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U. Narayana Das Guest Columns : 2

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Communal bill reduces Hindus to Jews in...
If the objective of the bill is to protect the religious minorities, from whom does it seek to protect them? The definition of association in Clause 3 (b) is scary and makes you and I shudder to think when the policeman knocks. You dont have to be an enlisted member of any association whether or not registered or incorporated under any law. For if the association need not be legally constituted to be accused of an offence, where is the question of enlisted membership? If you are ipso facto a mem...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Western media is anti-Indian, anti0Hindu, but it is a fact that USA, France, former Soviet Union and East European countries before 1990, Japan are all Secular and they are developed.

Countries with official religions ( Non-Secular countries.... [24 comments]
Modi Godhra Gujarat and IBN-Live
On April 26 IBN-Live posted on its website, a report titled, “SIT disregards Bhatts statement against Modi” written by its staffers Ashok Bagriya and Meghdoot Sharoon. There is an accompanying video which has an interview Karan Thapar had with K. S. Subramanium, who according to the report was, part of a citizens (sic) tribunal inquiring into Gujarat riots.Now, it does not require the intelligence of an Einstein to understand which side the citizens tribunal is on, for the main stream media to t...
UN Das g kapuria: CNN-IBN has the money and the Padma shris. Why should they care for truth? [1 comments]
Anna Hazare & Indians Against Corruption
EPIC BATTLE AT JANTAR MANTAR Anna Hazares hunger strike, reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhis mass Satyagrahas, has truly awakened the citizenry of this country. A moribund citizenry has at last come alive to fight corruption and venality in public life. The groundswell of public anger against corruption that fueled the movement ensured Hazares self-less Satyagraha has not gone in vain. At first the ruling dispensation tried to deflect the issue hoping public attention would move on to other issues. T...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Hazare-campaign is related to only a fraction of corruption, but it should be welcomed as the first step.
At present law cannot touch president, Prime Ministers, judges, Governors, State Ministers and central Ministers even their secretaries (IAS.... [6 comments]
Lalu and Modi: Tale of two CMs
It was during Lalu Prasad Yadavs heyday as Chief Minister of Bihar, that a colleague in Patna told us these stories, the first as one of those Lalu jokes and the second as a real life incident “A famous surgeon in Patna was kidnapped. His kidnappers demanded a ransom of two lakh rupees for his release. He informed his kidnappers that they had better release him as he was one of Lalu Prasad Yadavs personal physicians. The kidnappers laughed and told him that if he was so confident that Lalu would...
UN Das Add Comment
Media Ethics In Britain and India
On May 14, 2004 Piers Morgan was fired as editor of Britains biggest selling newspaper, “DAILY MIRROR” over the issue of some pictures he published in the paper on Saturday, May 1. The pictures were of British soldiers of the Queens Lancashire Regiment abusing Iraqi civilians, more specifically one of which published on the front page of a British soldier in full modern battle-gear urinating on a hooded Iraqi.The pictures instantly raised a furor in the political establishment as well as the med...
UN Das Anup: In one area, there is no difference between British media and the Indian, that is Hindubashing. Many years ago, I used to read The Guardian thinking it to be the least biased but in time I realised all British media starting from BBC to FT are the sa.... [1 comments]
Has The Country Moved On?
There is no need to go into the ample archaeological evidence that bespoke of the existence of a massive temple under the mosque. The archaeological evidence points to a grand Vishnu Hari temple that was in existence much prior to the Sunga Dynasty which Babar himself proclaimed to have defeated. In fact the evidence gathered dates back to the Gupta Dynasty. This evidence of a pre-existing temple was clinching enough for the majority judgement to conclude that the mosque was built on the ruins o...
UN Das Bitter Truth: Good points.
The country cannot move on. There are foundational cracks. The crack being secularism that is being followed here in India. The country cannot move on as long as there is abuse and ill-treatment of the sleeping majority. This dem.... [2 comments]
AYODHYA, Is it just a title Dispute? UN Das s.sharma: NDTV is anti Hindu chanelland its progrmmes are promoting cricket, bollywood and Peudo- Gandhi dynasty. In my opinion this chanell must be closed.
Angry Janes, Mad Toms & Internet hindus - II
Shaws Nobleman seems to have summed up the thinking of the angry Janes and mad Toms of our mainstream media. Instead of accepting as gospel every word that they spew and admiring them for what they are - the demigods of secular wisdom - people began questioning them on the new and open medium, the internet. Why, isnt it thoughtcrime for the laity to question anything that they - the demigods of secular wisdom - utter or write?...
UN Das U.NARAYANADAS: Thank you, Mr. Jai. In his "Eminent Historians. Their Line. Their Technology. Their Fraud" Arun Shourie called "OUTLOOK" the new pallbearer of "secularism" and "The Hindu", the old pallbearer! [2 comments]
Angry Janes, Mad Toms and Internet hindus - I
In Irving Wallaces brilliant novel, The Prize there is a character of a newspaper woman named Sue Wiley. Though a minor character, Wallace paints Sue Wiley in vivid colours, because she is important for the plot. [She unravels a mystery from the past of the protagonist, Andrew Craig and helps him free himself of guilt conscience.] In Wallaces depiction, Sue Wiley was less interested in truth than in sensation. That seems to sum up for us not only the character in the plot but a whole lot of gen...
UN Das U. NARAYANADAS: Thank you Mr. Rama Naicker. I heard somewhere that "subtle campaigning can sometime be a knockout"! Please wait.There is a second part too. [2 comments]
Wendy Doniger Book - History or Porn? UN Das Anup: Another Jew like Wendy is after Hindus now. If interested please see article in VOI newsletter 01 Aug 2010-Joel Stein attacks Hinduism and Hindus. [12 comments]
Who am i?
I keep my home clean by throwing garbage out of the window!I grumble about corruption in public life but do not mind bribing my way- for a berth in a train!- when a traffic cop cops me for a traffic violation!- to get an errand done in a government office!If I am a pedestrian I shout curses at the vulgar guys zipping across on glitzy motorcycles or in automobiles....
UN Das Dr. Ujjwal: Feedback sent to Author: WHO-AM-I?

Excellent article. We are always grumbling about the system, but fail to change ourself. We always complain about India being backward, but we love to live a Western life and hate Indian life.. This is an e.... [3 comments]
MF Hussain - Secular Holy cow or...?
ART IS BIG BUSINESSThe organisers of India Art Summit 2008 decided to exclude MFHs paintings from the displays for fear of protests by Hindu organisations. Even in the 2009 summit MFHs paintings were officially excluded. The exhibition was conducted between August 22 & 24 last year at Pragati Maidan in New Dlehi.After this SAHMAT (Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust) went ahead and conducted its own exhibition of MFHs paintings. Some Hindu organisations did protest and reproductions of some paintings w...
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Name ===[11 comments]
Obama Nobel: Downside for India?
The Indian media did not have enough of Obamas election campaign and presidential inauguration. It was as if the election happened right here and not thirteen thousand kilometres (eight thousand miles) away. We are, as a people, given to paying obeisance as courtiers to kings and emperors, sahibs and gora sahibs and the neo-Moghal dynasty that has been ruling post independence. It comes naturally to us....
UN Das bathmate: it sucks [3 comments]
LeT op in J&K & SRK detention in US
The following is the transcript of INTVs Primetime News Debate on August 15, 2009. The day was quite eventful. A group of LeT terrorists surrounded, Pulwanpur, a border village in J&K holding its entire population hostage. Indian security forces launched a counter attack to free an estimated 500 inhabitants of the village. After a fierce gun battle lasting more than twenty four hours, the army finally succeeded in doing this but in the operation, Major Pritam Singh, Capt. Harish Kumar and nine j...
UN Das Truth Speaks: Very good article. Must read. [1 comments]
MF Hussain & Artistic Freedom...
This article raises questions about the observations of Indian courts which have been generally liberal in preserving individual freedoms vis-à-vis the rights of the majority religion. Could the defenders of artistic freedom, have inveigled the courts into delivering ill-conceived judgements by speciously citing mischievous evidence? In the process were the courts oblivious to pertinent alternative views on the matter?There was a time when judicial pronouncements were characterized by the erudit...
UN Das Manoj Mishra: Feedback sent to Author: MF-Hussain,-Artistic-Freedom-


A criminal at any age is a criminal. The bias of the judge is clearly visible in his statement. He is obviously a visitor of art galleries and loves MF Hussain. Look at t.... [1 comments]

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