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Adity Sharma (6), Ari Saja (7), Ashwini Ahuja (5), Bandyopadhyay Arindam (23), B Shantanu (28), Chanchal Malviya (14), Dr.C.K.Raju, Ph.D. (2), Damodar Kulkarni (3), Dr.Dipak Basu (77), Dr Nachiketa Das (11), Ganesh Sovani (20), Gaurang Bhatt (7), Dr.Gautam Sen (2), Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. (11), G.P.Srinivasan (8), Hari Sud (63), Jagmohan Singh Khurmi (3), Joydip Dey (2), Kalyan Viswanathan (7), Kazi Anwarul Masud (4), Kishan Bhatia (113), K Parthasarathi (18), Lachman Sippy (2), Lalam Arvindh Kumar (2), Lori Tompkins (4), Dr. Madan L. Goel (3), U. Mahesh Prabhu (50), Mayank Patel (2), M Joshi (15), Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD (33), Naagesh Padmanaban (8), U. Narayana Das (30), Narayan Kataria (6), Nithin Sridhar (31), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (3), Prabhat Varun (5), Prashant Saxena (3), Raghbendra Jha (7), Rajani.V.Aithal (5), Raji Lukkoor (11), Raju Peddada (14), Rasik Sanghvi (10), R.Sajan (2), Saikat Maitra (3), Sameer Thakkar (3), Sarvesh Tiwari (4), Saumitra Sen (3), Saurav Basu (8), Shachi Rairikar (26), Souvik Chatterji (2), Dr Srinivasan Kalyan (6), Subroto Gangopadhyay (3), Sudha Subramanian (4), Sundara Krishnaswami (3), Tara Dhakal (3), Dr. T. R. N. Rao (6), Venkat Lakshminarayan (5), Vivek Gumaste (7), V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. (157),

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Ayodhya Verdict and History
The verdict of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court agreed on three important issues: Muslims do not have exclusive claim to the site held sacred by Hindus; the ground where the central dome of the Babri Masjid stood belongs to Ram Lalla as has been argued for centuries by Hindus who believe it is Ram Janmabhoomi; and, a temple existed at the spot that was selected by Mir Baqi to build a mosque to celebrate Baburs victorious military campaign in the region. On the third point, two of th...
D Basu S.Ghosh: In ancient Persia Asura and Daitya were Gods with supernatural power.
Similarly Rakshasas had supernatural power; they were not demons.

In Mahabharata Bhim married a Rakshasa Hirimba and their son was Gatachkat. Thus Rakshasas were not n.... [30 comments]
Stealing is a crime. Kleptocrats are thieves
Stealing is a crime. Kleptocrats are thieves. Kleptocracy is rooted in corruption, taxes, tributes, etc in a government controlled by kleptocrats or thieving politicians, warlords, dictators, etc. Kleptocracies are corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or some other form of autocratic and nepotist government in which no outside oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of pu...
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Conflicting Realities and Political Islam
What we see is a political opera being staged in the Afpak region, away from mainland America and deep inside Pakistan, that is economically devastated and day-by-day getting militarily weak.In sympathy, Chinese have become active to show support for Pakistan and the jury is out. I recall 1971 when dynamic duo of Nixon-Kissinger tried but failed to deploy gunboat diplomacy in support of Pakistan....
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Unstoppable engine of innovation - the Apple
Hardly can we go any further without mentioning a word or two about Steve Jobs, the perfectionist. Jobs is one of the few people in the world of technology who believe that a perfect product is an ideal marriage of technology and design. This author vaguely remembers something called creative design. This is exactly the concept that Steve Jobs was a proponent of. In his famous Stanford commencement lecture in 2005, Jobs rightly remarked that his taking a course in Calligraphy at Reed had a lot t...
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Debunking Krishna, Demonizing Hinduism
In Hinduism itself Krishna, as a person, as a statesman and/or as a God, has been subjected to criticism; not just his detractors but even those who believed in his divinity have criticized him. Scores of his devotees across the ages have sung him in, both, love and rage. However, it was only after the advent of Muslim manslayers that his very existence was oppugned.Charged with their zeal to reserve a berth for themselves in "Jannat" (read Heaven) with "Houries" (read virgins), referred in Kora...
U Prabhu S.Ghosh: Sri Aurobindo said, "Gandhi is a European-truly, a Russian Christian in an Indian body."

India, Proverty & Technology - Sponge Factor
This post is motivated by certain viewpoints prevalent in the air lately. Here are a few sentiments that are representative of the views I refer to. A quote from a poster on popsci.com - Personally I am one of those people who believe that India of all places should not have a space program. If there are people living on the streets of Calcutta who still require aid from other countries in Europe and elsewhere, Then now is not the time to start developing space technology. Several critics in...
LA Kumar S.Ghosh: Illegal immigration is another problem.

Millions of Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh have entered India. The percentage of the Muslims was 8 in 1947 in West Bengal; today it is possibly 40 and still increasing. The same is true about Ass.... [6 comments]
How War on Terror is Bankrupting the World
When President George W. Bush assumed office in 2000, his administration inherited a small budget surplus. President Barack Obama, today, faces a national debt of $10 trillion - about 70 percent of the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) or 18 percent of the world economy. So where did all that money go in a span of eight years? Answers Loretta Napoleoni, author of TERRORISM AND THE ECONOMY: HOW THE WAR ON TERROR IS BANKRUPTING THE WORLD, "Two wars, still underway, and an extremely ambitious -...
U Prabhu 030201kishankb: The Long War in Pakistan by Imtiaz Gul WSJ offers an opportunity to vent and comments, at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704696304575537281933054918.html.
Progress in Afghanistan will be fleeting if it comes at the cost of creatin.... [3 comments]
Defeating Political Islam: New Cold War
Nine years have passed since United States of America, along with its allies, commenced its "War on Terror". Yet, what we see on ground is far from encouraging. Taliban is still operational; its ally Al-Qaeda along with its leader Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose perpetrating terror on "infidels". Americas two major war fronts - Afghanistan and Iraq - are yielding zilch other than death of their soldiers and debt on its economy. But why is it so? Where did we go wrong? Moorthy S. Muthuswamy...
U Prabhu Ubaidah: Feedback sent to Author: Islam:-Religion-or-Politics?

I bear witness there is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad is his messenger.
Dear Columnist,
How sad it is for you to write about Islam being a political .... [3 comments]
Faith and Nationality Issues
Like several previous Pakistani elite commentators, Mr Cyril Almeida in an article, "Battening down the hatches" is pleading to army to return to the basics to solve Pakistans pressing problems (see notes and references). Good for him. Two days ago, the Daily Times, Sept 15 published, Feudal-mullah alliance. Dr Manzur Ejaz summarized origin of corruption, The combination of rising mullah Shahi and feudalism has produced the most corrupt and inhumane systems in human history. From mediaeval Europ...
K Bhatia KZS: Shenzhen KZS Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd. [1 comments]
AYODHYA, Is it just a title Dispute? UN Das s.sharma: NDTV is anti Hindu chanelland its progrmmes are promoting cricket, bollywood and Peudo- Gandhi dynasty. In my opinion this chanell must be closed.
Wahhabis" atrocities against Muslims
This book by Stephen Schwartz (a Sufi Muslim) consists of unusual account focusing on a murderous cult in Islam called "Wahhabism". He fervently believes that "Islamaphobia" is owing to acts of "misguided" Muslims "in the name of Islam". "Wahhabism", the actual state religion of Saudi Arabia is, according to him, "one of the main perpetrators misleading the Muslim youths into terrorism." What he has to say about them - in particular - is something which Muslims as well as non-Muslims - alike - c...
U Prabhu Maksood Dalupang: Wahhabism is not found in Islam the misguided sect is only using Wahhabi. The correct Islamic Creed Aqeedah should be in accordance with the Qur"an and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed alaihisalam. [5 comments]
Angry Janes, Mad Toms & Internet hindus - II
Shaws Nobleman seems to have summed up the thinking of the angry Janes and mad Toms of our mainstream media. Instead of accepting as gospel every word that they spew and admiring them for what they are - the demigods of secular wisdom - people began questioning them on the new and open medium, the internet. Why, isnt it thoughtcrime for the laity to question anything that they - the demigods of secular wisdom - utter or write?...
UN Das U.NARAYANADAS: Thank you, Mr. Jai. In his "Eminent Historians. Their Line. Their Technology. Their Fraud" Arun Shourie called "OUTLOOK" the new pallbearer of "secularism" and "The Hindu", the old pallbearer! [2 comments]
Moderate Muslim Dilemma
Muslim scriptures related to blasphemy, etc inhibits all Muslims to protest against atrocities called Jihad by radical forces. Moderate Muslims generally do not protest against terrorism unless to be politically correct as is the case with organizers of the Cordoba House project.Moderate Muslims? Controversy over the Cordoba House is a reaction to a decade ago terrorist attacks by reactionary fundamentalist Muslim (RFM) on America. The RFM based in the Afpak region are active in America, Europe ...
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Interview: President, Baloch Society
Divya Kumar Soti talks to Dr. Wahid Baloch, leading Baloch activist and President, Baloch Society of North America on every issue ranging from Baloch Package, alleged human right violations in Balochistan to Islamabads allegations of Indian intervention in Balochistan and future of Afghanistan....
Divya Kuma Add Comment
Feudal and Democratic Societies
The turn to democracy from the endless bloody wars led by feudal warlords of Muslim and Christian societies (3rd - 18th centuries) is a result of consumer power dominated democracies that emphasize economic power by building military industrial complexes to provide living wage delivering jobs to masses. In such societies emphasis is to eradicate poverty by elevating living standards for masses to a middle-class level and above. Natural history is the systematic study of any category of natural o...
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