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Adity Sharma (6), Ari Saja (7), Ashwini Ahuja (5), Bandyopadhyay Arindam (23), B Shantanu (28), Chanchal Malviya (14), Dr.C.K.Raju, Ph.D. (2), Damodar Kulkarni (3), Dr.Dipak Basu (77), Dr Nachiketa Das (11), Ganesh Sovani (20), Gaurang Bhatt (7), Dr.Gautam Sen (2), Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. (11), G.P.Srinivasan (8), Hari Sud (63), Jagmohan Singh Khurmi (3), Joydip Dey (2), Kalyan Viswanathan (7), Kazi Anwarul Masud (4), Kishan Bhatia (113), K Parthasarathi (18), Lachman Sippy (2), Lalam Arvindh Kumar (2), Lori Tompkins (4), Dr. Madan L. Goel (3), U. Mahesh Prabhu (50), Mayank Patel (2), M Joshi (15), Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD (33), Naagesh Padmanaban (8), U. Narayana Das (30), Narayan Kataria (6), Nithin Sridhar (31), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (3), Prabhat Varun (5), Prashant Saxena (3), Raghbendra Jha (7), Rajani.V.Aithal (5), Raji Lukkoor (11), Raju Peddada (14), Rasik Sanghvi (10), R.Sajan (2), Saikat Maitra (3), Sameer Thakkar (3), Sarvesh Tiwari (4), Saumitra Sen (3), Saurav Basu (8), Shachi Rairikar (26), Souvik Chatterji (2), Dr Srinivasan Kalyan (6), Subroto Gangopadhyay (3), Sudha Subramanian (4), Sundara Krishnaswami (3), Tara Dhakal (3), Dr. T. R. N. Rao (6), Venkat Lakshminarayan (5), Vivek Gumaste (7), V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. (157),

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US, India, Pak: Squandered Decade
It was a decade in which nothing good happened, concluded US columnist Paul Krugman, and none of the optimistic things we were supposed to believe turned out to be true. From an economic point of view the decade was the Big Zero; comparing the data for 1999 - 2009: ...
K Bhatia Add Comment
New M F Hussein in AP: Lakshm Prasad
Amidst the uneasy and uncertain lull in the Telangana storm, passions in Andhra Pradesh have been incited yet again, this time by an attack on Draupadi by a Telugu writer from Andhra Pradesh.Dussasana who disrobed Draupadi in open Court in the Mahabharata has been put to everlasting shame by a despicable writer called Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad in Andhra Pradesh. He holds Ph.D in Hindi as well as in Telugu from Andhra University. He became a Rajya Sabha MP in 1996. He was awarded Padmashri in 200...
V Sundar.. arvind gupta: Dear Sir,
I can only say since all of us including these blind guys are sons of the soil, and by commenting or painting abuse they do it to their own mother. Let them be happy if they like that, only give a little sentence on all such abusers tha.... [20 comments]
Separating Telangana from Andhra: Does..?
December 9, 2009 was a defining moment for Telangana. At midnight the Home Minister of India, Mr. P. Chidambaram, announced the initiation of forming Telangana State and instantly Telangana burst into joy and jubilance. Every nook and corner witnessed the spectacle of celebrations that symbolized the culmination of fifty some years of struggle seemingly into fruition. But the news was gloom and doom for opponents of Telangana from Andhra region. They flooded the internet with blurred blogs that...
Gopal A Dr Hassan: Do you want to donate your k1dney? We are here to help you with good cash to do anything you wish, Contact us if you are interested in donating your k1dney. Contact kellyspecialisthome@gmail.com Whatsapp Number plus 917~507~435~483 Or call plus 918.... [30 comments]
Yes, India needs MF Husain
Maqbool Fida Husain, popularly known as M. F. Husain, or simply Husain, is now living abroad. He lives in a land far away from his motherland - India. He is currently based in Dubai. He has been living there after his self-imposed exile. Hes revered by many as a painter - an artist extraordinaire. Millions are spent by people to buy his masterpiece and the kind of publicity and support he enjoys with the Indian elite is truly enviable. ...
U Prabhu LawOrderGuy: Yes, India needs the MF Hussain.
How can India hang him in a foreign country? [15 comments]
Demystifying the Sufis
Perceptions are not history - they can never be. It is perceived in India, by many, that Sufis are living testimonies of secular face of Islam. and that they have played a pivotal role in shaping the secular fabric of this land. The facts, however, suggest otherwise. Folks Founder & Editor-in-chief U. Mahesh Prabhu Writes more.History testifies the fact that most of the Sufi saints came to India either accompanying the invading armies of Islamic marauders or just followed them in their sweeping ...
U Prabhu Harish: Most of the Sufi"s in India were murderers and praised Islamic rulers for their activities. Sufi"s were used as a fifth column by muslim rulers to entice hindu population to Islam, as the violent methods had put off hindus. They imitated the lifestyl.... [12 comments]
Loyalty of Home-grown American Terrorist
Commenting on Americas immediate problem WSJ said and I agree that Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem (Daniel Henninger, WSJ, Nov 19). We need to take a fresh look at reasons why home-grown terrorism is surfacing in America? Some American terrorists have a global reach as is evident from the recent arrests in Chicago.Many experts are analyzing Muslim behaviors to explain why a US army officer on Nov. 5 allegedly committed a crime at Fort Hood, TX killing 13 fellow soldiers. The alleged gunman, ...
K Bhatia Dr Ratan Bhattacharj: American policy of double dealing with the terrorists is at the root of all troubles. It is pampering the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir and punishing them in Afganisthan. It is not pressurising Pakistan to cleanse the country of terrorists It is a .... [1 comments]
Hinduism: Sankhya System & Guna - Part V
Part V concludes the Introduction to Hinduism by describing scientific roots of Hinduism. The Hindu concepts of human behavior were adopted from the scientific Sankhya Systems and the Guna theory of evolution of human behavior.In a nutshell, Hindu philosophers who developed Gita were contemporaries of Kapila, the author of the Sankhya System. The theist of the day, true to their Vedic faith and upbringing, dressed up the Sankhya system in religious clothes by incorporating the concept of paramat...
K Bhatia G Srinivasan: Feedback sent to Author: Hinduism:-Sankhya-System-

Great to see Sankhya being explained.I have decoded Sankhya mathematics over the last 40 years. I contains a complete scientific derivation of all particle and stellar body masses more accur.... [11 comments]
America - Problems for Pakistan
The root of global peace lies in Pakistans mindset of imperialism for a regional power status. In 21st century dominant nations are not only militarily but also economically powerful. Pakistan is economically broke.Pakistani press is good at creating noise and its commentators with rare exceptions are mostly hyperactive; their initial responses to President Obamas speech (see references and notes) were same old twisted arguments against President Obamas reevaluation of and may be abandoning the ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: It is naive to think that USA does not endorse the terrorist activities of Pakistan.
USA has much to gain from terrorism against India.
India can never raise its head.
It will be subjugated by Pakistan-Saudi Arabia-China, all enemies of .... [3 comments]
Dharma and Cosmic Man - Part IV
Dharma is virtue. Hinduism advocates that every one should live dharmic life, which is the highest level of Hindu living. It is basically moral and ethical foundation for Hindus. Dharmic persons are considered to be close to God or Bhagwan. Characteristics of the immortal dharma are identified below.The relationship between cosmic forms described in Gita and that of the understanding of modern sciences is presented in notes to Part IV....
K Bhatia Rana: Hello I would like to add that I do relegious / spiritual tours to India. Tours like meditation tours, yoga tours, prayer tours and visit to places like Amritsar, Dharmshala, Kullu, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Khajuraho, Varanasi, tirupati, Mahabalipuram,po.... [1 comments]
Three Yogas Popular with Hindus - Part II
The introduction to Gita defined Yoga as: Yuj means to join. Yoga3* (*references in Part II) is a conscious attempt by anyone to acquire or lift his/her present available personality and attune it to a higher, perfect self set ideal. Yoga also means to acquire for purposes of processing and Kshema means all efforts of preserving the acquired. Yoga means control of the mind. When thoughts are stilled, the claim is, eternal soul has a chance to experience its own nature (jiva-purusha duality, Part...
K Bhatia g kapuria: Bathmate..I am amazed that you could see some benefit of such "yogus". If yoga was this mindless, I would stay way clear of yoga. Pardon me, KKB. I cannot take it anymore. [2 comments]
Response to a Wake up Call - Part II
The previous article highlighted a myth and reality, (Obamas) new policy initiatives, present realities, goals of opportunity and offshore strategy of wars, the Obama administrations deliberations and the (Pakistan) armys limited war strategy and strengths of jihadi forces. It concluded with my observations, references and notes.The present article presents Pakistans political realities and how America is responding to challenges in winning the Afpakia War. ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: bathmate:

Yes, follow that light from the desert and be a suicide bomber, or a rapists or a killer.

Great show from the deserts.
Who am i?
I keep my home clean by throwing garbage out of the window!I grumble about corruption in public life but do not mind bribing my way- for a berth in a train!- when a traffic cop cops me for a traffic violation!- to get an errand done in a government office!If I am a pedestrian I shout curses at the vulgar guys zipping across on glitzy motorcycles or in automobiles....
UN Das Dr. Ujjwal: Feedback sent to Author: WHO-AM-I?

Excellent article. We are always grumbling about the system, but fail to change ourself. We always complain about India being backward, but we love to live a Western life and hate Indian life.. This is an e.... [3 comments]
Introduction to Gita - Part II
The Holy Geeta, one of many Hindu religious scriptures1,3, in 18 chapters offers a synthesis of all relevant Upanishad teachings, an estimated 3,500 years old ancient literature. Indias oldest scriptures are Vedas, which are more than 5,000 years old. Geeta is also spelled Gita. The Gita describes all yogas or paths of selfless action to seek God. Seekers are free to choose or select one or more of these paths. All paths are equal; there is no one path superior to other; they all have equal weig...
K Bhatia Mohan: AM, read the main part of what I wrote in previous post..
ESP 2nd para. Good luck in your attempts. [76 comments]
Basic Hindu Beliefs and Scriptures - Part I
The document was prepared for student with 10th grade and higher education. For some topics familiarity with introduction to higher education in science may be advantageous.Youth and young adults may and should use my articles as introductory information. I want to stimulate their interest and thinking with outlines I have provided to motivate them to increase their knowledge of Hindu heritage for them to pursue if they have time and curiosity to learn more about Hinduism....
K Bhatia bathmate: Ved is the most authentic scripture among all hindu scriptures. [2 comments]
America - Two Responses - Part I
American Administration and Pakistan representatives were negotiating and a Pakistani requested Dont think of us as terrorists or warlords for the proxy wars in South and Central Asia.American: So, what are you?General: We are the executors of the Offshore War strategy.Both America and Pakistan are in a hellhole created by the al Qaeda operatives. They indulged in discussions and a few war strategies for a decade and offered excuses for how they got there and who was responsible but so far that ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: USA send 7th Fleet to attack India in 1971 during the Indo-Pak War.
Since 1956 USA is giving Pakistan all kinds of weapons and loads of money.
Muzzahadins were created by Jimmy Carter in 1978 to destroy the Socialist government of Afghanistan.... [3 comments]

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