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U. Mahesh Prabhu Guest Columns : 3

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Islamic Fanaticism, No Economic Backw..
Its almost a month since Jammu began, what seems to be, an insuppressible agitation against the Governor and the pro-partisan and Muslim-appeasing politicians on their refusal to re-allot the land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) for providing facilities to Hindu pilgrims visiting Amaranth. The depth of resentment is evident looking at an incident which occurred on July 22, when Kuldeep Raj Dogra, in his mid-30s, while participating in a hunger strike at Jammus Parade ground, consumed poison...
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Constitutionally Recognized Separatism
During the time of Indias partition, in the year 1947, all the states of the subcontinent were given the rights, under the Indian Independence Act, to accede either to India or Pakistan. Displaying his grand statesmanship the then Indian Union Home Minister, Sardar Patel, succeeded in merging 565 princely states with the Indian Union. As a result of obstinacy and rigidity of Hyderabad and Junagarh, Sardar Patel merged them by employing military means.But the issue of Jammu & Kashmir was retained...
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Nuclear Deal and National Polity
Congress led UPA government is chaos. It is now living amidst fright of loosing its majority in parliament after the row over Indo-US nuclear deal. The intimidation to the Congress, in specific, doesnt seem to be easing down - in any way. And it is all happening because of Indo-US nuclear deal.Lefts revulsion to the deal is due to its inborn anti-American sentiments, owing to its Marxist ideology and proclivity towards the Communist China. Samajwadi Partys certitude to stand by the Congress Part...
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Islam and Peace
Over the internet I have come to know of a very interesting group of people who have with them but one agenda: of convincing masses of Islam is a religion of peace. Frankly I have had no issues with them, whatsoever, initially. As a firm believer in mutual co-existence and free speech I found the issue, chosen by them, to be close to my heart and, also, to be the need of the hour.I was, then, even relaxed to know that there were finally some men, that too within Islam itself, attempting to undo ...
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The Reactionary Hinduism
Its virtually impossible to describe the word Hindu. You can define Muslim, Christian and people of other faiths quiet accurately, but not Hindu.Many deem that all Hindus are idolaters - thats certainly not true. Arya and Brahma Samajis are also Hindus, but are completely critical of Idol Worship. If you assume that Hindus are the one who adhere to Bhagavad-Gita as the ultimate Holy Scripture - Shaivas, followers of Shiva, would beg with you to differ. Sincerely, there is no description which ca...
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Confessions of a Bibliophile
I am a Bibliophile. Reading has been the best source of inspiration for me. I have found it to be the best mode of enlightening myself and also to comprehend skill of others, as a fellow writer. It is mostly through reading that I have learnt to structure a tale, describe character, delineate action, judge what works and what does not. A writer, some say, is always hunting, looking to snatch or steal, discovering what to avoid and what to make their own, this is emphatically accurate in my case....
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Break the walls
When I met MJ Akbar (MJ) for the first time at his office in Green Park, New Delhi, we had a very transitory interaction. Though not much noticeable happened, in the last minutes of discussion, however, he made a statement which was to make a lasting impression on me - for life. We have built walls for generations. now its time to break them down. he said, as I hopelessly agreed.For over hundreds of years walls have been built and fortified in this country. Its stronger than the walls erected by...
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BJP, Cong cant constrain monster they cre..
The 1857 uprising, though for a short time, unnerved the British. After the event, to ensure that this never occurred for a again, Britons began commencing a series of real politick measures. The Bengal army which had shown alarming camaraderie during the mutiny was disbanded. Calumny against the Brahmins, for having presented the ideological leaven for the revolt along with constituting an all India framework for the movement, was doubled. The unity of Hindus and Muslims, which was unmistakably...
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After Arrack went off the Rack
Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had no place for alcohol in his grand vision for India. In prompt compliance to this vision, his condemnation was written into the constitution. All the states, according to it, are supposed to be making it gradually more complicated to obtain alcohol until none is available. The motives of our founding fathers were commendable: in rural India booze is a dominant anaesthetic against the pains of destitution and yet it exacerbates that deprivation and ruins f...
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Karnataka Elections: Who will loose?
The election campaigning is going on in full swing in Karnataka. The destiny of the state polls would also decide the next Lok-Sabha (LS) elections due next year. It is well anticipated that if BJP is to be triumphant Congress is sure to put off the early elections. If not, premature LS polls are assured.In the helm of affairs while H D Deve Gowda is acting as a proverbial Jackass, Congress is trying its level best to prove itself as the most principled and ideal party to rule. For all deserving...
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Seed of hatred begets destruction
When Pakistan was born it was simply based on abhorrence towards the Hindus. When Zimbabwe marched in its path to freedom it carried along hatred against the white skinned people. Almost all of the middle-eastern nations were brought to existence out of the hatred for the other races and religions. There is a saying in various Indian (or Hindu) texts, which reads If hatred is thy reason, it shall bring nothing but destruction. Great Indian Sages starting from Vedic seers like Jaimini and Veda Vy...
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Threat more dangerous than Islamic Terr..
Do you think Islamic terrorism is the worst thing ever to be face by mankind? If Yes is your answer, perhaps you shall change your view point, and completely, after reading this column.Egypts authoritarian regime is currently facing a mounting political threat. Other countries in similar state are: Cote DIvoire, Cameroon, Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Yemen and Indonesia. If not riots they are forced to face increase in public demonstration. Recently Jacques Edonard Alexis, Prime Minister of Republic...
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Unrealized siege of Capitalism
If we carry on a survey with a questionnaire, with the subsequent questions in it: Why do you educate your children? Why do you work so hard? What motivates you to remember your god? What is that which impresses you to make your decision? You can easily take a bet that all the answers will be based but one factor - Money. The tentative answers for the aforesaid questions, in sequence, would be: I educate my children to ensure that get a better paying job. I work hard to confirm I earn more money...
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Sonia behind MJ Akbar"s removal?
Distinguished Editor and Author of our times M J Akbar is removed from the Chairmanship of The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle.First it was the abrupt removal of M V Kamath from the Chairman of Prasar Bharati and now its turn of M J Akbar. MJ who has been for the past 15 years been identified among the most admired journalist-editor has been booted out from the Editorship of The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. As per some confirmed sources UPA Chairperson Ms. Sonia Gandhi is said to be behind the...
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Fascist RSS: Defying the allegations
I am not an integral part of the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). I am neither a Pracharak nor do I have any responsibilities within the organization. The comparatively underpaid job that I have currently as the Editor of Aseemaa: Journal for National Resurgence has hardly anything to do with RSS, though it was founded by some of its notable affiliates. Its not a mouthpiece of theirs unlike Organiser or Panchajanya, both published from New Delhi, in the first case. The journal is run by me comp...
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