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U. Mahesh Prabhu Guest Columns : 4

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What is the future of Hindus & Hinduism?
Of all the things, the debt which the world owes to our culture, now rightly called as Hindu, is immense. Taking country with country, I bet, there is not one race on this earth to which the world owes so much as to Hindu, who is mostly patient and mild. The mild Hindu sometimes is used as an expression of reproach; but if ever a reproach concealed a wonderful truth, it is in the term, the mild Hindu, who has always been the blessed child of God, as said by Swami Vivekananda in his maiden speech...
U Prabhu Venu Bharath: Nice Thought. I am also a huge fan of the great Vivekananda and his speech.
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Congress way to insult legend MV Kamath?
When it took charge, the Congress-led UPA government didnt oust NDA-appointee M V Kamath from the Prasar Bharati Board even when, as per Kamath, he offered to resign without passing of ordinance to ease the trouble for them. But now, while there is hardly a year to go for his term to end effective, which is on January 9, 2009, he is being mischievously removed by amending the law as present act does not permit such removal of a duly selected Chairman and he does not suffer from an of the disqual...
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Fight before its too late
But before my three day trip to the city could come to an end I was spell bound again, but this time for a different reason. There are two Christian schools in the city named after the revered savants of Christianity and, of course, managed by missionaries. Here I was testified by a practicing medical practitioner about the rules and regulation of the said school.A Hindu girl child, he told me, is not supposed to wear a Bindi on her forehead, not more than two Bangles are allowed and amazingly y...
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Unholy ways of Holy Missionaries
On December 25th when the whole world was celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ, churches were burning in Gujarat. As per confirmed estimates 11 churches had been burnt. On December 27th Religious leaders in the national capital expressed their anguish over the continuing attacks on the churches in Orissa, saying violence in any form in unacceptable. But something that which really bothered me was one of the statements, by Swami Shantatmanand – Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission in New Delhi –...
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Time to create a Formidable Hindu Lobby
The cause of hate against Modi is, frankly speaking, owing to his Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) background, the organization which is today whipping boy of the mainline media and, so called, secular organizations. That which The Economist says is influenced by the Fascist ideology. Need I say how concocted is this idea, i.e. of RSS being influenced by Fascist? Absolute bunk! RSS is, in fact, in response to the brutal history of Islamic Conquest, that which American Historian Mr. Will Durant c...
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