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Adity Sharma (6), Ari Saja (7), Ashwini Ahuja (5), Bandyopadhyay Arindam (23), B Shantanu (28), Chanchal Malviya (14), Dr.C.K.Raju, Ph.D. (2), Damodar Kulkarni (3), Dr.Dipak Basu (77), Dr Nachiketa Das (11), Ganesh Sovani (20), Gaurang Bhatt (7), Dr.Gautam Sen (2), Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. (11), G.P.Srinivasan (8), Hari Sud (63), Jagmohan Singh Khurmi (3), Joydip Dey (2), Kalyan Viswanathan (7), Kazi Anwarul Masud (4), Kishan Bhatia (113), K Parthasarathi (18), Lachman Sippy (2), Lalam Arvindh Kumar (2), Lori Tompkins (4), Dr. Madan L. Goel (3), U. Mahesh Prabhu (50), Mayank Patel (2), M Joshi (15), Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD (33), Naagesh Padmanaban (8), U. Narayana Das (30), Narayan Kataria (6), Nithin Sridhar (31), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (3), Prabhat Varun (5), Prashant Saxena (3), Raghbendra Jha (7), Rajani.V.Aithal (5), Raji Lukkoor (11), Raju Peddada (14), Rasik Sanghvi (10), R.Sajan (2), Saikat Maitra (3), Sameer Thakkar (3), Sarvesh Tiwari (4), Saumitra Sen (3), Saurav Basu (8), Shachi Rairikar (26), Souvik Chatterji (2), Dr Srinivasan Kalyan (6), Subroto Gangopadhyay (3), Sudha Subramanian (4), Sundara Krishnaswami (3), Tara Dhakal (3), Dr. T. R. N. Rao (6), Venkat Lakshminarayan (5), Vivek Gumaste (7), V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. (157),

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Saffron Terror: An Analysis
Recently when he tried to highlight the phenomenon of Saffron Terror, for a moment one wondered whether our Home Minister, Mr. P Chidambaram was suffering from a selective and specific form of color-blindness and was seeing saffron instead of green, red or white. But soon it became clear that it was not a casual statement or even a cheap political gimmick because despite protest from political opponents and even from members of his own party, he stood firm on his statement and justified that he ...
Arindam B R SUDARSAN: I am tempted to subscribe to the theory that the Hindu Dharma today needs something like indigenous JIHADS AND JIHADIS like Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Vanchinathan and many many others to uproot Jayachands and Mir Jaffars like the self serving .... [45 comments]
Angry Janes, Mad Toms and Internet hindus - I
In Irving Wallaces brilliant novel, The Prize there is a character of a newspaper woman named Sue Wiley. Though a minor character, Wallace paints Sue Wiley in vivid colours, because she is important for the plot. [She unravels a mystery from the past of the protagonist, Andrew Craig and helps him free himself of guilt conscience.] In Wallaces depiction, Sue Wiley was less interested in truth than in sensation. That seems to sum up for us not only the character in the plot but a whole lot of gen...
UN Das U. NARAYANADAS: Thank you Mr. Rama Naicker. I heard somewhere that "subtle campaigning can sometime be a knockout"! Please wait.There is a second part too. [2 comments]
Simplifying Sharia for Non-Muslim
With "9/11 mosque" controversy in New York is already making news, not just in the United States but also across every free thinking world. A question as to whether it is appropriate to build a mosque so close to a place where World Trade Centre once stood before it was brought down by Islamic terrorists is fast gaining momentum. The insistence of Muslims and their apologists to build a mosque there itself, against all the resistance put forth by people of several faiths, including Jews, Christi...
U Prabhu hindu: if i had dog named mohammed will i be persecuted- i mean sharia is only applicable to muslims isnt it [1 comments]
Journey into America - Akbar Ahmed
When Muslims in democratic societies demand for a room for Islamic prayer, for liberty to wear head scarf or call for newspapers to refrain from publishing Mohammeds cartoons, Islams apologists support them by referring to freedom of faith. By comparing Islam to other religion(s) and by presenting arguments like What would you do if you were not allowed to practice your own faith!? they smartly deceive those without any idea about Islam besides making them declare that Islam is a reli...
U Prabhu CHOW BORGOHAIN: i am not a muslim so i don"t know what"s the problem of muslims staying in non islamic country. it seems that when ever there is a problem of muslim, it becomes global. but think about the islamic countries, do they give respect to non islamic people.... [1 comments]
Enemies are Fundamentalist Muslims of Pak
Pakistan offers a preview of what may happen in Afghanistan should America and NATO allow Taliban to reoccupy Afghanistan. With elected Pakistan government toppled, in the absence or reduction of American and NATO engagements starting July 2011 the Karzai government may become vulnerable for another round of take over by Pakistani RFM. ...
K Bhatia Add Comment
Book Review: Understanding Muhammad
A large section of Muslims created hullabaloo recently for banning of Dr. Zakir Naik from entering UK. "Hes banned for having spoken the truth." many Muslims along with their apologists assert. "See he has proved the supremacy of Islam in front of several religious leaders." This idea of having "proved the supremacy of Islam" for these Muslims is little more than showing down upon others faith by concocted ideas and theories. That Dr. Naik thrives by demeaning gods and prophets of other faiths i...
U Prabhu A.Moron: It is only natural for any King, Sultan to shout from the top of his palace that "I am the God; wash my feet, otherwise I will cut your head off".
Akber started a new religion; Japanese Emperors used to think that they were Gods. That is the way.... [21 comments]
Analyzing RSS: Will it ever resort to terror..?
CNN-IBN, the Indian news (and entertainment?) television channel, seems to be recklessly behind Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to expose it as a terror organization. Its correspondent Bhupendra Chaubey seem to be dead sure about RSSs involvement in Mecca Masjid Blast Case (see RSS under scanner for links to Hindu terrorists...
U Prabhu Amit: I think writer has rightly concluded that BJP should dilute and join Bharat Swabhiman andolan in the interest of the nation and the world. The leadership we see in Swami Ramdev can not be matched by anyone currently. By seeing his sheer hardwork and .... [12 comments]
Vedic, Aztec & Mayan Culture
In 1940 a little known Buddhist Bhikshu (monk) - Chaman Lal - authored & published a book entitled "Hindu America" with the intent of "revealing" the forgotten story of the ancient Americas, especially Indias "immortal links" with the Aztec and Mayan civilizations of Mexico and the Ayar-Inca rulers of the Ayar Empire. The book, though coupled with several circumstantial evidences and supporting theories, failed to make its point owing to several misrepresentations. But the very idea of Vedic, ak...
U Prabhu hindu: histoysgrt which book u refering to i hope not those "book" touted by xtians and islam [7 comments]
Evolution of Tantra
The evolution of Tantras as a separate branch is a highly complicated subject. Many of the old works are not available in manuscript. Many of the tantrika texts has been lost. Moreover, the tantrika system is itself highly unorganized because the tantras developed indegenously in different parts of India and only later they were integrated. But due to this, the tantrika accounts are highly scattered. On one hand we have the Tantric tradition traces itself back to Lord Shiva. The tradition believ...
Nithin S Nithin Sridhar: The schools have not disappeared nor are their teachings. It is only the knowledge of common man about them has declined. But tantras are not a thing of past. :-) [3 comments]
Traveling Sunlit Path or Encouraging...
I will conclude with a couple of excerpts from Sri Aurobindos The Secret of the Veda regarding the journey - the great work and goal of recovering the lost sun of Truth. How anyone can read these words, knowing that Sri Aurobindo identified the Vedic Sacrifice or Sunlit Path as the 12 month Year (i.e. the Tropical Zodiac)* and still patently and proudly dismiss the numerological and cosmological component of the Supramental Yoga and of the human soul and its real journey in Time and Space, remai...
Lori Tom.. 2rand[0,1,1]: Feedback sent to Author: Traveling-the-Sunlit-Path-or-Encouraging-Ignorance?

What university do you go to? http://www.palmerdavisphotography.com buy rogaine foam canada Students who have questions regarding their grade for a particular assi.... [4 comments]
Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it
The problem of Afghanistan cannot be solved unless we try to explain the recent history of that country in a realistic way. The Western failure to stabilize Afghanistan is due to its mistake to put forward a false propaganda as history.British Empire preceded the most recent American Empire in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the Britain is now a junior partner. Problem of Afghanistan is due to paranoid hostility of the Anglo-Americans against the Russian. The great game of 19th century between th...
D Basu CHOW BORGOHAIN: people of afghanistan must decide their own faith. let the people of afghanistan live in their own way. international interference to afghanistan"s internal matters should be stopped. they too can live prosperous live style. and as a human being they.... [13 comments]
Greek Tragedy and its lessons
There were two reasons behind the financial crisis of 2008; both of them are the result of this liberalization of the economy started since 1980s. The first is the idea that people can take care of their housing needs without any help from the government. The second is to consider liability as asset by building some new financial schemes to turn speculative gambling bets on future market as respectable assets. Neither of these can happen if there is a public ownership of financial institutions ...
D Basu S.Ghosh: Indiam PM and his economists are only interested to satisfy Western companies and banks. They do not care about us.
Wendy Doniger Book - History or Porn? UN Das Anup: Another Jew like Wendy is after Hindus now. If interested please see article in VOI newsletter 01 Aug 2010-Joel Stein attacks Hinduism and Hindus. [12 comments]
Hussain, Nithyananda, Media & Deception
Silence does not speak well of a spiritual brotherhood of saints. Lastly, we do not see any mass uprising of the common man against this conspiracy. We saw mass outrage and the spiritual world rise in unison against Jayendra Saraswatis arrest. We also saw the Shankaracharya accept without fear or favor the dishonor of arrest to vindicate himself in a court of law. The country mostly seemed united in their feeling of violation, rage and pain. It seems to be different this time - neither is the ma...
Subroto G sealifedirect: SeaLifeDirect check our patrons is a core part of our industry and we are commit to distribute the main quality nautical life in a timely method
Koran, Amsterdam and Calcutta Court
The Arabic title-word fitna means disagreement and division among people or a test of faith in times of trial. Wilders, a prominent critic of Islam, described the film as a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamization. This creeping tyranny of Islamization now sweeping Europe like Bubonic Plague of the Dark Ages, goes by the grandiloquent name of EURABIA --- a word, not only metaphorically but also actually, pregnant with Islamic terror and savagery against the Jews and White C...
V Sundar.. hindu: zakir nail is a kutta . he has no knowledge as such. he deflects criticism of islam by denigrating hindus and hinduism.he enjoys indias secularism and thats why he gets away with murder.
tell him that the so called allah did not know that the sun.... [184 comments]

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