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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 2

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Whither Pakistan?
Pakistans ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment so far has failed to appreciate that future of Pakistan as that of any other nation lies in modernization. Lacking inclination for scientific education Pakistani masses has a long way to go to generate wealth needed for self-reliant sustainable growth. Pakistani youth like their counter parts in Arab nations may imitate youth engaged in the Arab Springs uprising. Muslim youth know, thanks to internet connec...
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American Wars: Remembering Victims of 911
Over more than 1,500 years the modus operandi of imperialism in the Christians dominated West has evolved but not in the lands where Islam has spread through extraterritorial expansions. Before Industrial Revolutions both Roman Catholics and Caliphate brand imperialisms in occupied lands were coupled with proselytization. After the industrial revolution, Europeans occupied Americas and Australia, eliminated its Indian and aboriginal populations and inhabited it to spread European settlers.In oth...
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Heritage and Awakening
Europeans and Arabs are proud of their faiths, heritage and culture. So are Jews, Hindus, and Zoroastrians to name a few more. Unlike other faiths, Muslim and Christian clerics proselytize to compete globally trying to convert all of other faiths. For establishing homogeneous religious faith in multiethnic imperial states Europeans and Arabs have proselytized for more than 1,500 years.In my previous blog, “Proselytizing and Political Ideology: Truth vs Revisionist History,” I contended that poli...
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Proselytizing and Political Ideologies
Preaching revisionist history by self appointed guardians of Islam, proselytizers and intellectual clerics is a norm. The history based on half-truth has confused devout Muslims. Islamization initiated by Dictator Zia ul Haq and going on since 1970s has confused and engulfed most if not all rural and urban Pakistanis. It may even suit political ideologues to claim superiority of Islam. It may also be inducing false pride in semi-educated and ignorant of historical truths.Historically, before his...
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Formula for Successful Developed Nation
The blog presents a formula of five pillars for nation building using education reforms. The formula is outlined after the introduction of two educational models and some ideas for building a lesson plan for the positive thinking.The two models emphasize continuous updating of the content in discussions with a team of teachers. As an example of potentially relevant content, the suggested reading section lists an article by Dr. Bhamy Shenoy. It advocates use of Gandh...
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American Politics & Great Credit Contraction
American under Obama administration is politically dysfunctional. Republicans in general and Tea Party extremists in particular are totally opposed to the Obama healthcare reforms. They are, as per their ideology, also against the workers rights to unionize. In more than a dozen Republican governed states politicians are enacting legislations to retract workers rights laws to bust unions. For a brief overview of political ideologies to carve out vote-banks, etc by Republican and Democrats, see,...
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Global Powers: America China and India
India may substantially narrow the gap with China in about two decades. Labor force of India in 2010 was about 58% of China. Since population of India and China are comparable and China is expected to experience a demographic decline in next few decades, India can narrow the economic gap by accelerating its economic growth rate. It will have to increase its labor force and improve productivity comparable to that of China by adding more skilled and highly skilled workers to its manufacturing and ...
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History of Imperial Bigotry: Chiritianity Islam...
More often than not, otherwise reasonable commentary by Muslim scholars is concluded with incendiary comments; a recent example is about womens status in ancient lands. Such comments, in my opinion, in addition to bigotry are based on ignorance of ancient cultures (see references) or may be a result of using imperialist revisionist history. What would it take for such scholars to show mutual respect to ancient faiths and their social, cultural and political values?By todays social/cultural valu...
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Transcendence Fueled Positive Thinking
PDM and similar methods are classified as automatic self-transcending methods because effortlessly thinking the mantra repetitively takes meditator beyond the mantra and into another state of consciousness. Unlike other meditation methods transcendence inducing methods have a global effect on brain. The characteristic alpha and beta waves associated with increased neutrons in emotional areas are seen in many parts of brain, though primarily in the frontal areas during and after the secessi...
K Bhatia 030201kishankb: In rSrno # 4, please read tongue for tonug. My bad spelling. [5 comments]
Pakistan Economy and Wars
Pakistan is afflicted with psychology of dangerous illusions related to fear and image and also of delusion for extraterritorial expansions associated with its strategic depth driven foreign policy. It is responsible for the jihad, the Koranic Concepts of Wars in South Asia, Afghanistan, the US and Europe over past three decades, mostly with aids from the US, Arabs and China.The ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment works very hard to project an image of...
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Pakistan Sovereignty and Victimhood
Recent article “Pakistan, Victim of Terrorism?” in WSJ by Mr. Sadanand Dhume has rebutted Pakistani media and BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishments contentions that Pakistan is a victim of terrorism. The first Afghan war (1979 – 89) against Soviets was sponsored by the US, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab nations. Mr. Dhume acknowledged that it turned Pakistan in to a magnet for would-be jihadist from across the globe. Many innocent Pakistanis have lost lives over...
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OBL in death offers chance for new beginning
It took a few more minutes to understand why the first decade of 21st century has been a loose-loose proposition for all concerned as a result of the Islamabad policies implemented by the BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment over last 40 years....
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Arab Revolutions vs South Asia Muslims
Arguably, the greatest defect of Islam and one reason Muslims fell behind the West is the treatment of women. Repressive homes pave the way for repressive governments. A child growing up in a Muslim household where the mother has no rights, where she is downtrodden and subservient learns the preparation for a life of despotism and subservience. It prepares the way for an authoritarian society....
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China Pakistan and Defending India
The overall news about India is encouraging as it continues with annual GDP rates of 8% to 9% on a trajectory to double digit annual economic growth. Economic growth is helping government generate revenues to substantially increase its defense build-up. Indian imports, according to Irfan Husain, accounted for 9% share of international arms sales for 2006 – 10. India is the largest importer and America the largest exporter of arms. The data for 2009 on the top 10 military spenders by SIPRI, (the ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: China has already occupied the whole of India.

When you can see traders in Bangalore selling Chinese cloths, batteries, toys, even Benares silk sarees Made in China, what is left of India??

Zia"s Children
Extremist Islamists dominate Pakistans political problems. Prior to 1970s Pakistan was considered a moderate state. After the Dictator Ziaul Haq institutionalized the Islamization process in the last 40 years the politically Pakistan has tilted away from moderate to an extremist state dominated by extremist Islamists known as reactionary fundamentalist Muslims (RFM). Madrassahs teach reactionary fundamentalist theology and serves as fodder for jihadi recruits guided by college educated Islamists...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: "Notwithstanding the targeting of Awami League functionaries and East Pakistan"s substantial Hindu minority, the mass murder was broadly indiscriminate"

Not at all.

First the Pakistani army killed everyone in the Jagannath Hall.... [3 comments]

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