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Kishan Bhatia Guest Columns : 6

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Afghanistan, USA and Pakistan
The governance of Pakistan for past sixty-one years was mostly by autocratic rulers, elected or not and by the dictators with a feudalist warlord mentality. Over last several decades Pakistani ruling elites and the army Generals have developed an acute dependency on diplomatic oil or rent collections from America and Arab states around the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Pakistan has exploited American policy for regional hegemony to control energy supplies to satisfy insatiable demand for fossil fuel...
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Hinduism, Yoga and Modern Science
Broadly speaking two classes of religions are monotheism and polytheism. Monotheistic religions originated in Semitic and non-Semitic regions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions of Semitic origin; Zoroastrianism is of non-Semitic Persia origin.Judaism is original Abrahamic religion. Christianity and Islam are of Abrahamic origin. Both Christians and Muslims have replaced the idols that existed in Abrahamic temples and other places of worship with some other symbols such as a...
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Lahore Crisis
There are some elite defenders of Taliban occupation of Pakistan. These elites should understand what is in contention is proliferation of the 13th century fundamentalist Islam that is perceived as a threat to international peace. Yes, Saudis and other Arab states practice and proliferate it through the spread of madrassah brand education, but they do not bite the hands - international customers - that come to their pump stations for crude oil. I disagree with the contention that if America and ...
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Nuclear Power, Solar Cookers and Alte..
In ten years global population is expected to increase by one billion people. If each of these persons should require power equivalent to a 50 watt bulb then the additional power required would be 50,000 MWs, which equals to investment in establishing new 100 X 500 MW power plants.If used properly as we do with fire, nuclear power is a source of clean energy as long as nuclear waste is processed for recycling. I am for nuclear power as we have only few choices to serve the energy needs of global...
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Growth: Best Antidote for Poverty
Sixty-one years ago leadership of two newly independent nations in South Asia embarked on two divergent paths for nation building. Ignoring consequences of the choices of 61 years ago, in 2009, to frame an Op-ed by mining statistical economic data alone may lead to stepping on a dung-pile, if not careful. For example, a pundit used statistical data to frame an Op-ed to rhetorically ask, How long will India and Pakistan continues to beg, borrow and steal to fight each other? ...
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Islam, History of Hindus and Jews
Simply put, the 2008 Mumbai mayhem, the 2001 attacks on Indias parliament, train bombings in London and Spain (2004 and 2005), steadily spreading terrorist attacks from tribal areas to urban Pakistan (2006 to present), the 2008 attack on Indian Consulate in Afghanistan and the 9/11 attacks on America kind of murderous violence may stop when all the good people in Pakistan, including the community elders and spiritual leaders who want a decent future for their country declare, as a collective tha...
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Lets Buy or Destroy Pak Nukes
Mr. Bret Stephens wants to buy Pakistani nukes (WSJ, Dec. 16, 2008) offering a handsome sum of $100 billion and in case buying is not an option I suggest a coalition of America, NATO, Israel, Russia and India to destroy all Pakistans nuclear assets. For Pakistani army and the ruling elites the nuclear assets are for blackmailing global powers each time Pakistani lashkar or irregular elements are caught in acts of terrorism planned in collaboration with al Qaeda and Taliban leadership.For many pu...
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Give Pak the Attention It Deserves
India has experienced terrorist attacks for over four decades. The Global Terrorism Database, START (the US National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism) is maintained at the University of Maryland. It shows that India faced more than 4,100 terrorist attacks between 1970 and 2004, accounting for about 12,540 terrorist-related fatalities or an average of almost 360 fatalities per year from terrorism in India. A University of Maryland statement said that the fatalities...
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Random Uncertainties: Partition of India
Random uncertainty is a statistical expression to explain anomalies in life. In a monogram title, Fooled by Randomness, author Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains the hidden role of chance in life and in the markets. Random uncertainties are a part of daily life; however, every so often, in politics and economic arena, anomalies dramatically surface on the global stage to amazement of all. History is a witness and a useful tool to identify some interesting examples of random uncertainties.History is ...
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Greed, Religion and Political Violence
Theoretically, religion is for personal salvation and it is concerned with morality and ethics for believers. Standards of morality and ethics are not same for personal salvation and political management of the state. A prudent mature civil society develops a political process such as secular democracy to keep the two separated.Courage is to recognize betrayal by those we had expected better from. Courage is to restrict religion to influence individuals seeking personal salvation and not allow m...
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Flawed Democracies
A discussion is presented of the principles of democracy and how political process in European and American versions of democracies is influenced by religious beliefs and identities. Pakistan with a diffused Islamic ideology is an evolving democracy and the article traces a history of past three plus decades to show how fragile its constitution is. It suits successive dictators and elected rulers to conform to the political Islam imbedded in the Islamic trilogy of scripture/literature - Quran, H...
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How rural India is gradually changing?
We visited 91 year old Nanaji, a frail man, now in poor health, but mentally very alert and very involved to the self-reliance campaign he introduced to guide all developmental activities at DRI Chitrakoot. A dedicated group of volunteers is now working hard under leadership of a husband and wife team of Dr. Bharat Pathak and Mrs. (Dr.) Nandita Pathak. They are following in foot steps of their mentor to continuously add more developmental projects to build up on Nanajis legacy.Our visit coincide...
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Cultures and Wars
With passion one can learn to solve many problems. Wars of 21st century cant be won by posturing on moral and ethical high grounds presented by Rajiv Malhotra in Gita on Fighting Terrorism. Passion and an appeal to a brand of moral and ethical high grounds are not sufficient for victory against a determined enemy. For a winning strategy in todays global environment a nation must have necessary second-to-none economic and military power to confront any enemy, a realistic strategy based on current...
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One Hundred Million Extremist Muslims?
Presence of an estimated one hundred million extremist Muslims in the Ummah is a constant reminder of the psychological terrorism faced by the non-Islamic world. Politicized Generals of many Muslim majority nations and non-state (al Qaeda) members of the Islamic Ummah routinely exploit terrorism for personal and political gains. With rising levels of Muslims killing Muslims several Islamic nations in last five years have been destabilized; the law and order has deteriorated and the writ of the g...
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Satvic Rural Development Ideas
As a yatri I had planned to visit about 25 villages in seven states in seven weeks.As one of a 30 member NRI team called RILJ (Rural India Learning Journey) we visited (December 14 - 21, 2007) more than thirteen villages in Tamil Nadu (TN). A three member team visited additional one dozen villages within 80 km radius of Mysore, KA (Dec. 22 - 24) and Pune, MH (Dec. 25 - 29). A fourth NRI joined the team for Pune area yatra.Two members visited additional five to ten villages in Haryana (Jan 5 - 9)...
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