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U. Narayana Das Guest Columns : 1

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NYT corrects Modi editorial blunders
The editorial, Narendra Modis Rise in India was published by the paper on Sunday, October 26, 2013. It reflected – believe it or not – the combined wisdom of the papers Editorial Board. I have mailed the rejoinder on October 28 at 10.58 PM. There was an instant auto reply. After the usual blah, blah for contacting the opinion section etc., it goes on to say: We do not publish essays that are primarily responses to other opinion articles, columns or editorials in The Times. It helpfully adds, The...
UN Das abdul: Hello ladies/gentlemen
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Congress, Dirty Minds and Hangdogs
The army of Congress spokespersons and their fellow travellers in the media wanted to find out if the P word was an indirect reference to the M word. Like literary critics they would find out if it did. Like literary critics they would read it into it even if it didnt. Congress selects its spokespersons based on their ability to turn on verbal diarrhoea at will. An important, common trait both the Congress spokespersons and their fellow travellers in the media share is a visceral hatred for Nare...
UN Das Maxrunner Medical Re: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen May the peace of the Lord be with you and your household as you read me.I want to use this medium to inform you that we are medicine manufacturing and medical research, development of deadly disease unmet and we are looking.... [12 comments]
Temples, Toilets & Minority Politics
When a society treats a leader as an idol, all criticism is blanked out. The feedback mechanism is disabled. A leader who is blindly worshipped becomes blind to public opinion. It is not in the public interest. A leaders belief in his infallibility gives way to a certain conceit. As the leader comes to dislike criticism, his followers automatically screen it from him. It lays the path to dictatorship and the leaders eventual downfall. This was what happened in the case of Gandhi. His beliefs or ...
UN Das Hritu Khurana: Flowers are the most adorable items which are delivered with a tint of happiness which makes a long lasting effect in the lives of the receivers. This day is one of the memorable one which is celebrated all across the globe and flowers are delivered .... [5 comments]
Telangana And Political Ploys
For nearly ten years Congress, the ruling party at the centre brushed aside demands for a separate Telangana state. This is the fourth time that the issue has become a national political issue since the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956. Political leaders and parties either raised the demand for a separate state or supported agitations purely based on electoral considerations. Marri Chenna Reddys somersaults on the issue are a case in point. In 1956 he was for a united Andhra Pradesh. He later...
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Cong"s Communism & SoniaG"s Upkeep
Cho Ramaswamys Tuglaq (the protagonist in the eponymous movie) says, It is not possible to make the poor rich. Therefore make the rich poor and all will be equal! It is an unstated dictum of the communist proletariat. The communist elite (vlasti in Russian) had a different take on Marxist philosophy as George Orwell so vividly depicted in his Animal Farm. Irrespective of how they live, quite often the vlasti echo the proletarian edict, more to show that their heart is in the right place rather t...
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Why minority reservations in secular nation?
Thanks to the Congress partys unrelenting pursuit of vote bank politics the issue of reservations for minorities in jobs and educational institutions is back in the news. Designed as a ploy to regain a foothold in UP (as a key to capturing power at the centre in 2014), it carved out a 4.5% sub-quota for minorities (primarily Muslims) in the 27% reservation provided for OBCs. In its vulgar greed to capture power at any cost it conveniently forgot the sequence of events, beginning with the creatio...
UN Das John: Does minority quota reservations make any sense, the way it has been implemented, even for a temporary time? People, who are economically disadvantaged (regardless of caste, religious following) need help until they are brought up and then it must st.... [6 comments]
Lies, damn lies and reporting Gujarat
When it comes to reporting on Gujarat 2002, the media has not only a different idiom and different sets of moral and ethical standards to be applied to different people, but demands a totally different jurisprudence! Thus the edict, the law takes its own course does not apply to Gujarat riots cases. The judiciary must take medias word for it and convict all accused in the cases and more importantly Narendra Modi. According to the secular media the ends of justice would be met if and only if Nar...
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Lessons for all from Election 2012
Firstly, the major lesson the Congress needs to learn from this election is the Muslim voters are not as gullible as they might appear to the party. Instead of focusing on good governance and development, the party concentrated on to holding out a poisonous carrot to them. A national party, a party which boasts Indias independence is its achievement, should have had better ideas. It was only sixty years ago the nation was divided based on religion and the nation cannot stare at another fragmenta...
UN Das U. Narayana Das: The following comment has nothing to do with the article in question. It is in fact an advertisement. Editor, please delete it. [2 comments]
Federalism and National Security
No one can deny that the US has greater federalism than most nations and more certainly than India. Each of its fifty states is fiercely independent and zealously guards its turf. The US also has the strongest anti-terror laws in the world and sees no contradiction between federalism and national security. In the aftermath of a rare terrorist attack on US soil in September 2001, the US administration strengthened its intelligence gathering organs. The enactment of the PATRIOT Act in 2001 was the...
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Kashmiri Pandits: A Forsaken Minority
Another anniversary of the exodus that made the Kashmiri Pandits orphans of history stared at us on January 19. The Pandits, were uprooted from their home and hearth and cast about as refugees in their own homeland. The tragedy and tribulations that befell this unfortunate community for the last twenty two years include some of the most heart-rending stories. Theirs is a story of humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude, but strangely, had gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and more...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Hindus fought always for hundreds of years. Persians were defeated within 10 years. But Muslims were stopped in Afghanistan and West pakistan in 7th century, and were driven back by Deva Pal of Pal synasty beyond Afghanistan in 8th century. In 9th ce.... [7 comments]
Worm"s-eye view of Indian Media
What is the role of the media in reflecting public thought? Should it merely reflect or attempt to shape it? Should it or should it not play the role of an Ombudsman in exposing venality and corruption in public life? If Arun shouriess debut as a journalist at Indian Express provided some answers to these unremitting questions, there are others who differed with him. Girilal Jain of the Times of India described him and others of his ilk at the Indian Express as the Galahads of the press. If we s...
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Gujarat riots & "secular" Galahads of justice! UN Das g kapuria: Well written. But it also needs to be more direct. If the goal is to point fingers are the secularists, do point fingers. Name those secularists, and write about their misdeeds, and analyze their bias. Then it will be effective. [1 comments]
Enemies of State or Gandhians with guns
By a strange twist of irony, as a review Hello, Bastar, Rahul Panditas untold story of Indias Maosist movement was being written, television channels across the country were celebrating Anna Hazares Gandhian victory over the might of the Indian state. It is difficult to comment whether the phrase Gandhians with Guns was coined with extreme cynicism, or extreme irreverence (to the original Satyägrahi) or extreme facetiousness. Be that as it may, it has become a paradigm – not so much to describe ...
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Chanakya Chant: Intelligent mans guide to...
Had Chanakya been a Western philosopher (like Plato or Aristotle), history probably would have treated him with much more respect. His Arthasastra is easily the Earths first treatise on statecraft, which dealt with economy and governance, foreign policy and war strategy. Indian history, written first by the aliens and then by the left-liberal crowd, with its obsession with a nebulous composite culture, has not done justice to the great political-philosopher. Westerners, in their ineffable arroga...
UN Das Ruy Lopez: Truly such writings should be taught in schools and college in literature and political science classes to develop to think outside the box. In place of JNU and other worthless institutions, organizations bearing Chankya should be built to link India.... [1 comments]
UPA"s NAC Rule - Dictatorship in disguise?
As is clear from its many reviews, the Communal Violence Bill (PCTVB), drafted by the NAC is totally one-sided and dangerous in the extreme if ever it becomes an act. Under one of its far-reaching clauses, for example, if a Hindu male sexually assaults a woman of the minority community it is rape. But if a male member of a minority community sexually assaults a woman of the Hindu community is not rape! A small – even informal – formation of Hindus is an association whereas a group could only be...
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