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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 5

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True Education and Poverty alleviation
Seek Knowledge even unto China, Commanded Prophet MohammedAll the money in the world cannot help a village, if they will not help themselves, Swami VivekanandaIndia is a rich county. Most people are poor to very poor, this I believeSummary: The article focuses on my beliefs. ...
K Bhatia V.N.Deshpande: Are Those of us who are so voluble about intended changes in the school system, especially the rural primary schools, willing to support materially and otherwise establishment of ONE model school in a taluka. This will have an automatic effect in cha.... [6 comments]
Afpakia War: America"s necessity
Americas offshore strategy of war (Part I) has yielded many unintended consequences. Both America and Pakistan are paying heavy price in material, military and civilian losses, not to mention sufferings of millions in tribal Afpakia areas. Dr. Farrukh Saleems article, Great American Failure (http://thenews.jang.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=202682) offers partial details of costs so far incurred by America....
K Bhatia bathmate: USA can never be a friend of India,,,that"s for sure [8 comments]
America: Offshore Strategy of War
In Part I of two part series I present information on the Americas post-WWII strategies of wars. I have also outlined evolving policy for sustainable American and international aid packages for and to stabilize Pakistan. America contents that such economic aid will stabilize the region - Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.The economically powerful nations have been drivers of international wars from 1945 to present. For protecting engine of its economic power driven by a determination to secure ass...
K Bhatia bathmate: America has changed the concept of war...that"s y we see the new strategy that is off shore war [23 comments]
Warlordism to Democracy - Part III
Part III describes political paradigm shifts from warlordism to democracy. Warlordism is a Third World way, the way it plays out in nations that follow political Islam of the Arab lands. Latin American and communist nations politics is also not democratic, but they are not a part of this discussion. Unlike in lands with leaders and clerics held infallible and rulers are dictators, elected or not, in democracy leaders are not infallible or a breed apart. The democratic leaders are not held in thr...
K Bhatia 030201kishankb: g kapuria at 10:25 Today:

Do you have credible documentation to support it?

If hated those who refused to follow his religion included Romans and Semitic Arab tribals. My understanding was that although he was in contact with Roman.... [4 comments]
Non-Violence to Warlordism - Part II
Two theories of evolution were examined in Part I, Evolution and Human Behavior of a three part essay Evolution and Political Paradigms to understand why the idea of reverting to past for a utopian world is inconsistent with human nature of thinking, creativity and innovation.Both Hinduism and Buddhism advocate non-violence for virtuous living. The dvaita concepts of Kapilas Sankhya system were incorporated into Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddhism is renowned for Middle Path teachings, including pri...
K Bhatia George Mathew: Feedback sent to Author: Non-Violence-to-Warlordism

In your entire article, you failed to mention about the "Esseenes" or "Eseenes" who were Jewish and yet did not agree to slavery, meateating, violence and other worldly activities -- they .... [1 comments]
Evolution and Human Behavior
Unhindered access to historical information is one of most significant applications of digital technology. By instantly spreading news and other information IT has limited abilities of politically motivated entities to control and censor information dissemination.A problem with promoters of the concept of adhering to or reverting to medieval and pre-medieval practices is that they may be naive and ignorant of impacts of evolution on human activity and behavior. Christian belief of creationism an...
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Wars of Choice and Necessity
The war making has undergone paradigm shifting from WWII to Cold War, to Clash of Civilization and now America is entering a period of serial war mode. Ongoing war in the Afpakia region, lessons learned from the Iraq war (2003-08) and internal political compulsions have led America to start preparing for a serial war mode for next few decades. In Iraq America fought a war of choice to establish a friendly regime. The gains made in the Afghanistan war of necessity in 2002 to destroy al Qaeda and ...
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Reforming Education in Rural India
The presentation offers an innovative true education program called the Y4DBRABT (Youth for Development Empowered with Basic Rural Agro-Biogenics Technologies) to improve secondary school education for rural youth. The true education programs are designed to stimulate thinking abilities and challenge students creative and innovative talents for intellectual development and wealth generation1* (*see references). ...
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Pakistan: Flawed Beliefs
The weekly Saturday Opinion column (Dawn, August 1, 2009) by Mr. Irfan Husain illustrated that social change or activism is globally proliferating through cyberspace. The cyber revolution is making life difficult for those trying to impose censorship or self-righteous views. The elites of 21st century who promote that maintaining medieval and pre-medieval social order for governing traditional Islamic lands should remember words of poet Iqbal quoted above (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_I...
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Rebuttal : West and Muslims
I am not comfortable that some Muslims settled in the West are complaining about violation of their constitutional rights. If true, I consider it as abrasions; call it collateral damage associated with on-going clash of civilization. The Muslims blame America and the West for their misfortunes ignoring who started the clash of civilization. West in general and America in particular is in a ...
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PAK: Impact of Radicals and Weak..
Pakistani rulers and army generals completely underestimated the impacts including unintended consequences and insecurities, etc that radical jihadis will have on internal security of Pakistan. America never suspected that in 2001 its homeland security will be shattered as a result of direct attacks by a handful of Arab terrorists trained in areas now labeled Afpakia. The War on Terrorism from 2002 to 2008 destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and delivered a windfall of billions in diplomatic oil ($12...
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Regional Interests of Global Powers
President Zardari in a recent visit (May 2009) to Washington DC boasted that Pakistani army strength is 700,000. Pakistan has deployed 110,000 troops to counter insurgency (COIN) operations on its western border. A ratio of 7 to 10 troops per insurgent suggests that Pakistan estimates strength of Taliban and al Qaeda guided insurgent force to be in a range of 11,000 to 16,000. Another guesstimate puts it between 30,000 to 35,000 insurgents suggesting that the deployed army strength for COIN oper...
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Global Terrorism and Pak Policies
In addition to nuclear capabilities of Pakistan the breaking news (mid-May 2009) reports demise of the Tigers in Sri Lanka and reelection of Congress party dominated coalition called UPA (United Progressive Party) headed by PM Manmohan Singh in India.Terrorism dominated parts of South Asia starting 1970s and its scale was such that it acquired global attention. Sikh Terrorists were militarily defeated in 1984 by the Indian Armed forces and Tamil LTTE forces were defeated in May 2009 by Sri Lanka...
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Agenda after 2009 Elections
Elections are over. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was sworn in on May 22, 2009 for second time and some elected representatives are now jogging for a place in the cabinet. Personal ambitions and agendas of elected politicians are on display. However, India has to stay focused on its priorities for aam aadmi. Outlined here are details of Bharat Nirman Yojanas that potentially can make India a developed nation in about a decade....
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Where Is the Frontline, Sahib?
The nuclear and missile armed Pakistani Generals are unable to maintain the writ of the nation by delivering law and order to a nation beleaguered by terrorists.So to the political masters, the Sahibs of Pakistan, I ask, what is the frontline status of Pakistan, Sahib?The revolution of 1979 forced the Shah in to exile and brought Ayatollahs to power in Iran. America was locked in to the Cold War against communism promoted by the USSR. The global oil crisis of 1973-74 had made the worlds second l...
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