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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 1

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Peace in South Asia 911
Three 9/11 dates are memorable for peace and war. First 9/11: Swami Vivekananda presented Vedanta philosophy at the first-ever Parliament of World Religions opened on September 11, 1893, in Chicago Second 9/11: Mahatma Gandhi adopted Satyagraha (Truth Force or Soul Force) in South Africa on September 11, 1906, as the only justifiable peaceful resistance method of achieving humane and just objectives. Third 9/11 stands for the unforgettable Tuesday in September 2001 for horrific terror attacks o...
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Caliphate Mania
In an Op-ed, “Harsh lessons from regime change,” Irfan Husain commented on the state of political upheaval caused by the Arab Spring revolutions and arrival of Islamist militants leaders to replace previous dictators. Mr Husain is against Islamist militancy and he observed, “The path to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.”Mr Husain has covered obvious parts played by various international actors. The Islamists have filled the political vacuum to set the stage for political upheavals in th...
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Ideologies of Democratic vs Welfare States
The article focuses on economic impacts of the political ideologies used by Muslim welfare states and market economies of constitutional democratic capitalist nations. It suggests that recent actions of TTP (Tehrik-Taliban-Pakistan), TMQ (Tehrik-i-Minhajul Quran headed by Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri or TQ), the army and political establishment may be contributing to internal destabilization of PK (Pakistan). The destabilization may be detrimental to on-going peace process in South Asia. The follow...
K Bhatia sahyadri:

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Analyzing Muslim Asymmetric Wars
The trilogy of Islamic scriptures glorified the life of Mohammed and a statistical analysis (3*) of the scriptures by the Center for the Study of Political Islam – a Jewish think tank identified Jihad against Kafirs or infidels as a core value of Muslim political ideology for global domination. The ongoing jihadi terrorism is the best Muslim weak powers can do to try in futility to impose their will on non-Muslim followers in pursuing control of infidels lands, wealth and women....
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Analyzing US 2012 Election Results
A post mortem of the US 2012 election victory by President Obama is in order to explain voter choices. The articles identified issues that explained why Republicans lost 2012 election....
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Bridging India"s skills gap with OER
For decades, people took dynamism and economic growth for granted and saw population growth as a problem. Now weve gone to the other extreme, and its clear that young people are the scarce resource. For past few decadesIndiahas enjoyed healthy demographics.In the second decade of 21st centuryIndia has vast reservoir of unskilled youth, mostly with high school or less education, looking for opportunities to get ahead. The sustained economic growth will be determined by how fastIndia can impart sk...
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Purpose of Life and Absolute truth
The purpose of life, the reason to exist, from birth to death, is to learn. We are here to learn of Gods Truths in His works. We are here to learn to live in peace and in harmony with all of Gods Creation. What better way to know God than to look for His Truth in His Work. It takes very little insight to realize that all life on earth must learn and that failure to learn guarantees extinction.Although learning does not guarantee immortality, it does point in the right direction. Perhaps life cre...
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Pakistan Palestine Sufism and Terrorism
Irfan Husain a respected Pakistani Op-ed writer in defense of a case for Palestine state presented interesting arguments based on select history to counter the firestorm ignited by a flame thrower and a want-to-be GOP nominee, American Newt Gingrich. Prof Gingrich had recently claimed that Palestinians were invented people. Before Mr Gingrichs claim, Mr. Zuhair Mohsen stated that “The Palestinian people do not exist.”*...
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Emerging India (Rurla education)
A tourist finds one of seven persons in each of 2 of 196 nations in the world; India and China are these 2 Asian nations. Continent of Africa also has one-seventh or just over one billion of the worlds people. An additional one billion people live in 35 highly developed nations. Nearly 1.5 billion mostly impoverish Muslims live in 57 OIC (Organization of Islamic Community) member nations and remainders of 7 billions people are in other parts of the globe.* Like evangelic Christians, most tribal ...
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Vedic Science and Knowledge Yoga
Meditation as a secular process is called TM (transcendental meditation)*. Historically its origin is in Vedic teachings. One ancient method is PDM (Preksa Dhyana Meditation)*. My previous blog (0620 0708 2011) offered these methods for body and mind tune-up....

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Asymmetric Political and Military Relationships
Asymmetric political power is rampant in 57 Arab (OIC) nations as dictators and their cronies enjoy power. To give an analogy, the top dogs have the gold and the rest have got shaft. With the power of internet connectivity the masses have started street marches to assert power. Arab Springs have dislodged three of 57 dictators in OIC and other three are engaged in civil wars.In the US top 1% wealthy Americans have used government to privatize gains and socialize losses by occupying Washington wi...
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USA: OWS movement & How to fix Congress
Tea Party in the US has galvanized conservative Republican Party base to action. Republican Party leadership in general and in the Republicans Presidential debates, in particular, we see a chaos precipitated by the extreme right conservative movement.Occupy Wall Street movement is by progressive jobless American youth. The movement is more than a month old and spreading like wild fire to all across the US as well as parts of Europe.Arab Springs have toppled three dictators, three more are on the...
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Afghan Imbroglio and Impacts of Terrorism
Pakistan claims that Afghanistan is bottomless pit for hubris of great powers. They are oblivious to the fact that what applies to great powers also applies to not so great Pakistan. Pakistan is engaged in two wars; one in the west in the Af- Pak region and other in the east against an imagined enemy. Under pressures of two wars, economically, Pakistan is floundering. With the planned withdrawal of the US and NATO forces from the Afghanistan in 2014, Pakistan may completely loose the US aid comp...
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Clash of Civilizations & Political Forces
Historically (6th century to present) European and Caliphate brand imperialist have inflicted wars in others lands to expand the colonial rule all across the globe for power and looting wealth in occupied lands. My blogs have identified some reasons including political ambitions, heritage and awakening, etc for the rise and fall of European and Islamic Empires (3rd century – present).Many of the conflicts were associated with faith and flawed beliefs. The increasingly secular modern societies ar...
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Lies and Men of God "Proselytizers" - Part I
Lying is second nature to politicians and to the clerics of any faith. The art of politics is to shade truth to prevail their point of views. Politics, by one definition, is the art of recognizing the possible, the chore of building large coalitions and the will of compromising on non-essentials.Dictators turned politicians generally are autocrats and compulsive liars. Dictators are military men and with rare exceptions not able to transform themselves into viable, intelligent (albeit amateur) p...

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apollomedicalhealthcare@gmail.com [6 comments]

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