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Adity Sharma (6), Ari Saja (7), Ashwini Ahuja (5), Bandyopadhyay Arindam (23), B Shantanu (28), Chanchal Malviya (14), Dr.C.K.Raju, Ph.D. (2), Damodar Kulkarni (3), Dr.Dipak Basu (77), Dr Nachiketa Das (11), Ganesh Sovani (20), Gaurang Bhatt (7), Dr.Gautam Sen (2), Gopal Alankar, Ph.D. (11), G.P.Srinivasan (8), Hari Sud (63), Jagmohan Singh Khurmi (3), Joydip Dey (2), Kalyan Viswanathan (7), Kazi Anwarul Masud (4), Kishan Bhatia (113), K Parthasarathi (18), Lachman Sippy (2), Lalam Arvindh Kumar (2), Lori Tompkins (4), Dr. Madan L. Goel (3), U. Mahesh Prabhu (50), Mayank Patel (2), M Joshi (15), Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD (33), Naagesh Padmanaban (8), U. Narayana Das (30), Narayan Kataria (6), Nithin Sridhar (31), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (3), Prabhat Varun (5), Prashant Saxena (3), Raghbendra Jha (7), Rajani.V.Aithal (5), Raji Lukkoor (11), Raju Peddada (14), Rasik Sanghvi (10), R.Sajan (2), Saikat Maitra (3), Sameer Thakkar (3), Sarvesh Tiwari (4), Saumitra Sen (3), Saurav Basu (8), Shachi Rairikar (26), Souvik Chatterji (2), Dr Srinivasan Kalyan (6), Subroto Gangopadhyay (3), Sudha Subramanian (4), Sundara Krishnaswami (3), Tara Dhakal (3), Dr. T. R. N. Rao (6), Venkat Lakshminarayan (5), Vivek Gumaste (7), V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. (157),

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Bridging India"s skills gap with OER
For decades, people took dynamism and economic growth for granted and saw population growth as a problem. Now weve gone to the other extreme, and its clear that young people are the scarce resource. For past few decadesIndiahas enjoyed healthy demographics.In the second decade of 21st centuryIndia has vast reservoir of unskilled youth, mostly with high school or less education, looking for opportunities to get ahead. The sustained economic growth will be determined by how fastIndia can impart sk...
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The Dream of Vishnu: Nothingness?
The Buddhist conception of nothingness today is grossly misunderstood. Many people ask that if the ultimate reality consists of nothingness or emptiness, then why even do anything? People prescribing to such point of view also state that it is all maya, then why should we even do any dharmic actions? Such people see futility in doing their righteous duties for the welfare of the society or dharma. It is similar to the situation of a shattered Arjun who found it useless to fight his enemies on th...
P Saxena Mark: This is good article for the people who like to take it to the extreme who think god will everyone and therefore like to sit like lazy or for those who think that every thing is unreal and thereffore there acts are also unreal, therefore sit in one p.... [1 comments]
The Dream of Vishnu: Shunyata or Infinity?
That man who uses the mind for reins and the knowledge for the driver, reaches the end of his road, the highest seat of Vishnu. Than the senses the objects of sense are higher; and higher than the objects of sense is the Mind; and higher than the Mind is the faculty of knowledge; and than that is the Great Self higher. And higher than the Great Self is the Unmanifest and higher than the Unmanifest is the Purusha: than the Purusha there is none higher: He is the culmination, He is the highest goa...
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Kashmiri Pandits: A Forsaken Minority
Another anniversary of the exodus that made the Kashmiri Pandits orphans of history stared at us on January 19. The Pandits, were uprooted from their home and hearth and cast about as refugees in their own homeland. The tragedy and tribulations that befell this unfortunate community for the last twenty two years include some of the most heart-rending stories. Theirs is a story of humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude, but strangely, had gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and more...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Hindus fought always for hundreds of years. Persians were defeated within 10 years. But Muslims were stopped in Afghanistan and West pakistan in 7th century, and were driven back by Deva Pal of Pal synasty beyond Afghanistan in 8th century. In 9th ce.... [7 comments]
"Net Worth" Stack up against Sense of Worth?
Your life is filled with work, possessions, and diversions, but is it also filled with balance and contentment? Your social image is as well-manicured as your front lawn, but does your inner image resemble scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie? You delight in gastronomical indulgences, but do you still feel empty inside? You hold the power to change the world, but do you crumble in the face of emotional hardships and challenges? Does your “net worth” stack up against your “sense of worth?”...
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Promoting Indian culture & minority appe..
Every countrys primary education revolves around its history, languages, philosophies, art, culture and sciences. Ancient greece is characterised by greek philosophies and sciences, egypt with pyramids and the science behind it etc. It is only natural for any school of a country to be teaching the ancient language of that country along with the philosophies. Would it sound logical to a rational mind if, in his own family, someone elses lineage and history is given more importance and taught to h...
S Thakkar hindu: have a look at the conditions of some temples in pakistan- hope hindu religious bodies take note and upgrade and maintain the structures for worship by hindus in pakistan
http://hindutemplespakistan.blogspot.com.au/ [6 comments]
Happy Republic Day, India
Did you know that the Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world, containing 444 articles, 12 schedules and 94 amendments, with 117,369 words in its English version? Compare that to the United States Constitution, which comprises 7 articles and 27 amendments.India became a republic on January 26, 1950. What that means is it is the birth date of the “Constitution of India,” the governing document that defines the principles upon which the natio...
Raji L beegeeaar: Of course we all can feel happy that we have a written constitution wherein the powers of the State and Central Govt. are clearly enumerated. But the tragedy is that even after more than 60 years of governing the country is facing the problem of co.... [2 comments]
Is Your EQ Consistent with Your IQ?
EQ or Emotional Intelligence (popularly referred to as EQ) is a term thats been around a while. Author Daniel Goleman brought it into prominence in the 1980s with his best-seller, you guessed it, “Emotional Intelligence.” What is EQ and how is it different from IQ? And, why does it matter, anyways?IQ, as we know, is an individuals ability to learn, memorize, problem solve, reason, communicate, and process information. Scientists believe that both genetics and the environment can influence an ind...
Raji L Add Comment
Purpose of Life and Absolute truth
The purpose of life, the reason to exist, from birth to death, is to learn. We are here to learn of Gods Truths in His works. We are here to learn to live in peace and in harmony with all of Gods Creation. What better way to know God than to look for His Truth in His Work. It takes very little insight to realize that all life on earth must learn and that failure to learn guarantees extinction.Although learning does not guarantee immortality, it does point in the right direction. Perhaps life cre...
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Pakistan Palestine Sufism and Terrorism
Irfan Husain a respected Pakistani Op-ed writer in defense of a case for Palestine state presented interesting arguments based on select history to counter the firestorm ignited by a flame thrower and a want-to-be GOP nominee, American Newt Gingrich. Prof Gingrich had recently claimed that Palestinians were invented people. Before Mr Gingrichs claim, Mr. Zuhair Mohsen stated that “The Palestinian people do not exist.”*...
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Emerging India (Rurla education)
A tourist finds one of seven persons in each of 2 of 196 nations in the world; India and China are these 2 Asian nations. Continent of Africa also has one-seventh or just over one billion of the worlds people. An additional one billion people live in 35 highly developed nations. Nearly 1.5 billion mostly impoverish Muslims live in 57 OIC (Organization of Islamic Community) member nations and remainders of 7 billions people are in other parts of the globe.* Like evangelic Christians, most tribal ...
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Is "Convenience" a Measure of Fulfillment?
Who doesnt suffer from the modern human affliction called “convenience?” Its a hard reality that cant be ignored. Im guilty of it too. Personal computers, mobile devices, 24/7 cable television, vehicles, appliances, air conditioning, power tools, online banking, frozen meals, paper towels, antibacterial soap, the works! One-click phone calls, flip-switch controls, junk food drive-thrus, instant movie watching....
Raji L Add Comment
Vedic Science and Knowledge Yoga
Meditation as a secular process is called TM (transcendental meditation)*. Historically its origin is in Vedic teachings. One ancient method is PDM (Preksa Dhyana Meditation)*. My previous blog (0620 0708 2011) offered these methods for body and mind tune-up....
K Bhatia Shalini: Namaste Dharma Jagrthi Trust(R), Bangalore is organizing a 2day National Conference on Vedic Sciences.
Please visit www.arshadharanvc.wordpress.com for more details.

Make use of this opportunity to share your knowledge on Vedic Sciences.... [2 comments]
Images: First Blood on the Streets of America!
Here is the first picture of an American with a bloody face after a direct confrontation between protesting civilians and the US Police in riot gears. This is a POWERFUL picture that will stay in peoples minds for a long period of time to come…Because this is the FIRST picture, with BLOOD on the face that is ANGRY and filled with AGONY resulting from economic decay of a country. This is an image of a future Superpower that is declining into an abyss. The Tomorrow (that I and many others have bee...
M Joshi Add Comment
Occupy Atlanta Partnered With Islamic Group?
Read the news yourself: “Today, WoodruffParkin Atlanta will turn into something of a battlefield of principles as “Occupy Atlanta” protesters attempt to reclaim the space for their ongoing protests. Online reports have surfaced claiming that “Occupy Atlanta” has enlisted the help of the religiously charged and oft-controversial Nation of Islam. Representatives of the movement now deny these claims. “We have not asked the Nation of Islam to provide protection for us,” This Is Just The Beginning....
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