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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 4

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Wars Are Drugs
History is a great teacher if one cares to analyze it to learn the unintended consequences of political actions by the nation. ZAB was a demagogue who as leading politician played a decisive role in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and later at the negotiating table with Mrs. Indira Gandhi managed to get release of nearly 90,000 Pakistani soldiers who had surrendered unconditionally to India. Many other short comings of ZAB included ...
K Bhatia Dr. Ratan Bhattachar: Dont know why Pakistan is inciting people to wage war against India. Neighbourly relations if they are smooth and peaceful, will reduce the budgetary cost. Pakistan should stop trying to win over India by sending Kasavs but by showing friendly relati.... [3 comments]
Multiculturalism define India and Indians
India is an icon of religious pluralism. In Indian languages, Dipawali incorporates Ali, Ramzan includes Ram; Indians who revere Ganapati and Guru Nanak may also bow to Ahura, Allah, St. Anthony, Buddha, Mahavir Jain, at the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti dargah in Ajmer, at saint Hasti Bibi shrine in Ahmedabad or any famous Masjids of Islamic religious significance in India, Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, etc. an encounter with Catholics doing yoga, pranayam, etc en route to priesthood is more than li...
K Bhatia muslim: Budda Ghosh Raaste par baith kar Kaanda Batata ka Thela chalayega [69 comments]
Value of Social Activism with Horizontal..
Horizontal integrations means people understand complementarities in a flat world and NGOs are open to team up with other like minded NGOs and all other enterprises by sharing and extending a helping hand to redesign or reinvent themselves and manage a joint effort to accelerate growth through practical developments. There is a value creation in the horizontal collaboration when you begin to mutually reinforce each other.Thinking and managing horizontally applies to everything from business to e...
K Bhatia Dr. Ratan Bhattachar: NGOs are these days well known. They are engaged in various yeoman jobs. But some NGOs are profit making organisations. They are abusing govt and public funds. The issues they are dealing with are very catchy but they have no social impact. NGOs are .... [2 comments]
Imagining Pakistan in decade of 2010
I am presenting a picture of how Pakistan can and should become as a productive neighbor in a community of global village. I suggest that the army as well as ruling elites need to rethink strategic plans to accommodate the reality that without a powerful economy they are fighting or pursuing in long run a lose-lose strategy.What is at their disposal to create an atmosphere for wealth generation? Answer is youth in abundance that is looking for opportunities to escape from generational cycle of p...
K Bhatia Dr.Ratan Bhattacharj: Pakistan is going to destroy itself in the hands of the terrorists. The rise of terrorism is a menace for Pakistan. It is instigating terrorists by providing them clandestine support. There is a story of the lawyer who advised the old female client t.... [4 comments]
US, India, Pak: Squandered Decade
It was a decade in which nothing good happened, concluded US columnist Paul Krugman, and none of the optimistic things we were supposed to believe turned out to be true. From an economic point of view the decade was the Big Zero; comparing the data for 1999 - 2009: ...
K Bhatia Add Comment
Loyalty of Home-grown American Terrorist
Commenting on Americas immediate problem WSJ said and I agree that Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem (Daniel Henninger, WSJ, Nov 19). We need to take a fresh look at reasons why home-grown terrorism is surfacing in America? Some American terrorists have a global reach as is evident from the recent arrests in Chicago.Many experts are analyzing Muslim behaviors to explain why a US army officer on Nov. 5 allegedly committed a crime at Fort Hood, TX killing 13 fellow soldiers. The alleged gunman, ...
K Bhatia Dr Ratan Bhattacharj: American policy of double dealing with the terrorists is at the root of all troubles. It is pampering the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir and punishing them in Afganisthan. It is not pressurising Pakistan to cleanse the country of terrorists It is a .... [1 comments]
Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V
Part V concludes the Introduction to Hinduism by describing scientific roots of Hinduism. The Hindu concepts of human behavior were adopted from the scientific Sankhya Systems and the Guna theory of evolution of human behavior.In a nutshell, Hindu philosophers who developed Gita were contemporaries of Kapila, the author of the Sankhya System. The theist of the day, true to their Vedic faith and upbringing, dressed up the Sankhya system in religious clothes by incorporating the concept of paramat...
K Bhatia G Srinivasan: Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Great to see Sankhya being explained.I have decoded Sankhya mathematics over the last 40 years. I contains a complete scientific derivation of all particle and stellar body masses more accur.... [11 comments]
America - Problems for Pakistan
The root of global peace lies in Pakistans mindset of imperialism for a regional power status. In 21st century dominant nations are not only militarily but also economically powerful. Pakistan is economically broke.Pakistani press is good at creating noise and its commentators with rare exceptions are mostly hyperactive; their initial responses to President Obamas speech (see references and notes) were same old twisted arguments against President Obamas reevaluation of and may be abandoning the ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: It is naive to think that USA does not endorse the terrorist activities of Pakistan.
USA has much to gain from terrorism against India.
India can never raise its head.
It will be subjugated by Pakistan-Saudi Arabia-China, all enemies of .... [3 comments]
Dharma and Cosmic Man - Part IV
Dharma is virtue. Hinduism advocates that every one should live dharmic life, which is the highest level of Hindu living. It is basically moral and ethical foundation for Hindus. Dharmic persons are considered to be close to God or Bhagwan. Characteristics of the immortal dharma are identified below.The relationship between cosmic forms described in Gita and that of the understanding of modern sciences is presented in notes to Part IV....
K Bhatia Rana: Hello I would like to add that I do relegious / spiritual tours to India. Tours like meditation tours, yoga tours, prayer tours and visit to places like Amritsar, Dharmshala, Kullu, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Khajuraho, Varanasi, tirupati, Mahabalipuram,po.... [1 comments]
Three Yogas Popular with Hindus - Part II
The introduction to Gita defined Yoga as: Yuj means to join. Yoga3* (*references in Part II) is a conscious attempt by anyone to acquire or lift his/her present available personality and attune it to a higher, perfect self set ideal. Yoga also means to acquire for purposes of processing and Kshema means all efforts of preserving the acquired. Yoga means control of the mind. When thoughts are stilled, the claim is, eternal soul has a chance to experience its own nature (jiva-purusha duality, Part...
K Bhatia g kapuria: Bathmate..I am amazed that you could see some benefit of such "yogus". If yoga was this mindless, I would stay way clear of yoga. Pardon me, KKB. I cannot take it anymore. [2 comments]
Response to a Wake up Call - Part II
The previous article highlighted a myth and reality, (Obamas) new policy initiatives, present realities, goals of opportunity and offshore strategy of wars, the Obama administrations deliberations and the (Pakistan) armys limited war strategy and strengths of jihadi forces. It concluded with my observations, references and notes.The present article presents Pakistans political realities and how America is responding to challenges in winning the Afpakia War. ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: bathmate:

Yes, follow that light from the desert and be a suicide bomber, or a rapists or a killer.

Great show from the deserts.
Introduction to Gita - Part II
The Holy Geeta, one of many Hindu religious scriptures1,3, in 18 chapters offers a synthesis of all relevant Upanishad teachings, an estimated 3,500 years old ancient literature. Indias oldest scriptures are Vedas, which are more than 5,000 years old. Geeta is also spelled Gita. The Gita describes all yogas or paths of selfless action to seek God. Seekers are free to choose or select one or more of these paths. All paths are equal; there is no one path superior to other; they all have equal weig...
K Bhatia Mohan: AM, read the main part of what I wrote in previous post..
ESP 2nd para. Good luck in your attempts. [76 comments]
Basic Hindu Beliefs and Scriptures - Part I
The document was prepared for student with 10th grade and higher education. For some topics familiarity with introduction to higher education in science may be advantageous.Youth and young adults may and should use my articles as introductory information. I want to stimulate their interest and thinking with outlines I have provided to motivate them to increase their knowledge of Hindu heritage for them to pursue if they have time and curiosity to learn more about Hinduism....
K Bhatia bathmate: Ved is the most authentic scripture among all hindu scriptures. [2 comments]
America - Two Responses - Part I
American Administration and Pakistan representatives were negotiating and a Pakistani requested Dont think of us as terrorists or warlords for the proxy wars in South and Central Asia.American: So, what are you?General: We are the executors of the Offshore War strategy.Both America and Pakistan are in a hellhole created by the al Qaeda operatives. They indulged in discussions and a few war strategies for a decade and offered excuses for how they got there and who was responsible but so far that ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: USA send 7th Fleet to attack India in 1971 during the Indo-Pak War.
Since 1956 USA is giving Pakistan all kinds of weapons and loads of money.
Muzzahadins were created by Jimmy Carter in 1978 to destroy the Socialist government of Afghanistan.... [3 comments]
Influences of Poor in Democracy
Globalization has led to a focused attention of developments in South Asia; Pakistan as an American front line ally against war on terrorism and India as a newly emerging economic power. The two countries of South Asia became independent at the same time, August 14-15, 1947. Only India managed to develop as a constitutional democratic republic with a government of, by and for the people for last 62 years. Unlike Pakistan, India is now at the threshold and statistically unlikely to deviate from e...
K Bhatia Dr.Ratan Bhattacharj: Helping poor is like helping the drowning man. Poor should not be poor if they are given to work. There are many poor who curse their luck and do not work. Hard work and honesty have made America a rich nation. In India poor people are given unnecess.... [2 comments]

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