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Adity Sharma (6), Ari Saja (7), Ashwini Ahuja (5), Bandyopadhyay Arindam (23), B Shantanu (28), Chanchal Malviya (14), Dr.C.K.Raju, Ph.D. (2), Damodar Kulkarni (3), Dr.Dipak Basu (77), Dr Nachiketa Das (11), Ganesh Sovani (20), Gaurang Bhatt (7), Dr.Gautam Sen (2), Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. (11), G.P.Srinivasan (8), Hari Sud (63), Jagmohan Singh Khurmi (3), Joydip Dey (2), Kalyan Viswanathan (7), Kazi Anwarul Masud (4), Kishan Bhatia (113), K Parthasarathi (18), Lachman Sippy (2), Lalam Arvindh Kumar (2), Lori Tompkins (4), Dr. Madan L. Goel (3), U. Mahesh Prabhu (50), Mayank Patel (2), M Joshi (15), Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD (33), Naagesh Padmanaban (8), U. Narayana Das (30), Narayan Kataria (6), Nithin Sridhar (31), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (3), Prabhat Varun (5), Prashant Saxena (3), Raghbendra Jha (7), Rajani.V.Aithal (5), Raji Lukkoor (11), Raju Peddada (14), Rasik Sanghvi (10), R.Sajan (2), Saikat Maitra (3), Sameer Thakkar (3), Sarvesh Tiwari (4), Saumitra Sen (3), Saurav Basu (8), Shachi Rairikar (26), Souvik Chatterji (2), Dr Srinivasan Kalyan (6), Subroto Gangopadhyay (3), Sudha Subramanian (4), Sundara Krishnaswami (3), Tara Dhakal (3), Dr. T. R. N. Rao (6), Venkat Lakshminarayan (5), Vivek Gumaste (7), V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. (157),

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Attack On Swami Nityanada
This is more so in Tamil Nadu where a few scurrilous newspapers and TV Channels, deriving their inspiration and working philosophy from what I call the dastardly Dravidian Drivel, seem to be working on a 24x7 basis for the creation of false illusions about men and events. They are essentially anti-Hindu, pan-Islamic, pan-Christian in their general outlook. Our every effort to satisfy our extravagant expectations simply makes them more extravagant and makes our illusions commercially more attract...
V Sundar.. ganesh: Personnaly, I think if someone prevents a generous man from giving food to poor people or if he prevents someone from giving frre education to poor children or if someone prevents another suffering human being to benefit from free medical assistance .... [28 comments]
Wars Are Drugs
History is a great teacher if one cares to analyze it to learn the unintended consequences of political actions by the nation. ZAB was a demagogue who as leading politician played a decisive role in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and later at the negotiating table with Mrs. Indira Gandhi managed to get release of nearly 90,000 Pakistani soldiers who had surrendered unconditionally to India. Many other short comings of ZAB included ...
K Bhatia Dr. Ratan Bhattachar: Dont know why Pakistan is inciting people to wage war against India. Neighbourly relations if they are smooth and peaceful, will reduce the budgetary cost. Pakistan should stop trying to win over India by sending Kasavs but by showing friendly relati.... [3 comments]
Multiculturalism define India and Indians
India is an icon of religious pluralism. In Indian languages, Dipawali incorporates Ali, Ramzan includes Ram; Indians who revere Ganapati and Guru Nanak may also bow to Ahura, Allah, St. Anthony, Buddha, Mahavir Jain, at the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti dargah in Ajmer, at saint Hasti Bibi shrine in Ahmedabad or any famous Masjids of Islamic religious significance in India, Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, etc. an encounter with Catholics doing yoga, pranayam, etc en route to priesthood is more than li...
K Bhatia muslim: Budda Ghosh Raaste par baith kar Kaanda Batata ka Thela chalayega [69 comments]
Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan (SRK)
Of late, we have been reading about your opinions and statements on matters beyond the celluloid world. Nothing is wrong in it. You live in a free, democratic country and are entirely entitled to your opinion. But as a common man, also from the same soil, I think I have the right too to raise a few points that may not conform to your views of the real world.I hope you will read it out.When recently, the Pakistani players were not selected for the IPL, it was almost predictable that NDTV, the awa...
Arindam B Dr Sathya: Do you want to donate your organ? We are here to help you with good cash to do anything you wish, Contact us if you are interested in donating your organ. Contact sathyahome2018@gmail.com call us or Whatsapp Number plus 918496850589 [1264 comments]
Noorani, The Frontline and Kashmir
The acceptance of Musharafs proposal would imply fragmentation of India in future and open war between Muslim and non-Muslim communities as we have seen in the former Yugoslavia recently. Unfortunately, Indias English language media is preparing a case for the same kind of proposal of autonomy for Kashmir as suggested by General Musharaf before. The recent demands by both Farouk Abdullah and Omar Abdullah for autonomy and the open border should be the revelation for all who does not want India t...
D Basu smriti: This is the first time, I have read any article by mr noorani( frontline cover story- patel"s communalism). I read only three paragraphs and i was getting negative vibes with each sentences. I dont know about BJP OR RSS leader but this man is not sec.... [23 comments]
Spiritual Evolution of Hinduism
When we browse through the philosophical concepts and spiritual manuals of various Hindu schools and sects, what clearly appears is that the spiritual evolution conception of God can be broadly classified into 3 stages.First, the Vedic(that includes Veda Samhita, Aranyakas, Brahmanas and Upanishads), second, the Agamic or tantric (that includes various tantric texts of various schools Shaivas, Shaktas, Vaishnavas, Ganapathyas). Aghoras like Naths, even though form a separate category by them-sel...
Nithin S vinay: great article [5 comments]
Strategy behind My Name is Khan
My Name is Khan will be more famous in the History not for the content or the great acting of SRK-Kajol or the sensitive topic, but merely for the Controversy around it with the Shiv Senas protest against Shah rukh Khan this Pro-Pakistani players approach in the IPL Today, the Cub turned young Tiger woke up and roared - at the right time with right data. The man is non other than RAJ THACKERAY who speaks the fact so true which neither the accused nor the media has an answer to. Was thinking sinc...
J Mehta Veer: My Name Is Khan-Left me Disabled- My Name Is Khan may have smashed all records but it left me completely mentally challenged.It was tough work just sitting through Khan"s nods and blank stares and incoherent talking sometimes and Kajol"s giggles for .... [12 comments]
Value of Social Activism with Horizontal..
Horizontal integrations means people understand complementarities in a flat world and NGOs are open to team up with other like minded NGOs and all other enterprises by sharing and extending a helping hand to redesign or reinvent themselves and manage a joint effort to accelerate growth through practical developments. There is a value creation in the horizontal collaboration when you begin to mutually reinforce each other.Thinking and managing horizontally applies to everything from business to e...
K Bhatia Dr. Ratan Bhattachar: NGOs are these days well known. They are engaged in various yeoman jobs. But some NGOs are profit making organisations. They are abusing govt and public funds. The issues they are dealing with are very catchy but they have no social impact. NGOs are .... [2 comments]
Vedic Civilization: In Harmonys Way
Accordingly, Vedic sages were known as Rishi which the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon [1] defines as a singer of sacred hymns, an inspired poet or sage, any person who alone or with others invokes the deities in rhythmical speech or song of a sacred character. Many modern minds get horribly triggered or perplexed by the idea of deities or gods, while in the Vedic mind deities were simply forces, phenomena or beings of our Earth and Cosmos that carry on or persist in perpetual tune with the One...
Lori Tom.. Lori Tompkins: Here"s a Related Post (posted 17 March 2010) titled "The 9, the 0, the Unified Multiplicity and the Mother"):

http://circumsolatious.blogspot.com/2010/03/9-0-unified-multiplicity-and-divine.html [33 comments]
Vande Matharam not for PM functions?
It is now very clear that the singing of the National Anthem will be officially avoided at all Government of India functions in which our Prime Minister is going to participate. Our Prime Minister had recently gone to Thiruvananthapuram to participate in the inaugural session of the 97th Indian Science Congress. The local organisers had planned and rehearsed the National Anthem for the Science Congress. However, the Government of India officials who had come to review security and other arrangem...
V Sundar.. Chnadrakant Upadhyay: The reason given by the officials that people disrespect the National Enthem is simply foolish as far as the occasion is concerned, this was a function of Indian Science Congress where only and only highly literate and disciplined people were to atte.... [18 comments]
India in 1983: Predictions made in 1888
When George Orwell published his book 1984 in June 1949, it instantly became a best seller. Likewise in 1888, a book entitled INDIA IN 1983 was published. The book became very popular in India and England at that time. During my visit to the British Museum Library in London in 1987, I had the good fortune of reading this book. I also managed to get a photocopy of this very rare and unknown book from the museum authorities. The author of that book intended to remain anonymous. Written in the natu...
V Sundar.. richie: now i know why india is in such a bad state, with IAS officer like the author what can one expect, he seems to glorify the english, and forgot all the ills they have done to india [5 comments]
Communal Tipu Sultan: Secular Hero
A three day International Conference on Life and Achievements of Tipu Sultan concluded here in Mysore on Monday, 18th January. It was organized by Directorate of Archaeology And Museums, Mysore. Dr.B.Sheikh Ali, former Vice Chancellor of Mangalore and Goa Universities, speaking at the valedictory function said Tipu Sultan practiced religious tolerance and was a revolutionary of his time. Several people had wrong notion that Tipu as not tolerant to other religions. K.B.Ganapathy, Editor-in-Chief ...
Nithin S A.C.Lakshmana: Feedback sent to Author: Making-a-Secular-Hero,-Out-of-Communal-Tipu-Sultan

Dear Shri. Sridar,

Your article is timely, well researched and balanced. The third war made Mysore shrink in size, poor in wealth, and ultima.... [9 comments]
Imagining Pakistan in decade of 2010
I am presenting a picture of how Pakistan can and should become as a productive neighbor in a community of global village. I suggest that the army as well as ruling elites need to rethink strategic plans to accommodate the reality that without a powerful economy they are fighting or pursuing in long run a lose-lose strategy.What is at their disposal to create an atmosphere for wealth generation? Answer is youth in abundance that is looking for opportunities to escape from generational cycle of p...
K Bhatia Dr.Ratan Bhattacharj: Pakistan is going to destroy itself in the hands of the terrorists. The rise of terrorism is a menace for Pakistan. It is instigating terrorists by providing them clandestine support. There is a story of the lawyer who advised the old female client t.... [4 comments]
Need to save Disappearing Water Tanks
Every year, our country faces water scarcity due to delayed monsoon and inadequate rainfall in certain places. This has resulted in deaths due to water scarcity and water-borne diseases.Historically, tanks and lakes had been one of the important sources fulfilling water demands of population. Kautilya Arthashastra(1) (4th century B.C.) gives copious information regarding construction of dams, canals, management of canal water including leaving of tax.Rules for location of tanks are also detailed...
Nithin S Sreoshi Singh- Resea: Feedback sent to Author: Disappearing-Water-Tanks,-Need-to-save-them

Dear Mr. Sridhar,

Greetings from SaciWATERs!

SaciWATERs, South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies, based in Hyderabad, was.... [4 comments]
Earthquakes Dont Kill People, Buildings Do
The earthquake in small country of Haiti on Tuesday (12/01/10), was devastating causing buildings to topple and in the process to have killed many. According to BBC (1) thousands are feared dead. The Red Cross says up to three million people are affected. A report in The Christian Science Monitor (2) says many government and United Nations buildings in Haitis capital Port-au-Prince have collapsed. It quotes Bernice Robertson, a senior analyst in Haiti for International Crisis Group as saying maj...
Nithin S CHOW BORGOHAIN: strict law implementation must be made [2 comments]

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