes in major international events. ...
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Art and Culture of a Debased Society
In India recently a debate was created by a student in M.S.University in Baroda drawing offensive paintings and his resultant expulsions by the university. The so-called English speaking intellectuals class of India is supporting the student as obvious from their publications in various magazines and newspapers. Their support is rest on the concept of the freedom of expression. The question should be raised what really makes people think that offensive and disgusting type of paintings can be an ...
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Destruction of Ram Sethu and implications
The £280 million Sethusa-mudram project has been mired in controversy ever since it was inaugurated by Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, in July 2005. The Minister for Shipping Baalu has antagonized both the Sangh Parivar and CPI (M) at the same time. The decision to destroy the Rama Sethu, the ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka is against Indias heritage, religious sentiments, environment and poor farmers of Tamil Nadu. The decision has made most of the Hindus, about 82 percent of the...
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India Russia N-Deal: Indian media silent
Russia has proposed as an alternative to the Indo-US deal but the Indian news media is silent about it.Indo-US nuclear deal will not supply India with the fuel cycle, enrichment plants for uranium and reprocessing plants of spent fuel, as the U.S. Atomic Energy Act of 1954 specifically forbids export of these technologies, as also heavy water production technology, to other countries. Section 103 of the Hyde Act suggests that the US would oppose development of a capability to produce nuclear we...
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End of The Indo-US Nuke Deal?
We should pray that US would withdraw the Indo-US nuclear deal under pressure from the Democratic Party. It will be a blessing in disguise. The nuclear deal has little to do with the nuclear power generations but it aims at the elimination of India’s ability to produce any nuclear weapons....
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Hinduism: Monotheist or Polytheist
If we open any book on history of India or history of the world, written by the western or modern Indian writers we can see a description of Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma, which in untrained eye would look like a denigration of Hinduism as a religion....
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Indian Economy: Reforms or Bubble
The newspapers from India are giving a very optimistic picture for India. The economy, which has been on a high growth path of 8-9% for the three years from 2004, is expanding faster in 2007 at 9.2%. Significantly, the 9.2% GDP growth in 2007 comes about despite the slowdown in farm-sector growth to just 2.7% in 2007 from 6% in 2006.......
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