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V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. Guest Columns : 3

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Communal attack on Lord Rama
Faith of any kind, particularly in the field of religion, is beyond the purview of any Government or the State. Faith is not a series of gilt-edged propositions that you sit down to figure out, and if you follow all the logic and accept all the conclusions, then you have it. It is crumpling and throwing away everything, proposition by proposition, until nothing is left, and then writing a new proposition, your very own, to throw in the teeth of despair. The Hindus of India have their total, indi...
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Defaming of Hinduism
Till 1000 AD, India was a major civilizational and economic power. After that date, India suffered centuries of decline and degradation. After centuries of stagnation, the world is noticing a new resurgence of India in the spheres of business, geo-politics and culture. However, a powerful counterforce is operating within the American academic circles which are systematically undermining core icons and ideals of Indian culture and thought. Let me give some examples in this context. Many scholars ...
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Hopeless Hindu: Can intellectuals show...
Why did our impotent Prime Minister, instead of strongly condemning the Islamic terrorists / criminals soon after they blew up the train compartments in Mumbai last year, urge with such solemn supineness and stupidity an attitude of public restraint, expressing the hope that the tolerant accommodating ?spirit? of the city of Mumbai would prevail over the ghastly tragedy? Why did Dr Manmohan Singh choose to ignore the emotions, feelings and sentiments of the families of 247people who got killed o...
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Ram Setu: Historic Verdict by Madras HC
The Madras High Court gave a historic verdict yesterday by requesting the government of India to let them know as to whether the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP) could be implemented without affecting the Ramar Palam / Adams Bridge.Making it clear that the court would not stay the implementation of the project, the First Bench comprising Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice P Jyothimani said: We are not inclined to grant any interim relief at this stage, so as to hamper the project wo...
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Todays Parasurama for the Rama Setu
More than 800 million Hindus in India and several millions of Hindus abroad are delighted by the following observation of the Madras High Court, while dealing with the two writ petitions filed by Dr Subramanian Swami, President Janata Party and Shri Ram Gopal, President of Hindu Munnani seeking Interim Injunction against the destruction of the Ram Setu Bridge: “Be it man- made or natural, the Ramar Setu should not be touched”. I had requested two very senior lawyers with established legal pract...
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SSCP-Ramayana facts v Keemayana fict..
It is a national tragedy that under the UPA Governments unwritten working commandment, the good Ministers have no command and the wicked and corrupt ones have full and unrestrained command. That is the only unfortunate though reasonable inference that the mute millions of India can draw about the shoddy way in which the SSCP has been drawn up and is being implemented with undue haste in gross violation of the Due Process of Law and Procedure enjoined upon the Government of India under various m...
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Why President with criminal background?
Election of Rashtrapati of India that is Bharath is a solemn, sacred process. For Sonia Gandhi and her coalition partners, it is a disposable political procedure. Known Sonia Gandhi with known Cambridge University qualifications (with known connections in Italy, Germany and Russia for at least two generations, according to Dr Subramanian Swamy) has chosen the practically unknown Prathiba Patil as the contesting candidate for the highest office of the President of India. ...
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Pratibha Patil: Voting insolvent President
In order to highlight this Sonia Congress Himalayan truth, Mr Manohar Lal Sharma, a brave and patriotic advocate has filed a PIL petition on behalf of more than one billion helpless people of India, in the Supreme Court. In that PIL petition, he has alleged that Mrs Pratibha Patil, one of the noblest women in our history so graciously put up by another all time great woman, was an undischarged insolvent relating to the Sant Muktai Sugar Factory set up by Mrs Pratibha Patil at Jalgaon against wh...
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Sonia"s credit for Saving Ram Setu?
More than 800 millions of Hindus in majority in India and several millions of Hindus outside India in different parts of the world heaved a sigh of relief when the VHP, the RSS and other sister Hindu organisations, acting together under the auspices of SHRI RAM SETHU RAKSHA MANCH, DELHI, organized a massive rally on Ram Lila grounds in New Delhi on 27 May, 2007 to protest against the decision of the UPA Government in New Delhi to destroy for ever the sacred Ram Setu Bridge in Rameshwaram which h...
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MFH paintings of Hindu Gods, Goddesses
Perverse paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by M F Hussain who in my view is only a shockingly stark symbol of religious perversity and cultural barbarism. Through his obscene paintings he has caused a grievous hurt to the emotions and feelings of all the Hindus of the world. The tragedy of India today is that all Governments (more particularly the Governments of Kerala and West Bengal!!) and a large percentage of no less irresponsible men in our corrupt and decadent judiciary view his vulgar...
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Mayawati: Champion of communal harmony
Mayawati has always hated the small men in the pseudo-secular mafia of mass media in India. A coterie of self-opinionated pseudo-secular Sonia-servile men in the world of mass media like Subjantewala Sardesais, Roys, Guptas, roaring, raving and ranting drummer Rams, acting in unison, have not succeeded in bringing down the BSP electoral political...
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Sonia Education Petition Dismissed
Sonia Gandhis Education in Cambridge University: Sonia Gandhi had filed an affidavit that she was educated at Cambridge University, London, whereas she had studied only language teaching course. Sonia Gandhi committed the offence of perjury when she wittingly dropped her claim regarding her bogus educational qualifications from Cambridge University in the Affidavit…Congress president regarding her educational qualification while contesting the poll from Rae Barelli constituency. Ms Sonia Gandhi...
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Indian Media, Artistic freedom & Paintings
Anti-national criminal men in the mafia of mass media in India (I mean all the main TV channels and the major English newspapers and self-proclaimed purveyors of pseudo-secular wisdom and Sonia-servile patriotism) have completely blacked out the basic facts about what happened in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda two...
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TR Baalu, Rama Sethu, Dr S Swamy
On 15 May 2007, the Madras High Court two-Judge bench consisting of Justice Jayapal and Justice Sivakumar admitted one writ petition filed by Hindu Munnani leader Ram Gopalan and two writ petitions filed by former Union Law Minister and Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy relating to the current controversial issue of Rama Sethu Bridge....
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Rama Sethu: Facts vs political fiction - V
We are used to being told that India has no historiography, no historic graphical literature. And therefore no history and that Indians think in terms of millions of years, cyclical and recurrent. This is a colonial perspective that is clearly absurd. This is the view of Marxist historians produced like house flies by the Jawaharlal Nehru Universi...
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