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Raju Peddada Guest Columns : 1

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A Nation of Sexed Up Priorities
Sandusky will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars for sodomy, but, killing thousands of families, financially, gets a slap on the wrist. Is there something wrong with this picture? We, as a nation, are really screwed up with our priorities. Even if I deliberately wanted to avoid the Sandusky sex scandal trial I couldnt – its on every radio program, cable, and networks, with panels of crowing legal experts debating the sordid odds, like in Las Vegas. I cannot understand this obsessive...
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Do UN, and India deserve each other?
Why is India not a permanent member of the UN Security Council? Whose fault is it? Unfortunately, the answer to this strange anomaly is not locked, as an esoteric formula in some mysterious labyrinthine vault at the UN, nor in its political machinations. The answer resides in India itself. And, for that matter, is this membership worth pursuing? While the idea might be quite alluring, we must put the UN Security Council under a microscope, to see if it is really worth some Indian blood and sweat...
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Middle-East Democracy; Perfect Oxymoron!
Cultures are wrought over centuries. A culture evolves, develops and calcifies slowly over generations with rote reinforcement of a set of tangible and intangible values. In fact, what you continuously choose, eventually metastasizes into your genes. This hypothesis was explored by John Cloud in a 2010 article for the TIME magazine, titled: “Why your DNA isnt your destiny: The new science of Epigenetics reveal how the choices you make can change your genes.” The Nabataens – the secular pre-Islam...
Raju P Mo: hindu - I"ll have to dig some more. The points you listed are super fantastic and any outsider doing mischief will be thwarted, and locals will try to save their leader. A fly in ointment is 4-5 decades of rule, and populist measures that run counter.... [6 comments]
Corruption is our addiction: Starts with us
Corruption starts with us, you and me. Corruption begins with the giver of the bribe, the one who acquiesces. We cannot control others, even with legislative action, we only have to discipline ourselves, individual by individual. To stop this scourge, we must resolve to stay uncorrupted and not bribe anyone for a year, and if crores did this, it could mean something. How about a “Bribe giving bandh” for the whole year? Sadly, even with this tantalizing and curative hypothesis, I am not convinced...
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India: Follow Israel"s Example!
The message is clear: If you are a non-Muslim nation, and if you are weak, they will come after you in many ways, like they do in India. More importantly, it seems that Muslims can only understand the language of force and brutality, as compromise, diplomacy and reasoning are deemed as weaknesses in their society. The Israelis understand this perfectly.The 67 war has given the Israelis 40 plus years of relative peace, with a few skirmishes here and there, but with buffer territories that are bei...
Raju P Malavika: @ S.Ghosh,

Your rants mean nothing.

Provide evidence of Isreal NOT supporting India during Kargil war or 1962 or in between. Or acting against Indian interests. Compare that with how Indians, especially Hindus are treated by your b.... [18 comments]
Bush Doctrine a Must For Every Democracy!
A conversation in America on May 2nd evening: American-Indian to her Muslim neighbor “What do you think about this Bin Laden mission?” Muslim friends response “I think it was horrible, first they invaded a sovreign nation violating their territory…then they didnt give him proper Muslim burial…there should be an investigation about this…how can the government get away with this!” Apparently a “little” fact had been lost on our friend here, Bin Laden was responsible for almost 3000 American deaths...
Raju P S.Ghosh: The author is either an ignorant naive or a slavish American Indian.

Who has created Al-Queada, Taliban, Muzzahadins??
Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Clinton.

Why in Libya now NATO, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are openly supporting Has.... [1 comments]
India: 3rd Most Powerful or 3rd Rate Nation?
While Melinda Gates walks in her Kholapur chappals in rural towns of India, sitting down on dhurries eating with and talking to the locals, addressing infant mortality rates and administering vaccine, this Ambani character waltzes around the world in his Zegna suits looking for cars to fill his garage. Mind you, Mukesh Ambani is the second generation, inherited his wealth, and this brings me to another question, why is that second generation wealthy, who had never worked one honest day, be such...
Raju P S.Ghosh: Ever since the Government of Rajib Gandhi had started privatising the properties of the people we have these new Rich Indians, Anil Agarwala, Ambanis, Laxmi Mittal, along with old Rich like Tata, politicians of both BJP and Congress, robbbing the peo.... [3 comments]
Inquiry into Intolerant Faiths is must
Please allow me to preface this article by stating that what I write here is not just an opinion based on other secondary opinions, but based on my direct experience with Muslims during my life in India, the U.S. and visits to Africa. In the course of the last decade, I have been subjected to their reductionism, that Muslims have been known for, towards non-Muslims, by seemingly the most moderate of Muslims, nurtured in north Africa and Europe. I have suffered their bigotry, Intolerance, discrim...
Raju P S.Ghosh: What is the point of having any enquiry?

Let the Muslims live in their territory and do not allow them to come to India. All Muslims should go and live in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They should not stay in India, as they have partitioned India.... [1 comments]
Being a nice Hindu will not save religion
Islamic radicals use viral media for their hateful propaganda…why are more people converting to this seemingly hateful faith? Why are people not converting in droves to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism that deeply spiritual faiths devoid of violence, with tolerance, flexibility and ancient wisdom? The answer lies in “brand mythology” they, the Muslims and Christians promote, proselytize, promote, propagandize and promote relentlessly, 24/7, and people buy what is sold. On the other hand they also l...
Raju P S.Ghosh: "How about settling Bangladeshi Hindus in the border districts of WB"

No chance at all. During the last General Election of India, 2 Lakhs of Hindu names in West Bengal were erased out by the Election Commissioner who came from New Delhi; ab.... [15 comments]
The Precept of Ahimsa is Harmful for Hindus
Only the strength of solidarity and force, and the conviction to use it, can sustain HinduismJust like Saudi Arabia and Italy are the places for Muslims and Catholics, India is the place of Hindus. That is where the similarity ends. The prior two countries do not sport fifteen percent of their population, with alien religions, not even two percent. India on the other hand has a Muslim population that is bigger than that of Pakistan, who are in solidarity with Islam and Pakistan, and not Hindusta...
Raju P g kapuria: SG.. I am not interested in a shouting match with you. If you have evidence contrary to what I have said, say it. We have discussed these subjects before. [19 comments]
Will Indians ever understand meaning of IQ?
Let me explore this contentious issue of IQ that preoccupies Indian minds, particularly the Andhra folks. David Brooks, one of our renowned public intellectuals (new book out: “The Social Animal” published by Random House) had conjectured on what IQ really means and how it does not impact our lives in the long run. In his book he focuses on Sciences growing acceptance that it is impossible to study the person and the brain in isolation. Brains are embedded in bodies, and people are embedded in s...
Raju P S.Ghosh: IQ is a wrong measure.

It is not possible to predict how a person will grow up by looking at his IQ when he was a child.

If you ask an American to come to India and sit for the General Knowledge exam in the IAS, he will defintely f.... [1 comments]
Creation of a Super nation
Many of us liberally toss around the title “superpower” for countries like China and India. This warrants a couple of questions: Is a superpower defined by the means to an end or the end itself? Does a superpower sustain off of its renewable intellectual capital or is it the end product of its armed forces? In fact, no matter where you are or where you come from, America becomes the default topic of discussion on issues ranging from politics, war, environment, immigration, terrorism and middle-e...
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Why are Hindus Addicted to their Abusers?
Let me put this conundrum in a metaphorical manner to mitigate the sting. The Hindus are the only religious group in the world that had been passed on from one “bed” to the another, as if the collective represented an aphoristic courtesan passed from harem to harem. The first invaders came in Armour, then in the 21st century they came in as married. Cant figure it out eh? Since the beginning of the 10th century AD, the Hindus have been a wet dream for most invaders from the north east. First the...
Raju P Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwh: As Hindu"s having glorious civilization background with with a great economic potentiality; it does not mean that Hindus are any way addicted to any abuser he/she may be of any status. No one should underestimate Hindus- means People of BHARAT( India.... [7 comments]
West in denial, Islam means submission
Show me one Islamic ruler, through the centuries, that had been revered as a humanitarian or was loved by people outside of Islam. Their faith mostly breeds men with hardly any faculty for compunction, contrition, compassion, tolerance and erudition. And those who somehow attain erudition and intellectual inquiry with veracity, become the enemies of the state and its leadership, and are persecuted and pursued under Fatwas. Have they woken up to the fact that the Hindus, Christians, Jews and Budd...
Raju P S.Ghosh: The analysis is wrong because it is quoting only the Anglo-American opinion about the Arabs.
The author must remember that the Anglo-Americans are racists; they hate us because we are not White.
They have killed millions in India, in North Am.... [2 comments]

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