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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 3

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Mechanism of Positive Thinking
The positive thinking is a DIY (Do-It-yourself) project unless the established educational infrastructure is reformed to incorporate or supplement the objectives oriented studies. Training is required for developing positive thinking mindset based on everyday direct experiences. Mind engaged in scattered thinking is inattentive to positive thinking.Psychology teaches that positive thinking requires adjustments to attitude and behavior patterns. Psychologist and psychiatrists are trained to treat...
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Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...
Although pundits are offering education, inflation, corruption and unemployment as arguments to explain the revolutions that have engulfed several Arab nations, most do not address influence of social networking on the Mullah Shahi driving Pakistan and many Gulf of Arabia and Red Sea Arab nations.America is a bit player in on-going upheaval except in Pakistan. In last 70 years America and its coalition partners defeated fascist axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Then in bed with Muslim extremists...

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Corruption in India, and Fixing it
Corruption corrodes national economy, makes life difficult for citizens and inhibits investors not interested or skilled in managing corrupt politicians and bureaucratic establishment. There are many facets to corruption. Some corruption involves paying off power holders (politicians, bureaucrats, police, judges, etc and middlemen including clerks and peons who control access to officials or process paper work). Some corruption reflects on the prevailing morality and ethical values in the countr...
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Predatory Muslims
In the interest of peace and harmony in global village, a political need is to wean away the predatory states from medieval practices of dogmatic Islamic ideology. A possible solution is to induce such nations to be link in the global supply chain for consumer products.Ideas for rethinking American policy to protect our national interest for effectively dealing with jihad fever infected Arab and Muslim nations in general and Pakistan are discussed in this blog. Muslims states practice Islamic po...
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America, Pak & Emerging Global Powers
Americas Afghanistan strategy review drew attention to Pakistan hindering progress in the Afpak conflicts with its continued defiance to eliminate safe heavens for terrorist - the Haqqani group dominated TTP in NWFP and LET/JUD and JEM in Punjab province co-linked to al Qaeda ideology. An economically weakened America of 2010s is likely not to have same cloud as that of 2001 to force the BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment of Pakistani to neutralize from with...
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Assessing Global Jihadism
Global jihadism unleashed by al Qaeda and co-linked Taliban and ISI operatives have essentially instigated a Clash of Civilization, though to be politically correct, to minimize the serious implications to global political stability, the politicians call it War on Terrorism, Iraq and Afpak wars. In addition to Iraq and Afghanistan Jihadisms targets are US, NATO nations, Pakistan and India....
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Peace in South Asia
A famous politician is quoted as having claimed, "Being Americas enemy may be dangerous but being its friend is certainly fatal." Pakistan is one such friend of America. Wikileaks add substance to what has been known to political observers for long (see A Cowasjee, Dawn, Dec 19, 2010 and Huma Yousef also at Dawn, same issue).The politicians of South Asia nations periodically should remember it judging from commentaries on visits of many international leaders to South Asia. All five permanent UN ...
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Ambassador Munter vs Jihadism
President Obama has handed over Afpak to Ambassador-designate Cameron Phelps Munter and Richard Holbrooke. Dr. Munter? is new American ambassador to Pakistan. Ambassador Munter is a former Director for Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, a former Director of the Northern European Initiative, Staff Assistant in the Bureau of European Affairs, a doctoral degree holder in modern European history and a former professor of European history at UCLA.Ambassador Munter relates very well to wars, hostil...
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Takfir and Moderate Muslims
Islam like Christianity is a version of Judaism. Similarities and differences are interesting. Unlike Christians both Muslims and Jews dont eat pork. Basic religious tenets are comparable in three faiths; details of social and political systems differentiate three faiths into open and closed societies. Political ideology is either faith driven closed society or a constitutional democracy. The constitutional democracies are open societies as they value human rights, gender equality and separation...

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Stealing is a crime. Kleptocrats are thieves
Stealing is a crime. Kleptocrats are thieves. Kleptocracy is rooted in corruption, taxes, tributes, etc in a government controlled by kleptocrats or thieving politicians, warlords, dictators, etc. Kleptocracies are corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or some other form of autocratic and nepotist government in which no outside oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of pu...
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Conflicting Realities and Political Islam
What we see is a political opera being staged in the Afpak region, away from mainland America and deep inside Pakistan, that is economically devastated and day-by-day getting militarily weak.In sympathy, Chinese have become active to show support for Pakistan and the jury is out. I recall 1971 when dynamic duo of Nixon-Kissinger tried but failed to deploy gunboat diplomacy in support of Pakistan....
K Bhatia MAHENDRA: Very interesting article. I never knew about this and was wondering how you got
your twitter icon to show the number of times shared. Does this strategy work
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Faith and Nationality Issues
Like several previous Pakistani elite commentators, Mr Cyril Almeida in an article, "Battening down the hatches" is pleading to army to return to the basics to solve Pakistans pressing problems (see notes and references). Good for him. Two days ago, the Daily Times, Sept 15 published, Feudal-mullah alliance. Dr Manzur Ejaz summarized origin of corruption, The combination of rising mullah Shahi and feudalism has produced the most corrupt and inhumane systems in human history. From mediaeval Europ...
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Moderate Muslim Dilemma
Muslim scriptures related to blasphemy, etc inhibits all Muslims to protest against atrocities called Jihad by radical forces. Moderate Muslims generally do not protest against terrorism unless to be politically correct as is the case with organizers of the Cordoba House project.Moderate Muslims? Controversy over the Cordoba House is a reaction to a decade ago terrorist attacks by reactionary fundamentalist Muslim (RFM) on America. The RFM based in the Afpak region are active in America, Europe ...
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Feudal and Democratic Societies
The turn to democracy from the endless bloody wars led by feudal warlords of Muslim and Christian societies (3rd - 18th centuries) is a result of consumer power dominated democracies that emphasize economic power by building military industrial complexes to provide living wage delivering jobs to masses. In such societies emphasis is to eradicate poverty by elevating living standards for masses to a middle-class level and above. Natural history is the systematic study of any category of natural o...
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Enemies are Fundamentalist Muslims of Pak
Pakistan offers a preview of what may happen in Afghanistan should America and NATO allow Taliban to reoccupy Afghanistan. With elected Pakistan government toppled, in the absence or reduction of American and NATO engagements starting July 2011 the Karzai government may become vulnerable for another round of take over by Pakistani RFM. ...
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