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K Parthasarathi Guest Columns : 1

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Why expose Indians to Taliban killings?
The killing of Indian workers engaged in rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in Afghanistan has assumed such a regularity that the Indian government can no longer ignore. Two BRO personnel have now been killed and a few others injured by a suicide bomber attack despite a prior warning from Afghan interior minister that the road project BRO was engaged in was on the Taliban hit list. We had lost young lives earlier too at the hands of the Taliban outfit. The circumstances and locale of the...
K Partha.. Sunita: Nice article.. [1 comments]
Arresting inflation on war footing
The steep rise in inflation with the whole sale price inflation touching 7% is causing concern. This sudden spurt in prices has thrown household budget of the common man into total disarray and the poorer sections are the hardest hit with the prices of food items like wheat, oil, pulses, and vegetables having gone up substantially. The manufactured items like steel, cement, coal have also gone up bringing in its wake all round escalation in prices. It is not that government is impervious to the ...
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Good governance - where India stands?
India is unique in many respects with its diverse culture, languages and many states. People of some states enjoy good prosperity, high literacy, developed infrastructure and rule of law while many are wanting in different degrees in some or all parameters although they are all under a common union government with the same financial, legal and administrative system.The differences persist amongst them depending upon the level of governance partly by the central and largely by the respective stat...
K Partha.. v.suneel kumar: Feedback sent to Author: The-good-governance---where-does-India-stand?

your article is so great. [7 comments]
Migration to cities: How to stop urbanizat..
With the liberalization in full swing and its impact on all sections of economy we are witness to the inexorable urbanization of the country. Our development programs have been geared towards economic growth and GDP growth with the belief that once GDP growth occurs there would be a spin off in all areas like employment, health, education and living conditions Our planners work for 9% growth while agriculture cannot grow faster than 2% at the most As a sequel either the villages get relatively p...
K Partha.. anushree: Feedback sent to Author: Migration-to-cities:-How-to-stop-rapid-urbanization?

good content,comprehensive and impressive. [3 comments]
Change the mode of EC appointments
People would lose the faith in the fairness and even handedness of the high office of Election Commission once appointments to it are perceived to be made with partisan ends.The BJP has petitioned CEC on the matter of Mr.Navin Chawlas appointment as election commissioner as per directions of SC to which it took up earlier. Its earlier representation to the President was forwarded to PM who in turn referred it to AG. He defended his appointment saying that Mr. Chawla did no wrong as EC ignoring t...
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We need leaders for cause of poor
Unfortunate but true, we lack in adequate numbers the selfless and incorruptible leaders of the past who toiled with little expectation than the joy of being in the struggle. Leaders who could inspire love and respect and enlist innumerable volunteers by their personal example are rareWe often hear people lamenting that the prevailing system and environment in the country is not conducive to throwing up leaders of intellect, probity and social fervour like the innumerable great men who had emerg...
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Education only can drive poverty permanently
The solution to the problem of poverty lies in making the people more skilled with investment in primary and secondary education with a slant to a vocational training and not through jobs for 100 daysPoliticians and social organizations wail in every forum about Indias 35% of its population living in poverty with little hope of their early redemption. There is the general notion that the only cause for prevalence of poverty is lack of jobs and that poverty can be removed once jobs are created in...
K Partha.. A.Moron: Amit Garg:

Why do you want to go to Canada for education???

Go to IIT, IISc, ISI, top universities and institutes of India. [2 comments]
Do we need Bharat Ratna, Padma awards?
When I saw that a TV media had started a preposterous debate whether Bharat Ratna award should be conferred on youngsters like Sachin Tendulkar instead of going for the obvious (I do not know what they meant by the obvious- do they say oldies?) a thought came to my mind whether these civilian awards fashioned after the system in UK can be dispensed with once and for all.. Janata government under Morarji Desai had very wisely suspended this during late Seventies for three years. The grant of awar...
K Partha.. Sunita Sriram: Now it is the season of returning awards...better not to award them in the first place as it is high time to do away with colonial rituals! [3 comments]
Gujarat: Corruption-free governance pays
The thumping victory of Narendra Modi against the very strong campaign mounted by Congress in particular and UPA in general set me thinking whether the voters were influenced largely by the integrity and honesty of the Chief Minister and the consequent good governance with the benefits flowing to the people unhindered. Judged by the results they have obviously relegated the shrill cries of religion based issues to the back ground. The people know that a clean administration without corruption wo...
K Partha.. Vikaas Chauhan: Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology strives to achieve the best in the ancient Indian Science of Astrology, Palmistry and Vedic-Vastu Diploma in Feng Shui Chinese Astrology (DIF), Diploma in Gems & Crystals (DIG), Diploma in Numerology (.... [1 comments]
GDP Growth – No index to prosperity for all
It was with some dismay that I read about the contemplated move by the Finance Minister to reduce the rates of direct taxes in respect of individuals and corporate sector. Perhaps such a generous thought came from the increased collection of taxes which only reflects better compliance and less leakage. There is however no case for rewarding the tax payers as FM is envisaging. It is not that there is a surfeit of revenues with the government that it can indulge in such munificence. The country ne...
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India needs army of human rights activists
The extent of various human right violations across the entire country is mind boggling. There is a need for every individual to become an active HRA.Being a human rights activist (HRA) may appear to be a trendy thing these days. Everyone naturally wants to be seen as concerned about the violations of human rights anywhere and everywhere. Some of these activists occupy the centre page of the dailies and gobble prime time in the visual media. Not a day passes without our witnessing persons like a...

email: rktiwari.ina@gmail.com [25 comments]
Cars, oil prices and choking Indian roads
As one belonging to lower middle class I was elated when I initially read about Tatas endeavor to bring out cars at Rs.one lakh.On a careful retrospection, I am not sure whether it is really a blessing or a deep trouble to the nation. If Tatas succeed, others would not be far behind in rolling out similar models. The automobile industry is growing in India by leaps and bounds and is expected to grow fourfold. Market is awash with innumerable varieties of cars of higher horsepower that are readil...
K Partha.. Dr SANJAY KULSHRESH: Dear Sir,
I have written a book on present traffic related hazards in India "Tsunami on Roads: Wake up India!" please go to its website [http://www.tsunamionroads.org]. This book discusses the present traffic related problems on roads and their.... [1 comments]
Women of India-unite to break shackles
If more than fifty percent of population comprising of women have not obtained their rightful share and empowerment in social, political and cultural spheres, it speaks very poorly of the country. What the growing womens movement seeks is not a gratis or a favour but a legitimate right. If the SC, ST and backward classes demand reservation on the basis of percentage of their population on the plea that they have been oppressed and suppressed, it applies with greater force in the case of women. S...
K Partha.. Sunita Sriram: A thought provoking essay and the macro picture of the dismal status of women is projected well, especially in rural areas. True the statistics do not give a rosy picture on the status of women and they are bonded for life!
If I may be bold enoug.... [1 comments]
Elections are not far off
The political analysts and psephologists are already busy writing about the prospects of an early general election in 2008.The temporary truce notwithstanding the wedge between the Left and Congress has widened much that it cannot be abridged. The Indo-US nuclear deal might be the proximate cause but differences between them are so marked that it is surprising they pulled along all these years since the formation of UPA.If the government had withstood the fall, it was more because of Congress wi...
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Time Parliament assumes its powers
The entire country is agog with the looming political crisis that the nuclear deal has spawned with the Left threatening of serious consequences if the deal were to be operationalised. The government, though in a fix, seems in no mood to yield to what it perceives as intimidation though some measures to mollify it are being considered. In the melee we have forgotten the more important issue that on all crucial matters affecting the country where international agreements and treaties, are entered...
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